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Chemical Flooding. Bridging the gap between chemical flooding and independent oil producers. Objective. To design efficient chemical flooding processes for KS leases/reservoirs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chemical Flooding

Chemical FloodingBridging the gap between chemical flooding and independent oil producers.

ObjectiveTo design efficient chemical flooding processes for KS leases/reservoirs.The designs are necessary for Independent Oil Operators to make an informed assessment for implementation of a pilot or demonstration project.

TeamStan McCool, Paul Willhite, Tony WaltonMark Ballard, Jyun Syung Tsau, Don GreenGrad. Stud.: Ahmed, Lin, SeniorPostdocs: Song (Dec), Rondon (Jan)

TasksI. Identify and select 10 leases

II. Design efficient chemical formulations

III. Simulate field applications and evaluate economics for 2 leases

IV. Document results and transfer technology

Identify/Select LeasesMethods Public data (KGS) Not successful Interviews with operatorsTop 30 producersTop 10 is SE KS45% KS oil production

CriteriaSuccessful waterfood

LeaseOperatorAPIAcresWellsZoneTrembleyBerexco367LKC JWahrmanVess33303LKC JMissouri FlatsMerit38126012Lansing MarmatonTobiasBerexco3512Simpson SandCelia SouthMurfin27

144031Cherokee LimeChester WaterfloodCimerexChester SandPleasant PrairieOxy3610Chester SandStewartPetro-Santander271550Morrow WoodheadColt28160Cherokee Squirrel Muddy CreekStelbar381607Cherokee Bville

Define Efficient Chemical SystemsLaboratory tests on 10 crude/brine samplesAcid number of crude oilsTrembley and Wahrman leasesPhase behavior studies Flow Tests in rocksMobility of polymer solutions

FormulationSolubilizationratio(mL/mL)Time to equilibrate (days) Optimal salinity (wt% NaCl)A10.62% Petrostep S1, 0.38% Petrostep S22% SBA, 0.05 wt% NaOH1534.6A20.62% Petrostep S1, 0.38% Petrostep S22% SBA, 1 wt% Na2CO31464.220.62% Alfoterra 123-8s, 0.38% PetrostepS22% SBA11144.47A30.62% Alfoterra 123-8s, 0.38% Petrostep S20.75% IBA, 0.05 wt% NaOH15350.62% Alfoterra 123-8s, 0.38% Petrostep C50.75% IBA, 0.25 wt% NaOH

1339.72A40.67% Petrostep S13-C, 0.33% Petrostep S21.5% IBA, 0.2 wt% NaOH14.933.15Trembley Crude Oil at 115F

Salinity (wt% NaCl)

0.625 wt% Alfoterra 123-8s, 0.375 wt% Petrostep S-20.75 wt% IBA and 0.05 wt% NaOH;Trembley crude oil; 46.1 C.Simulate field applications and evaluate economics

Develop geological modelsHistory-match primary and secondary processesConduct simulations of chemical floods Estimate costsDetermine ROR for pilot and field projectsDocument results and transfer technology

Technical papers for SPE Presentations for Independent Oil OperatorsEKOGA, KIOGA, Wichita SPE