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  1. 1. ChargeTech Enterprise Sales Strategy Leonard Velez ChargeTech (310) 709-4579
  2. 2. Sales Strategy, U.S. 1) What is the low hanging fruit that will buy? a) Answer all inquiries that will Buy Now. 2) company screen-Location: Los Angeles Metro Area and expand to all of CA meet with potential customers within a 3 hour drive a) Replicate outreach efforts to major US metro areas b) Look where we have had success, relating to success with current clients i) Hospitals ii) Hotels iii) Restaurants iv) Universities v) Grocery Store Chains vi) Car Dealer Ships c) High Daily Traffic areas i) Hotels & Casinos ii) Public Transportation Hubs iii) Government Agencies i.e. DMV iv) Public Libraries v) Convention Centers vi) Foot Traffic/daily (1) 0-100k (2) 100k-200k (3) 200k-300k (4) 300k+ d) Our Network: LinkedIn Connections referrals from Engineers, Designers, Customer Service & Helpdesk i) Search by Zip Code, 25 mile radius ii) We will have success by looking into our own network of already existing relationships e) Lists i) Competitor's clients - BuiltWith Technology Lookup (1) Lenmar, Bootcase, Belkin, Bootcase, PowerTower (2) Mophie bad press 3) Target Titles a) CEO b) CTO c) VP of Engineering d) VP of eCommerce e) Owner Executive Director, Technology f) Purchasing Manager 4) Pivot to Target Verticals of new offerings of products a) Visual Commerce-Social Marketing shoppable pictures that go directly to PDP b) Wall Mounted Charging Stations c) Floor stand Charging Stations
  3. 3. d) Custom Kiosks e) Power Table Charging Hub f) Integrated Charging Station g) Manufacturing h) Consumer Packaged Goods i) Yum Brands j) Work out and Fitness (Gyms - i.e. Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Curves, YMCA etc.) 5) Current Opportunities US break down into segments a) Amount b) Sorted by Billing City c) Probability of Closing 6) Reach Competitor's clients a) Marketing Channels and content 7) Process a) One to One email outreach - intro of ChargeTech b) If email does not bounce, then add to Pardot new client outreach email i) Segment if client opens email ii) Assess Pardot Lead score if client clicks on blog case study iii) Status of Prospect: Scoring Metrics (1) High (Buy Now timing/budget/decision maker) (2) Medium High (3) Medium Low (4) Low c) Call 1 weeks from initial outreach date d) When calling i) What is the latest press release on the company? ii) What do we have in hand-find out if they will attend an upcoming tradeshow (i.e. Consumer Electronic Show) iii) Enterprise prospects: What is the pain in their process? If they reveal what that is, then we relate how we can be helpful to them with a "quick" 20 minute discussion or in person meeting (1) Door opener is that we are visiting recently signed on like brands, similar vertical how we help provide effiency/increase business 8) 12/10 Replicate this same process with additional metro locales a) San Diego Metro Area (San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos) b) San Francisco Metro Area (San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont) c) Seattle d) Houston e) New York f) Chicago g) Boston h) Miami
  4. 4. 9) Pardot Strategy a) "Drip" on Prospects: i) Send 1 to 1 email validating recipients email address ii) Employ Intern (UCLA) for 1 to 1 email outreach, (a) Intern salary - $500/month, 15hrs/week (2) Dear John, At ChargeTech, we are a maker of mobile device charging solutions for the home and office. We work with companies to increase engagement through a suite of charging solutions that increase customer interaction, that drive revenue. As we kick off 2015, we would welcome the opportunity to find ways to work with you and your company. Ill send more information soon but you can learn more about us from our homepage. Best Regards, Leonard (3) After the email is validated, the recipient is put into the Drip outreach program. b) 11/27 Drip Articles i) Think about the mindset of the recipient - Point of View ("P.O.V.") should be more or less 5 or 6 sentences long ii) Include a question in the P.O.V. first 2 or 3 lines that really casts doubt their current process. In other words, give them a reason to read the whole article. iii) The articles show that we are "Thought Leaders" in Portable Charging Technology/Social/eCommerce and it's our purpose to help our clients. We are here to ensure their success iv) 5 articles would be great and POV v) The 6th email message will move from POV's and speak to our products and how we have helped McDonalds, Hyatt, Hospitals and ask for the meeting. 10) Trade Shows 11) Product Roadmap a) Product mix from automotive, watch, hearing aid, cell phone or golf cart battery charging. Will we focus on portable power? Distinguish yourself from the competition b) Participate in battery industry conferences or consortiums 12) Expansion: Continue to find enough space for manufacturing and office requirements and budget for initial renovations or negotiate them into your lease i) Provide a cost analysis for office furnishings and supplies, warehouse equipment, shelving and inventory ii) Determine all ongoing operation expenses such as utilities. Businesses in Irvine with comparable facilities and manufacturing requirements will help you gauge these costs 13) Risk Management a) UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Certified for safety b) Patent Infringement c) Royalties payments to Apple because we charge iPhones and iPads d) 3rd party testing and quality control to make sure our products are compliant with the devices 14) Vision a) Can we add Smart to ChargeTech?
  5. 5. b) ChargeTech is a technology business and with our offerings has physically enabled a "tech-enabled gathering place with high value customers