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This Presentation which featured in a recent webinar by mplsystems CEO, Paul White, covers: 1. The evolving customer landscape 2. Reducing Multi-Channel Complexity 3. Multi-Channel in Action 4. Email - Making it Work! 5. Web Chat - Best Practice 6. Social Customer Service Tips 7. Smart Phone Apps and how to be prepared


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2. Agenda The Evolving Customer Landscape Reducing Multi- Channel complexity Multi Channel in Action Email Making it work! Web Chat Best Practice Social Customer Service Tips Smart Phone Apps and how to be prepared 3. The evolving customer landscape By 2016, 40% of customer service contact is predicted to be through a combination of social sites and mobile apps -CCA 2013)34% of consumers state email is their preference Fifth Quadrant Consumer Preference Report 2012 Web Chat tipped as latest channel of choice web chat usage is growing at 18% per yearContactBabel 201280% Consumers trust social recommendations 26% contact centres focussing on social, further 44% using social as a minor channel ContactBabel 2012 50% of smart phone users prefer to use a mobile customerservice app, before calling a call centre Research Study)(Speech Cycle and Echo 4. How do customers engage today? 41%36%35%20%35%29%22%48%31%54%65% 40%14%64%49%66%40% 70% 74%28% 54% 69% Channels vs Demographics51% of over 16s have a smart phone. Half of these use a MobileApp to resolve issues before calling a call centreWhich methods have you used to contact customer service centres over the past 6 months?Mobile Marketing News May 2012Based on consumer preference surveys 2012 5. Everything is connected SocialBrowse community forumTweet Co-browse company websiteWeb chat Join chat sessionIn personEmailVisit a local storeEmail a service agentTransfer to a service agentContact centreMobileNavigate IVR via a smart phoneReceive information by SMS 6. The Multi Channel Dilemma 7. The Challenges of Multi-Channel Too much plumbing for IT to integrate Social media Explosion of email Mobile apps Speech applications Interactive web services Live web chat has created a fragmented approach to the customer (again) Inconsistent experience Double keying Inefficiency Lack of service level visibility Human errors 8. Broken Desktop 9. Intelligent Agent DesktopCRMBIG DATA 10. Grouping Channels 11. The integrated desktop 12. Global Blue DesktopProviding comprehensive front office support for all their processes In 18 languages 13. Iceland 14. Multi-Channel: Improving Productivity and Quality Ford Retail: Agent Productivity up 25% Fitness First: Eliminated repeat calls Babcock International Sales Performance up 40% Balfour Beatty Workplace 18% improvement in response rates and more than 1/2M cost savings 15. Email making it work! Respond within 2 hours of receipt But many people expect an almost immediate response Group intelligently To set expectations and prepopulate using knowledge management offer self-service options Same or separate team? 49% of consumers want to email the same agent they speak to Provide agents with the tools to handle all channels less monotony; take ownership of an Customer request Use intelligent routing Drive responses through the knowledge base 16. Web Chat - the Issues Web Chats take twice as long as phone calls, reduce impact: Concurrent chat sessions, do not ignore quality - max 4 Use knowledge base to provide automated responses from top templatesSeamless Transition to other channels Agents continue interaction with serious customer by phone Channel training is secondary to core skills and aptitude Typos are OK! authenticity Multi- language spell checks response templates Incorporate Web Chat in Mobile Apps 17. Social Customer Service tips Set up your own Communities & Forums: let critics respond directly to you Social is time driven: Respond within an a an hour Avoid canned responses - Call the Call centre on is still commonplace Dedicated Social Agents???? Euip social agents on multiple channels to simplify workforce optimisationBroadcast Updates: product failure/ extreme weather advice Encourage Advocacy: Happy with your service today tell us via Twitter Use incentives to gain social contact details Apologise! Customers appreciate honesty dont be afraid to say you were wrong on Social 18. Web Chat & Mobile 50% of smart phone users prefer mobile apps to the callcentre Mobile apps increasingly integrate web chat function, cheap option to ask complex questions in parallel to app Three-way chat and chat conferencing Can involve remote/field based experts to solve status and complex issues 19. Smartphone revolution 50% of smart phone users prefer mobile apps to the call centre Smartphone availability and features improve the experience Linked in usage grown from 8% in 2012 to 30% in 2013 20. Implementing a Multimedia Team Consider agents skill set: email vs. social vs. chat Limit some agents to calls and chat only etc.Single agent Interface for all Channels Consistent screen design and process rulesGroup activationsIncorporate elements of predictive textAlternate between channels based on time Vs. Fully blended 1 hour social, 1 hour chat, 1 hour email Vs. Full blended queueConsider Impact on Work Force Management email and calls have different optimisation factors 21. 5 Steps to making Multi-Chanel Work 1. Equip agents to handle Multiple Channels2. Know your Customer Single Customer view and avoid repetition3. Intuitive, integrated Agent Interface 4. Build in Knowledge and context 5. Consider Metrics carefully No longer about call response times Consider Performance and Quality carefully 22. In summary Customers want to communicate with an expert who will resolve their request quickly on the channel of their choice Enable customers to hop from one channel to another Simplify it all on the agent desktop Consider the Mobile Customer


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