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Charisma HCM is the most powerful Human Resources management solution, adapted to the Romanian law, that covers both the critical areas of payroll and personnel management, as well as the strategic area of investments in the development of human capital. Preffered by over 400 national and multinational companies, the product manages the payroll of over 10% from the active labor force in Romania, and calculates over 25% from the aprox. 150,000 outsourced payrolls.


<p>Human Capital Management</p> <p>Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete</p> <p>Main valueAbility to simplify and automate complex processes and workflows; Cross departmental automation and organizational processes that touch multiple departments; Dramatically decrease the operational costs; Improves employees efficiency and customer loyalty; 360 view over the performance indicators; It increases the companys agility and competitiveness; Collaborative working environment, focused on satisfying business partners needs.</p> <p>Management valueProvides key reports for executives to run business; Reports with the ability to go from high level to low level detail; Comprehensive insight from all departments and systems; Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick facts and real-time notifications.</p> <p>Employees valueClean and easy to use interface; Commonly performed tasks can be automated; Can provide data from other applications and sources; Can access various reports from the same interface; Support Users have access to training and support.</p> <p>Cost value - Minimal IT requirementsWorkflow modifications can be made without additional code writing development; Easy to upgrade and to upscale the entire system; Ability to support all business units with different attributes, user views and rules; Personalized training and support access to all stakeholders.</p> <p>In modern organizations, the human capital replaces the financial capital as a strategic resource. The Human Resource management overstepped the simple administrative role, becoming a key component in maximizing the organization's performance.</p> <p>Due to the continuously changing competitive environment, the main challenge is to maintain and keep the loyalty of valuable employees who can make the difference between the company and its competitors. Maintaining the balance between the employees' personal goals and the company's performance targets is essential for the success of any organization, because motivation, reward or the alignment of the employees to a healthy organizational culture, customer success-oriented, determines and directly affects the company's financial performance.</p> <p>Charisma HCM is the most powerful Human Resources management solution, adapted to the Romanian law, that covers both the critical areas of payroll and personnel management, as well as the strategic area of investments in the development of human capital. Thus, Charisma HCM solves in a simple and user-friendly manner the great complexity of the human resources field, providing advanced functions for analysis of the employees' performance, competencies management, training planning or programs for training and tracking the career path within the organization.</p> <p>Charisma HCM is a complex system consisting in modules that cover different human resources issues, that can work both as standalone or integrated applications. The advantage of the solution's modularity is given by the possibility to quickly adapt to the needs of any organization, regardless its size or complexity. And, even more important, it can adapt to the evolution of human resources, based on the dynamics of these organizations.</p> <p>Financial and Operational BenefitsEnsures n compliance with the applicable law You don't need to worry about the legal changes. This aspect is our sole responsibility. The organization chart at a glance n The whole organizational structure is centralized and the roles, positions and responsibilities, as well as the critical personnel information are accessible to the authorized persons. Flexibility in payroll calculation n You have the possibility to change the tariffs or rules during a month, depending on the internal policy of the organization. Strategic support for the managerial decisions n The solution allows various scenarios and forecasts for the accurate calibration of payroll investments or for the development of headcount with the company's financial and business targets. Ensures n data privacy The solution includes advanced levels of complete security that ensure data privacy on 7 security levels. Thus you have the certitude that the sensitive data will be available only for the employees with appropriate access rights to this data, but also that general information can be accessed by all the employees, while relieving the HR personnel. Quick n data transfer with other information systems Charisma HCM integrates with a large number of financials-accounting systems or with other internal applications that already run at the beneficiary, such as PeopleSoft, SAP, SUN, Scala, MFGPro, Charisma ERP. The application enables configurable imports/exports based on a dedicated module that can work with different file formats - DBF, XML, XLS, TXT, CSV, PDF, DOC, VSD, JPEG, Open Office; Reporting and display in many foreign languages n Charisma HCM is perfectly adapted to multinational companies. No matter if the interface is required in English, French, German, Russian, Serbian or Polish, the solution provides the same complex reports in the required language with a single click.</p> <p>Charisma HCM is the solution preferred by over 400 national and multinational organizations in business fields such as finance-banking, services, distribution, retail, medical-pharmaceutical, manufacturing, constructions, engineering, utilities, and public institutions. Besides, Charisma HCM manages the payroll of over 10% from the active labor force in Romania, and calculates over 25% from the aprox. 150,000 outsourced payrolls.4 5</p> <p>Expense tracking per cost centers n You can evaluate the investment efficiency in the development of employee's competencies, the top performance areas and the areas that need intervention of the HR team. The entire activity is tracked at cost center level, allowing the tracking of budget execution by various components, such as training, assessments, compensations, benefits, recruitment processes, etc. Thus, Charisma HCM provides an actual support in adjusting the efforts towards the areas with maximum impact on the organization's growth. Completely configurable complex, static or dynamic n reports You can quickly access any information category in the database, including statistic reports as graphics. Thus, you can assess at any time the dynamics of yours company's personnel or other performance indicators specific to your company. Additionally, you can track the activity of the users, the changes made in the system, viewed information or other actions performed by the users. The solution also provides centralized reports, in real time, at group level in case of holdings.</p> <p>Alerts and n notifications in advance You will not forget to congratulate your employees on their birthdays, you will know in advance about the persons whose contracts will terminate. You are able to set up the alerts depending on any event of interest. The module enables e-mail notifications to distribution lists, such as the list with new employees in the security or IT department. Enables n multiple, simultaneous configurations Charisma HCM provides the interest information depending o each single user's preferences. Thus, the most system configurations can be performed by the users. The solution includes a validation mechanism for data entry that does not allow wrong records into the system. Reduces the work time and optimizes the routine n tasks The self-service solution enables the participation of n employees and managers to certain human resources processes, such as employee satisfaction surveys, complete 360 assessments, electronic leave requests, but also various personal information, such as remaining holiday days</p> <p>Furthermore!n operating on employee groups Enables timesheets, bonuses, salary raises; n automatic retrieval of individual Enables employment contracts, addenda or various certificates; n the automatic generation of addenda Enables depending on the depreciation of training period provided by the company to its employees; ... and more.</p> <p>DiferentiatorsThe largest community built around n a human resources management software solution in Romania; Complex interfacing with third n party applications (SAP, PeopleSoft, SUN, Scala, MFGPro) The interfacing covers both financial data and all types of information on human resources - payroll, personal data, contract data, timesheets; The most powerful training module n in Romania, capable to manage over 800,000 training classes per year, to ensure a flow for obtaining training needs form managers (including over 250 users), to allow the logistics management but also the monitoring of the training processes; Significant experience in the n human resources management, achieved after those over 400 implementations in complex organizations of different sizes, in all business fields; Ensuring the compliance with the n applicable law. In order not to disrupt the company's operations, the legal changes are implemented into the system in real time;</p> <p>Services</p> <p>Technical supportDecreased reaction time to any requests; Permanent access to Charisma consultants.</p> <p>ImplementationData migration; Integration with external applications; Quick customization of internal specific processes.</p> <p>Business consultancyInternal processes consultancy; Performance indicators and specific processes implementation.</p> <p>TrainingInternal courses for application use; Training workshops for internal users; Seminars for understanding the benefits of HCM strategies.</p> <p>6 7</p> <p>Unique n feature of document management, that provides the users with direct access to the documents scanned and saved into the system (employment records, employment contracts, degrees, certifications, etc.), regardless the location. The solution eliminates the time needed to search them in the physical archive and to send them via different means; Significantly reducing the number n of written documents of the HR department through a series of unique features: n The automatic submission of pay slips in electronic format (online, e-mail or SMS), thus eliminating the printing costs an the distribution time; n Electronic timesheets recording the timesheets with access - timesheet devices, automatically initiating the timesheet month and filling it in by the managers; n Eliminating written leave requests by ensuring an approval flow of the leaves, based on hierarchical relationships; n Replacing other written forms</p> <p>within the HR department with electronic forms (assessment forms, leave requests, certificates, etc.); A powerful and extremely n configurable reporting engine with Dashboard module, the system provides the users with a complex set of configurable reports and indicators; Eliminating the redundant n recording in multiple HR systems all software applications provided by the State for the submission of the mandatory statements to the state authorities (REVISAL, VERANEXE, IVG, DECLSOM, etc.) can be replaced by a single one Charisma HCM. This ensures the submission of all legal or mandatory reports and statements that occur in relation with the State; Increasing the communication n efficiency by ensuring an Intranet that, in addition to other similar solutions, allows for the data to be directly changed by the employees, according to the granted rights; Configurable alerts and n notifications, that can be sent via email or SMS.</p> <p>FeaturesCharisma HCM is an integrated system, consisting in distinct and perfectly integrated modules, as well as an unique employee database, this structure significantly reducing data redundancy. These modules can also operate on their own, as standalone applications. Human n Resources module - covers all aspects related to the human resources management, from defining a company's organization to detailed information on employees, performance, professional education and recruitment processes; Payroll n module a completely configurable module regarding the calculation formulas, salary types, benefits, bonuses, sick leaves, annual leaves, check-offs; HCM nPortal module - a self-service module within Charisma system that has the main role to provide system data to certain categories of employees who are not able to access the entire database; Talent n Management module covers the recruitment process, allowing to record the potential applicants (internal or external applications) for the vacancies within the company, to select the applications according to criteria set by user, to retrieve the applications from the company's Website, in case it has a specialized section;</p> <p>8 9</p> <p>Occupational Medicine module n manages the information about the employees' medical visits, the medical tests they took or should take, as well as information about all their medical problems; Access n Timesheet module intended for controlling and logging the access within the company for the employed personnel and it provides tools for logging the arrival/leaving time, in order to calculate the working hours; Reports n module - standard set of reports, as well as the possibility to retrieve from the database any existing information as reports adapted to each user's requirements, the application having a powerful report configuration module. In addition, any type of external application can be exported for further processing; ITM module generates the files n that should be submitted to the Territorial Working Inspectorates, according to the applicable law. ITM module can regularly generate the files related to the registry, according to the specification prepared by Labor Inspection;</p> <p>Dashboard module the business n intelligence solution dedicated to the HR department, that provides a set of configurable indicators for the analysis and evolution of the department; Budgets n module - includes the required features to generate the payroll budgets and headcount, as well as different comparative analysis reports; Timesheet Clocking In module n allows to review the employee's timesheets by the responsible manager; Statements module - includes the n required features for loading, checking and generating the statements to the state budget; Alerter n module manages the system alerts and notifications; Training n module covers the whole training process ran within the company; Expense Statements module - the n Web interface the company needs for the efficient management of the expense statement flows.</p> <p>Human Resources</p> <p>Financial and Operational BenefitsIncrease the employees' motivation The module ensures a performance management of the regular assessment periods, providing employee transparency regarding the targets achievement, the targeted competence level or further professional development needs; Improve the employees' performance The solution enables the management of training programs depending on the needs of each employee, as well as the department's, as they result from the regular performance assessment processes; Quick access to updated information The Human Resources department has quic...</p>