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Chapter 4 Folk/Popular Culture. Kovacs. Folk vs. Popular Culture. Homogenous groups- isolated rural areas- spread-migration “Vary Place to Place @ given time” Heterogeneous societies- share habits despite differences- spread- technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Ch 4 Folk/Popular Culture

Chapter 4 Folk/Popular CultureKovacsGaining some contextThe study of peoples lifestyles, their creations, and their relationships to the Earth and the supernaturalCULTURAL GEOGRAPHY

HOW and WHY culture is expressed in different ways in different places

Material [tangible artifacts that can be left behind]Non-material [thoughts, religions]The physical imprint a culture makes on the environment; buildings, artwork, musicCULTURAL LANDSCAPEA cultures unique fingerprint on their space on the Earth-Carl SauerCultureCollection of social customs; repetitive acts of groupsWhat are some of your habits; repetitive acts

2 categories of material culture:Folk and Popular Origins:Diffusion:Distribution:Differ. HearthsFolkAnonymousMultipleIndependent

Ex) Sarong-MalaysiaHawaiian ShirtEnvironmentalSW Asia/N Europe No westernized clothes religious reasonsNo SW Asia/N African in Europe bc equal status not second class in govt eyes

Little contact with othersPopTraceable

Music- WWII soldiersDetroit-TechnoHip Hop- NYC


Distribution issues: access to materialLack of income

Folk vs. Popular CultureHomogenous groups- isolated rural areas- spread-migrationVary Place to Place @ given timeExample

Heterogeneous societies- share habits despite differences- spread- technologyconsisting of dissimilar or diverse ingredients or constituents : mixedSynonyms assorted, eclectic, miscellaneous, indiscriminate, kitchen-sink, magpie, mixed, promiscuous, ragtag, variedVary time to time @ given placeExampleAmish ArticleSkill- highlighting text


Vietnam- Water puppets (unitedstreaming)Navajo- leisure activityImprov EVERYWHERE!What is our class project?Pop Culture Trends

Clothing in pop culture reflects?Income, social norms, jobPop culture clothes die if not produced fast enough-sweatshopsFolk clothing previous-agriculture/climate-today-memory and tourismJeans Imperialism [travel/media diffusion]Symbolism of authority and leadership [Africa/Asia-Western]Memoirs of a GeishaMiddle East- Suits vs. Fundamentalist MuslimsRoles of women folk vs. popular [Human trafficking article]

FoodProduced, grown, imported locallyex?KY bourbonIn Arizona/Texas, southwest?TequilaWho avoids alcohol?Christians, Hindus, MuslimsWine based on Climate, topography, soil

The meaning of food + HawaiiExamples of Taboo foods?Hebrews vs Jews vs Muslims vs HinduCulture, Customs, Habits!Repetitive act that a particular individual performsRepetitive act a group performed to the extent that it becomes characteristic of the group such as many students wearing jeans to classA groups material traits, beliefs, social forms

Answers:HabitCustomcultureTo PonderIntellectual stimulation arises from differences in background. Today the WORLD wears skinny jeans, youtubes, facebooks, tweets. Is the world becoming dumb? Use geographic vocabulary in your analysis. Culture of religious paintingsBuddhists: painting divine figures (Monks, Saints- inhospitable environments)

Hindus: Everyday life (deity in domestic scene-extreme climate conditions)Muslims: beautiful plants/flowers No religious allowed

Animists paint symbols derived from religion not environmentJoin a group you are interested inIn your group use the cellular device to locate 1) Buddhist2) Hindus3) Muslim4) animistsMusic!!FolkChinese Legend-Emperor-cut bamboo-sounds like Phoenix birdStory of life cycle (birth, death, marriage

Agricultural/climate issues

Live performance importantPopularIndividual purpose-For audienceappeal to a variety of people across Earth although references can be made to specific places/eventsRecording more important than live performanceYour TurnPandora playlist of folk songsPop songs

1 folk lyrics- identify the qualities that make it a folk song1 pop lyrics

Sports! Pay for the privilege of watchingSoccer- EnglandHow did it expand from Britain to the world?ImperialismBaseball-N America toJapan WWIILacrosse-NE USA and Canada toNative Americans-European explorers to East Coast USAMartial Arts- China

Section 2Environmental determinism?What is environmental determinismEnvironment causes social customs. Is that true?Isolation promotes diversityLimited technologyAgricultural economy (food, clothing, shelter)

NOT ALL PEOPLE IN CLIMATE CONDITIONS WEAR THE SAMESo is environmental determinism correct?No. why?2 contrasting ideasWade Davis on the worldwide web of ritual Culture

Phil Borges on endangered cultures Culture

HousingBuilding materials = resources availableUSA SW, Mexico, N. China and Middle east use what material?BrickEurope and South America traditionally use stoneWhy is this important?Evidence in your writing piecesNew England housingMid Atlantic I shape 2 storiesLower Chesapeake- 1 story steep roof

TODAY: there are still regional distinctions except pop culture has decreased thosedue to rapid communication, transportation and mass production construction companies

Housing-Modern Style 1945-1960Minimal traditionalRanchSplit levelContemporaryShed

Assignment: you are to find 2 different housing styles, snap a photo on your cellular devise, classify them and explain why. Bring into class. Neo EclecticMansardNeo TudorNeo FrenchNeo colonialHousing

Foreign Media ImperialismDefine imperialisma policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.

TV most popular leisure activity in MDCLDC lack of income, electricity, service

Knowledge of pop culture diffused (faster + further)

Threatens LCDs independence

DominationUSA-Latin America/EuropeJapan- S/E/ AsiaUK- Africa

Western TV idolizes:Social mobility, women's freedom, glorification of youth, stylized violenceThe answer to Foreign Media Imperialism isWestern Media only covers sensationalized news anyway rather than domestic stories (birth control, health care innovations, construction)


Asia- China, Singapore notorious + Saudi ArabiaGeorge Orwell predicted TV would be used by governments to control people

Satellites defy those thoughts to an extent

What kind of region does a TV signal reflect? [formal, functional, perceptual]CNN reporters in China! Writing prompt

Fun Fact: India is the 2nd largest Twitter UsersInternet: Facebook around the world article

Pop culture varies ______ more than placeTimeThreatens the survival of folk cultureMaterialistic, western perspectives over societal valuesIs not Green- what do I mean by that?

Environment- Pop CultureDepletion of scarce natural resourcesPollution (folk pollutes too :0( )

Examples:Golf courses- why?Product RecognitionAssignment: Find a partner product recognition w map/local with location

MUST COMITT TIME AND $$$$ to CONTROL DAMAGE!Curbside, drop off centers, buy back centers (aluminum), deposit programs

RECAPAmish wrap upWhat type of culture?FolkPull factors to the USA?Lower land prices from Switzerland, France, Germany in PA,USAPush factor from Pennsylvania?Expensive land, gawking touristsOrigins and Diffusion of Folk & Popular CulturesOrigin of folk and popular culturesOrigin of folk musicOrigin of popular music

Diffusion of folk and popular culturesThe Amish: Relocation diffusion of folk cultureSports: Hierarchical diffusion of popular culture


New Zealand-the haka Tin Pan Alley & Popular MusicFig. 4-1: Writers and publishers of popular music were clustered in Tin Pan Alley in New York in the early 20th c. The area later moved north from 28th St to Times Square.

Clustering of Folk CulturesIsolation promotes cultural diversityHimalayan Art

Influence of the physical environmentDistinctive food preferencesFolk housingU.S. folk house forms

Himalayan Folk Cultural RegionsFig. 4-4: Cultural geographers have identified four distinct culture regions based on predominant religions in the Himalaya Mountains.

House Types in Western ChinaFig. 4-8: Four communities in western China all have distinctive house types.

Wide Dispersion of Popular Culture Diffusion of popular housing, clothing, & foodPopular housing stylesRapid diffusion of clothing stylesPopular food customs

Television and diffusion of popular cultureDiffusion of televisionDiffusion of the internetGovernment control of televisionInternet shop, India

Internet Use by Food Seller in China

Impacts of the Globalization of Popular CultureThreats to folk cultureLoss of traditional valuesForeign media dominance

Environmental impacts of popular cultureModifying natureUniform landscapesNegative environmental impactMcDonalds in Beijing, China

Ted TalksWade Davis on endangered cultures Culture


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