chapter 4 “folk and popular culture”

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Chapter 4 “Folk and Popular Culture”. “Culture is the agent, the natural area is the medium, the cultural landscape is the result’ - Carl Sauer Culture – … Popular Culture: Folk Culture:. Folk Culture: … … … … … … … … …. Pop Culture: … … … … … … … …. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Chapter 4

    Folk and Popular Culture

  • Culture is the agent, the natural area is the medium, the cultural landscape is the result - Carl SauerCulture

    Popular Culture:

    Folk Culture:

  • Folk Culture:

  • Pop Culture:

  • The following was developed by Sir Julian Huxley

    Artifact ... eg. Spoon - Anthropology

    Mentifact eg. Religion, language and laws - Ideology

    Sociofact eg. Families, politics, economics and tribes Sociology

    A dwelling, for example, is an artifact providing shelter, it can be a sociofact reflecting the nature of the family and it can be a mentifact summarizing a cultural groups convictions shown by design, orientation and building materials.

  • One more example:


    Artifact offers protection

    Sociofact identifies an individuals role in society especially a uniform

    Mentifact reflects the values of the wearer religious clothing, baggy pants, cowboy hat and boots, colour of clothing etc.

  • Other Key Terms:

    Cultural convergenceCultural divergenceAcculturationCultural InnovationCultural RealmCultural Region Core, domain, sphereSyncretism eg. Greek music is a combination European and Middle Eastern music.Taboo

  • Geographers are interested in the origin, diffusion and integration of culture with other social characteristics.

    Geographers are also interested in the relationship between culture and the physical environment.What do you see in this landscape?

  • A geographer sees:

    Nature: Habitat: Artifact: System: Problem: Wealth: Ideology: History: Place: Aesthetic:

    Article: The Beholding Eye, by D. W. Meinic

  • Discussion:

    How is culture reflected in the following:

    Music all the types and stylesSports - SoccerFood Italian, French, ChineseClothing drive around and see all the different kinds among young peopleHousing styles- colour, materialRole of Women empowerment, status

  • Cultural landscape: The visible, material landscape that cultural groups create as they inhabit the earth.

    Write down the aspects of Culture you see in the next few slides?

  • Culture is very visible in the style of homes that dot the urban landscape. Please view the slide show on home styles and view the many architectural styles seen in Toronto

  • Vocabulary List

  • Unit III. Cultural Patterns and Processes, Part 1Basic Vocabulary and Concepts Concepts of Culture Acculturation Assimilation Cultural adaptation Cultural core/periphery pattern Cultural ecology Cultural identity Cultural landscape Cultural realm Culture Culture region Formalcore, periphery Functionalnode Vernacular (perceptual)regional self-awareness Diffusion types Expansionhierarchical, contagious, stimulus Relocation Innovation adoption Maladaptive diffusion Sequent occupance

  • Folk and Popular Culture Adaptive strategies Anglo-American landscape characteristics Architectural form Built environment Folk culture Folk food Folk house Folk songs Folklore Material culture Nonmaterial culture Popular culture Survey systems Traditional architecture

  • The End


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