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What is Modular Furniture and what are the benefits of it? Take a look at the Charles Barr Modular Furniture collection and contact us for more information


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2. What is Modular FurnitureOur modular furniturecollection offers you flexibilityand options when itcomes to designing a piece of furniture for your house.We are able to produce full wall cabinets that include shelving, storage even areas for plasma TVs to be covered by dummy book cases.Why Buy Modular Furniture: Options Flexibility FunctionalityThe modular collection by Charles Barr can be the solution for your Lounge,dining room, study or home office. This unique range of traditionalfurniturecan be the ideal solution for any wall in a house not matter how longthere are options to build up.We have a number of options available if our modular wall collection:Single Modular UnitsDouble Modular UnitsPlasma TV Units 3. How They Piece Together The options availableare for single and double units. Each unit is designed top be positioned and connected together withend units neatly finishingcorners.To find out about the benefits of having modular furniture read our recentblog postFor more informationregarding the modular units and the options availablecontact us:Call: 01767 681444Email: