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  • Working with young people in a digital age: opportunities & risks

    Dr Bex LewisSenior Lecturer in Digital Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University

    Director, Digital Fingerprint

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  • Today

    1) The Digital Environment

    2) Knowing your values

    3) Identifying vulnerable users

    4) Building resilience

    5) Using social media as a youth worker

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  • Published by Lion HudsonFebruary 2014

    *Italian (Nov 2015)*Chinese (awaiting notification) Dr Bex Lewis@drbexl

  • DigitalFingerprint

    Dr Bex Lewis


  • Understand!

    If we want resilient kids we need to understand what young peoples experiences are online, listen to their concerns, and intervene with their best interests in mind.Jane Tallim, Co-Executive Director, MediaSmarts, Canada, January 2015

    Dr Bex Lewis


  • The Digital Environment

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    Is it the end of the

    world as we know it?


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  • The Myth of the Digital


    Image Credit: StockfreshRead more:


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  • Dr Bex Lewis


    @vahva.. People find it easy and more comfortable to ask questions about faith in a private space online people on social media are directly contactable in a way that has not previously been so easy; paradoxically there is a distance offered by the online environment akin to the screen in the confessional box (p18)


  • Pokemon?

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  • Knowing Your Values

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  • Im a passionate believer that we need to be incarnational in the digital spaces, whether those are

    specifically Christian spaces or not, but that we need to understand how

    to be resident in those spaces, rather than merely visiting to do a

    bit of reaching out.

    Bex Lewis, May 2014

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  • Carl Medearis

    Relax, enjoy your friends. Enjoy their company along with the company of Jesus. Point him out, freely, without fear or intimidation. Youre not responsible to sell him to them. Youre simply saying what youve seen. You're not the judge. Youre the witness.

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  • Social Media or Society?

    Dr Bex Lewis


    If we dont like what social media is presenting us [with], we should look at society instead, not just the tool they communicate with.

    Caroline Criado-Perez, 2013


  • A good [wo]man brings good things out of the good stored up in his/her heart, and an evil [wo]man brings evil things out of

    the evil stored up in his/her heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

    Luke 6:45 (New International Version [edited])

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  • [If we are] means by which God communicates and reveals himself through his Spirit, then our blog posts, status updates, tweets, artistic images, and online comments should be products of a life transformed by Christ and indwelled by his Spirit. As restored image bearers, our online presence and activity should image the Triune God.

    Byers, A. Theomedia(2013, 196)

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  • 04/03/17

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  • 24/7 Values? What do you stand FOR?

    Authentic be a consistent you

    Transparent be honest, wheres the source?

    Self-aware note your tone of voice

    Integrity own your own content

    Self-control be aware of consequences

    Patience hold the trigger finger before send

    Non-manipulative love Jesus = send this! No!

    Kindness encourage others

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  • Identifying Vulnerable Users

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  • Vulnerable children and young people are not a self-contained or static group. Any child/young person may be vulnerable at some time depending on any one, or a combination of, the risks or challenging life events they face and their resilience

    (Cross et al, 2009, p.9)

    See also: and

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  • Who sees this?

    1. God2. Parents3. Kids4. Newspaper5. Enemy

    Image Credit: Stockfresh

    Dr Bex Lewis


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  • Addiction?

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  • SexualisedImagery

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  • The Bullied

    The Bully

    The Bystander

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  • Adoption & Fostering

    Users need to be particularly careful about the information that is shared, whether by themselves, or by their friends, and all users need to look out for clever tricks, such as viral missing person posts, whether for partners, or for children. Some are a hoax, others are for people in hiding or under police protection, and others are for children who have been adopted because of the risk of significant harm. If you are even thinking of sharing, check with police or Interpol records, but in any case, notify the police, so that they have the opportunity to offer safeguarding protection if required.Chapman, K. (2015), Be careful about missing person posts, Google+. Retrieved from:, and Barefoot Social Work (2015), The Dangers of Social Media for 'Missing' Children. Retrieved from:

    Dr Bex Lewis


  • Developing Resilience

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  • Responsibility?

    Social media companies have a responsibility to protect people who use their technology, and we want to hear what more can be done to keep children and young people safe from online threats.This Government is determined to make Britain the safest country in the world for young people to be online, and to make sure that everyone including the public sector, technology firms, parents and children themselves is playing their part.Karen Bradey MP, Government Internet Safety Strategy, April 2017

  • Increased time spent online will most likely increase exposure to negative experiences but also the positive opportunities. Nancy Willard, a cyberbullyi