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Chemico Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. specialises in the manufacture of Antimony based chemical, providing global standards to clients for antimony and other chemical requirments. Lack of known sources of antimony are in the country has sucessfully led to the strengthening of the company's network of sourcing the goods abroad and making a place in both national and international markets.


  • 1. CHEMICO CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. where quality is the key for success Manufacturer & Supplier of Antimony Based Chemicals

2. About Us

  • Established in the year 1984
  • Efficient R&D
  • Sound infrastructure
  • Capacious warehouse
  • Excellent quality products

3. Why Us?

  • Timely deliveries
  • Competitive price
  • Free sampling policy
  • Customized solutions
  • Ethical business practices

Membership 4. Industries, We serve

  • Aluminium Smelters
  • Steel industry
  • Government Installations
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Foundry Flux manufacturing companies
  • Mineral water manufacturing organizations

5. Products

  • Antimony Trioxide
  • Antimony Trisulphide-Powder
  • Potassium Pyro Antimonate- Powder
  • Sodium Antimonate
  • Molybdenum Trioxide
  • Zinc Hydroxy Stannate
  • Zinc Stannate- ZnSnO3

6. Antimony Trioxide

  • Antimony Trioxide High Tint
  • Antimony Trioxide Catalytic Grade
  • Antimony Trioxide Catalytic Grade VHP 999

7. Antimony Trisulphide-Powder Potassium Pyro Antimonate- Powder 8. Sodium Antimonate Molybdenum Trioxide 9. Zinc Hydroxy Stannate Antimony MetalZinc Stannate 10. Contact Us

  • Chemico Chemicals Private Limited Mr. B.K. Jain
  • 341, Functional Industrial Area, Patparganj
  • New Delhi - 110 092, Delhi, India

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