CHAPTER 1 - General Overview of the Humanities

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General Overview of the HumanitiesOutline of the Presentation Defining Humanities The Scope of Humanities The Importance of HumanitiesDefining Humanities The Humanities embrace literature, languages, music, art and even history and philosophy (Charles Keller, 1963). The humanities are concerned with the thoughts, creations and actions of man in the past and in the present.Defining Humanities It impel man to ask questions like: Who am I? Where have I come from? What is the meaning of life? What can I do to become and remain an effective, responsible member of society? Human Cultured RefinedSo what exactly do the Humanities involve? By studying ART. Art shows man s thoughts, feelings and emotions.How is this purpose achieved then?Scope of HumanitiesVisual Arts Music Literature Dance Drama and TheaterHow are emotions shown in the visual arts? Are feelings really portrayed in these arts?What emotions does this painting show?The Scream by Edvard MunchMusic as foodfor the soul.Do we sing for fame?Again, how can music make man more human?Do we dance toexpress our emotions?show how we feel?demonstrate our thoughts?portray beauty strength and and femininity? masculinity?to impress and gain RESPECT?to show love and compassionjoy andhappiness?fear, sorrow or sadness?Definitely.So, how relevant is drama in oureveryday lives?So, how relevant is humanities in oureveryday lives?Life is an art.We paint it with vibrant and rich colors or with hues of agony and despair.We write our own music and lyrics.We portray different roles and we become both protagonists and antagonists.We go with the flow; we dance with life s rhythms and beats.


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