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  • 1. Katie Button Community Health Nursing

2. Cheektowaga is a town inErie County, New YorkThe Town of Cheektowaga is in thenorth-central part of the county. Itis the second largest suburb ofBuffalo, next to Amherst. 3. Major highways in the town of Cheektowaga include:Interstate 90 (New York State Thruway), runs North-South through the town, traveling from theAmherst town line in the north, south to the West Seneca town line in the southwest corner of town.Interstate 190 (Niagara Section), travels in the town from I-90 to Buffalo City Line and beyond intoDowntown Buffalo and north to Niagara Falls.New York State Route 33 (Kensington Expwy.,Genesee St.), East-West Route that runs through thetown from the Buffalo city line as the Kensington Expressway to the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport,which lies within the town. Genesee Street then takes over NY 33 east out of the town into Lancaster. 4. Cheektowaga is also home to theBuffalo Niagara International Airport The principal airport of Erie County 5. Transportation One notable thing about Commuting to work is done by car:Cheektowaga is that if you 96.73% of people use privateneed to go anywhere, youreautomobiles to get to and from work.going to have to drive. This isbecause Cheektowaga is Also available is the NFTA Metroprimarily built for cars, and if Bus System- a public form ofyou drive around you willtransportation.notice that there are lots ofshopping centers, parking It is common to see 1 or 2 peoplelots, strip malls, and wideriding bikes during the day, orstreets. But dont worry,groups of kids walking home aftereverything is within a 20school. In the evenings, there areminute radius, including scattered joggers or familiesdowntown Buffalo.walking dogs. 6. Within 20 minutes,and within theCheektowaga townlimits, there arelimitless places toshop. Fast food ofevery kind as wellas restaurantsranging fromChinese and Taifood to Asian orMexican, as well ascoffee shops orconvenient storescan be foundAirport Plaza has a cheap movie theatre, majoralmost store, clothing stores, fast food, etc. allin one convenient place off of a major road. 7. Cheektowaga has one 2-story mall, full of stores, restaurants, and a movie theatreWalden Galleria mall 8. Many homes in Cheektowaga were built in the 1950s. While there is a variety of housing styles, the majority are 1 or 2 family, cape style homes.Most lawns are kept fairly nice, and it is rare to see an abandoned home in the area. 9. 29% of the population of Cheektowaga choose to rent-either a house or an apartmentFor the most part, the majority of properties are well kept and appear up-to-date. 10. 2009 StatisticsWhite alone - 85.5%Black alone - 8.9%Hispanic - 2.2%Asian alone - 1.7%Two or more races -1.3%American Indianalone - 0.2%Other race alone -0.1%Native Hawaiian andOther Pacific Islanderalone - 0.01% 11. 31,543 (39.4%) of Cheektowaga residents proclaim Polish AncestryEvery year, held in Town Park is the Polish American Festival : a weekend full of Polish food, Polka music, and a parade 12. 4 Public Cheektowaga High schools 13. The town of Cheektowaga has a lot to offerchildren to encourage play and a healthy lifestyle 14. Sisters Hospital St. Joseph CampusAlthough the town is surrounded by over a dozen hospitals, the only one actually located in Cheektowaga is Sisters Hospital St. Joseph Campus. This hospital specializes in emergency care, sleep disorders,care for non-healing wounds, bariatric surgery, and stroke care. 15. Local Police and Fire Dept.are active within the community 16. My EvaluationMY ASSESSMENT OF CHEEKTOWAGA, BOTH AS A RESIDENT, AND AS ANOBSERVER, IS THAT IT IS AN OVER ALL FAIRLY SAFE PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY.ALTHOUGH PEOPLE ARE NOT OVERLY FRIENDLY IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD, TH EYARE NOT MEAN. THERE IS A VARIETY OF PLACES TO SHOP, PLACES TO E AT, ANDOUTDOOR ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN, FAMILIES, AND ADULTS. AS WELL, THEREARE NUMEROUS WORK OPPORTUNITIES IN FIELDS SPANNING FROM HEALTHCARE TO FACTORY WORKER TO GROCERY STORE CLERK, ETC.THERE IS ALSO NUMEROUS ACCESS TO RELIGIOUS FACILITIES SUCH AS CHURCHES, AS WELL AS TO HEALTH CARE, AND COMMUNITY RESOURCES SUC HAS WIC AND AA GROUPS.WHILE OBSERVING THE COMMUNITY, I DID NOT NOTICE VERY MUCH POLLUT ION,VACANT LOTS, OR LITTER. I DID NOT NOTICE ANY GANG ACTIVITY OR GRAFITTI.WORKING IN THE LOCAL HOSPITAL, I HAVE NOTICED THAT MANY PATIENTS AREREPEAT ADMISSIONS. AS A COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSE, I WOULD ADDRESS THIS CONCERN BY PROVIDING MORE COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES, SUCH A SOFFERING A HOME HEALTH NURSE POST-HOSPITALIZATION TO ASSIST PATIENTS WITH THEIR MEDICATION TEACHING AND COMPLIANCE. 17. References