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  • Chapter 4Folk and Popular Culture AP Human Geography

  • Origins and Diffusion of Folk and Popular CulturesCulture: A group of belief systems, norms, and values practiced by people.Folk culture: small, incorporates a homogeneous population, is typically rural, and is cohesive in cultural traits.Pop culture: large, incorporates heterogeneous populations, typically urban, and experiences quick changes in cultural traits.

  • Folk Culture vs. Popular Culture

  • Popular Culture:Food, music, dance, clothing, entertainment

  • Popular Celebrities

  • In Popular Culture: TrendsHierarchical diffusion

    Example: Fashion Starts at the point of origin: Milan, Paris, New YorkMajor fashion houses: LA, Hollywood etc.Shopping mall

  • HearthDistance Decay: the likelihood of diffusion decreases as time and distance from the hearth increases.Time Space Compression: the likelihood of diffusion depends upon the connectedness among places: communications and transportation technologies.

  • CommodificationThe process through which somethinga name, a good, an idea or even a personthat previously was not regarded as an object to be bought or sold.. Becomes an object that can be bought, sold, and traded in the world market.

  • Convergence of Cultural Landscapes Convergence of cultural landscapes has three dimensions:Particular architectural forms and planning have diffused around the worldIndividual businesses and products have become so widespread that they now leave a distinctive landscape stamp on far flung placesThe wholesale borrowing of idealized landscape images, though not necessarily fostering convergence, promotes a blurring of place distinctiveness

  • McDonalds World Wide Locations

  • Wide Dispersion of Popular Culture Diffusion of popular housing, clothing, and foodPopular housing stylesRapid diffusion of clothing stylesPopular food customs

    Television and diffusion of popular cultureDiffusion of televisionDiffusion of the internetGovernment control of television

  • Clustering of Folk Cultures

    Influence of the physical environmentDistinctive food preferencesFolk housingU.S. folk house forms

  • Amish Settlements in the U.S.Fig. 4-4: Amish settlements are distributed through the northeast U.S.

  • Home Locations in Southeast AsiaFig. 4-7: Houses and sleeping positions are oriented according to local customs among the Lao in northern Laos (left) and the Yuan and Shan in northern Thailand (right).

  • House Types in Western ChinaFig. 4-8: Four communities in western China all have distinctive house types.

  • Diffusion of House Types in U.S.Fig. 4-9: Distinct house types originated in three main source areas in the U.S. and then diffused into the interior as migrants moved west.

  • Diffusion of New England House Types Fig. 4-10: Four main New England house types of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries diffused westward as settlers migrated.

  • U.S. House Types, 19451990Fig. 4-11: Several variations of the modern style were dominant from the 1940s into the 1970s. Since then, neo-eclectic styles have become the dominant type of house construction in the U.S.

  • U.S. House Types by RegionFig. 4-1-1: Small towns in different regions of the eastern U.S. have different combinations of five main house types.

  • Diffusion of TV, 19541999Fig. 4-14: Television has diffused widely since the 1950s, but some areas still have low numbers of TVs per population.

  • Distribution of Internet HostsFig. 4-15: The U.S. had two-thirds of the worlds internet hosts in 2002. Diffusion of internet service is likely to follow the pattern of TV diffusion, but the rate of this diffusion may differ.

  • Impacts of the Globalization of Popular CultureThreats to folk cultureLoss of traditional valuesForeign media dominance

    Environmental impacts of popular cultureModifying natureUniform landscapesNegative environmental impact

  • Words to KnowCultureFolk CulturePopular Culture Local CultureHierarchical diffusion HearthAssimilateCustomCommodificationDistance DecayTime-Space Compression



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