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A physical need for food. ANSWER


Chapter 5 and 6 Test Review Test Tomorrow BRING COMPLETED REVIEW Nutrition and Your Health Managing Weight and Body Composition What is hunger? Question 1 A physical need for food. ANSWER Name the two types of carbohydrates. Question 2 Simple and Complex Carbohydrates ANSWER What type of proteins do amino acids provide for the body? Question 3 Complete and Incomplete Proteins ANSWER Fats are a type of? Question 4 Lipid ANSWER Your body converts all carbohydrates to. Question 5 Glucose ANSWER Name the two types of fats found in food. Question 6 Saturated and Unsaturated Fats ANSWER The Nutrition Facts panel on food labels includes what kind of information? Question 7 Serving Size and Servings Per Container Calories and Calories from Fat Nutrients Percent Daily Value ANSWER What is an example of a nutrient-dense food? Question 8 Carrots ANSWER Adults with high Body Mass Index (BMI) have an increased risk of suffering. Question 9 Cardiovascular Disease ANSWER Body composition is the ratio of body fat to? Question 10 Lean Body Tissue ANSWER One strategy in a sensible weight- management plan is. Question 11 Keeping a food journal of what and when you eat. ANSWER Fad diets fail to provide the body with. Question 12 the proper nutrients it needs for growth. ANSWER It is important to drink plenty of water before and during a heavy workout because keeping hydrated prevents? Question 13 An Electrolyte Imbalance ANSWER What is anorexia nervosa? Question 14 has consequences similar to malnutrition and starvation. ANSWER What does it mean when a person is obese? Question 15 a person with BMI over 40%. ANSWER 16.Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, and grains and grains 17.Good nutrition can help lower your risk of developing chronic diseases. 18.It is recommended that fats should make up less than 20 percent of your daily calories. 19. Dehydration causes an imbalance of electrolytes. 20. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains provide all the nutrients that animal products do. True False True False TRUE / FALSE MATCHING 21. An extreme, harmful eating behavior that can cause serious illness or even death 22. A condition in which a person is less than the appropriate weight for his or her height 23. A very large amount of a dietary supplement 24. Compulsive overeating 25. Having a large amount of body fat A.Underweight D. Obesity B.Eating Disorder E. Megadose C. Binge Eating Disorder B. Eating Disorder A. Underweight E. Megadose C. Binge Eating Disorder D. Obesity 26. Minerals that help maintain the bodys fluid balance 27. Being too heavy for ones height 28. Vegetarians who eat only foods of plant origin 29. A disorder in which some form of purging or clearing of the digestive tract follows cycles of overeating 30. Foods high in nutrients compared with their calorie content MATCHING A.Bulimia Nervosa D. Electrolytes B.Nutrient-dense Foods E. Vegans C.Overweight D. Electrolytes C. Overweight E. Vegans A. Bulimia Nervosa B. Nutrient-Dense Foods


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