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This will never be mesh or plastic. The recognizable red stripe logo will stretch from left to right, reaching to the middle of the bag. The bag may well look quite crumpled, not rigid.


  • 1. Cheap Prada Shoes: How To Spot The FakesThe devil may wear Prada, but so do many of us. Or at least we would like to. Prada items arehighly desirable, as well as expensive, creating a natural market for much cheaper fakes. So thenext time you spot cheap Prada shoes, this is the five-point plan to help you to tell if they are notgenuine.Ebay and other auction sites, plus street traders and market vendors carry some real bargains butalso a lot of imitations. Before you rush to buy because the price is so good, carry out these fivebasic checks. It is not only important to avoid replicas from a legal standpoint, discouraging theillegal manufacture which often supports less savory activities. It is also vital for your feet.Counterfeits wont be made to the same quality standards and may not last.Look at the outside of the box. This brand does not display their logo on top, only discretely onthe side with the size and price information, white text on a red strip. The lid should becompletely blank. Feel the box itself. If it is cardboard, it is definitely counterfeit. The real itemwill be made of corrugated plastic, with no expense spared.Open it up. This brand of footwear is enclosed in a silver dust or sleeper bag with silverdrawstring, too. This will never be mesh or plastic. The recognizable red stripe logo will stretchfrom left to right, reaching to the middle of the bag. The bag may well look quite crumpled, notrigid. It is amazing how many cheap imitations can be identified just by looking at the packaging.Now and only now, you can start to examine the shoes. Start with the instep. There should be thered strip logo running almost from the heel to the center, with reversed-out white text,capitalized and right aligned.Then you can lift the insole. It should be easily removable and, below near the heel there should

2. be an engraved logo clearly visible. It should also say Made in Italy beneath the logo, alsostamped in. And this manufacturer was founded in 1913, printed underneath the trademark, not1931. An easy mistake for the forgers to make.Turn the shoe over and look at the sole. There will be a logo here, either in an ellipse or a triangle.There will never be logos on the sides of shoes, this would be far too showy for Prada. Zips andtoggles however should always bear the trademark. Zips should be hard-wearing and ofexceptional quality.So you do not even need to try on cheap Prada shoes to discover whether they are genuine. Butwhen you do, they should fit comfortably. They are made by master craftsmen. All stitching andfinishing should be neat and regular. The materials should feel soft and high quality, obviouslywith real leather. Sniffing them is an easy way to identify genuine leather. Hopefully you will findan absolute bargain of affordable Prada shoes using this simple guide.About deals with a plethora of Cheap all brands products and accessories and has aimmensely diversified collection in their online store. The prices are some of the most discountedrates offered in the online stores arena. They have discount all brands productsFor more information please visit: