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  • 1. CHARLES L. OLSENprojects BA (Hons) Dip (Arch) Oxford RIBA UK registered architect summaryV01 : 02.16.10 1996 - 2009

2. CONTENTS masterplan mixed use workplace residential refurbishmentV01 - 02.10.10 interiors retail culture & sport education / healthcare 3. masterplan Hungerford Footbridges, LondonChelsea Barracks, London SW1Goodmans Fields, London E1NEC Birmingham, UK Stratford Town Centre, London E15 London Southbank University, London SE1 20m project linking the north and south of the ThamesConfidential masterplan plan for a delicate intervention into A high density urban neighbourhood incorporating a new Expansion proposals for a large exhibition centre site propos- A large masterplan and design project to improve and re-Initial masterplan over view of the campus to allow ongoing via two 300m pedestrian footbridges hung either side of anan historic and residential area in London. Key aspirations life for an impermeable 7 acre site at the edge of the City of ing new, site specific but flexible building typologies. enliven an existing town centre. The proposals sought toapproval of development opportunities - masterplan led to existing rail bridge. The link opens up improved access to theincluded improved permeability , the creation an improved London. The scheme sought to provide new and needed repair a the piece meal and disjointed centre by providinglater commission for a singular building considered as part of cultural centre at the South Bank with the West End and offers, residential outlook, public open space with a communal focus. open space located to offer new uses and spaces to serve the competition entry 2005 active frontages to areas currently occupied by the car and the masterplan now world famous, views of the River and London existing and new community. expanding an existing shopping centre and expanding local competition entry 2009populations creating a critical mixed use mass. feasibility masterplan 2004 opened 2002 planning submission 2008 outline design 2007 4. mixed use 46 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 Doon Street development, London SE1 Chelsea Barracks, London SW1 Stratford Town Centre, London E15 Goodmans Fields, London E1250,000 sqft consisting;650,000 sqft consisting:Confidential masterplan plan consisting: 1.5million sqft masterplan consisting;1.7million sqft masterplan consisting; 134 market residential units 86,000 sqft sports and leisure consisting: luxury market and affordable housing 900 residential units 825 residential units 64 affordable housing units 25m x 8 lane swimming pool, gym, fitness studios, retail 150 new car parking spaces 300 hotel rooms 35,000 sqft office spacemultipurpose sports hall, health spa.... commercial 370,000 sqft retail 650 student rooms 3,000 sqft retail space 82,000 sqft office / education community uses 21,000 sqft leisure space primary care centre 360 residential units sports 50,000 sqft hotel flexible commercial / workshop / retail space planning submission (withheld) 2007 39,000 sqft cultural (Rambert Dance Company) healthcare 11,000 sqft restaurant 2.5 acres of public open space 20,000 sqft public realm improvements 9,000 sqft community uses 1.8 acres of communal open space competition entry 2009 planning approval 2009 outline design 2007 planning submission 2008 5. workplace Brikbeck College, London W1 CAE Electronics, Burgess Hill, Sussex UKWedge House, London SE1 Davidson Building, London W1 The Charlotte Building, London W120 Soho Square, London W1The refurbishment of an existing education building into sim- A low energy office scheme utilising existing pre cast concrete A new 80,000 sqft office building with a low energy ventilation The combination of structure, service and architecture comeA new high specification office with bespoke cladding de-Extensive refurbishment and extension of an existing steel ple open plan office / education space. The deign solutions systems to create long span open plan space with the abilitysystem and carefully designed facade to facilitate solar control. together to create a building of simplicity. A low energysigned to tend to technical and aesthetic criteria of this tight framed building. Low energy cooling is weaved into the exist- focused on the provision of simple low tech HVAC systemsfor easy cellularisation. Careful control of solar gain, naturalThe facade treatment combines external shading with highdisplacement ventilation system is aided by the atrium bufferurban site. Again this building has benefitted from the experi-ing fabric to maximise floor to ceiling heights, whilst new cores whilst maximising floor to ceiling heights. lighting and indirect artificial lighting were imperative to create performance glazing that reduces the need and provision ofzone, low solar gain through orientation and passive shading ence and development in low energy systems and the urge to and extensions optimise open plan office space and clear the a comfortable interior environment. cooling. The building offers high occupancy comfort with lowand the exposed insitu concrete frame. Exposed mass controls provide user friendly and controlled environments. floor plans of obstructions. completed 2004energy demandstemperature swings by absorbing heat during the day which is completed 1999purged at night time using outside air ready for the next day. completed 2009 completed 2002 tendered 2009 completed 2003 6. residential Doon Street development, London SE1Chelsea Barracks, London SW1Paris Garden, London SE12012 Olympics Athletes Village, London E15 Stratford Town Centre, London E15 Goodmans Fields, London E1380 high rise luxury apartments incorporated with low rise Luxury apartment development for the international market Developed on a very narrow site and facing an existing church The key to the design of these buildings is legacy. Whilst 1000 units over an extended shopping mall, courtyards are 800 residential units are provided within an urban masterplan market units (potentially affordable) and community uses.incorporating houses, penthouse apartments as well as afford- yard the building fits tightly onto its site and maximises density. designs must suit Olympic requirements the ability to prepareproposed at third floor above a shopping centre and car designed to improve outlook, permeability and connection to Layouts of structure and cores enable flexibility in the plan to able housing and community provisions 85 affordable units are proposed as off site provision for nearby sellable and valuable residential units is key. Working within parking. Residential areas are visible from street level throughthe locality. 6 very slender towers are integrated into courtyard attend to changing unit mixes whilst maximising views andmarket developments by the same client. Tight budgets werea well defined masterplan and design code to tight (if not im- glimpses of the courtyards above to create a more complex blocks, sharing lifts and services keep overall costs to a mini- daylighting. competition entry 2009adhered to through the use of natural, robust materials thatmovable timescales) the building designs developed through town centre of connectivity and permeability. mum whilst providing key urban markers and providing valueage well and limit maintenance requirements construction techniques, tight budgets and clear value advicethrough accommodation at high level. planning approval 2009 from agents and the client outline design 2007planning submission 2002 (withheld to suit other site pro- planning submission 2008grams)under construction 2009 7. refurbishment Liberty Department Store, London W120 Soho Square, London W1Birkbeck College, London W1Tower House, London W1Internal refurbishment of a Grade II* listed building and interior An office refurbishment including the upgrading and exten- A refurbishment of a 1950s university building in centriole Extensive refurbishment of an existing steel framed, Portland including proposals for new HVAC systems, extension and pos- sion of all areas of the existing steel framed building. A new low London including extensive internal re-planning, new cores,Stone and Glazed Terracotta clad building. Significant repair sible roof top restaurant. energy HVAC system was installed within the existing structure lifts and HVAC strategy. External facades were cleaned and work was undertaken to the facades as well as the overhaulingto maximise head room. External facades, windows and con-repaired in conjunction with remodelling of the existing of the existing steel windows. Internal works included a new planning approval 2002 cealed shading awnings were refurbished and repaired.entrance facade to provide improved presentation and streetcore and services distribution network to provide raised access presence floors and ceiling mounted fan coil units.completed 2002 completed 2004 completed 2003 8. interiors Tower House reception, London Harvey Nichols Restaurant, London20 Soho Square reception Davidson Building reception Harvey Nichols Restaurant, ManchesterThe existing reception was increased in height exposing the An eliptical space carved within the existing building shell, theA simple use of natural materials (filled travertine marble) This large, double height space, is set behind the retained Jet black granite flooring, contemporary classic furniture and existing lift shaft and circulation stair. Cold cathode lighting, restaurant marks the return of the grand dining room. Irides-create an elegant entrance and transition space between thefacade. The room is designed to contain a number of pieces of spectacular but subtle lighting set the tone in the this restau- and a back lit low iron glass reception desk create a changingcent rods line the walls and an elliptical glass dome, compris-street and refurbished oval spiral stair and new lift shaft. A furniture including a leather clad lift core, soft padded leather rant, brasserie an