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Chapbook for Kristina Davis Intro to poetry Winter 2011. Field of memories. There are so many memories that come to mind As I think on the moments and on the times We would come to our special place Our secret spot, our field of dreams You would walk and I would follow - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Chapbook for Kristina DavisIntro to poetry Winter 2011

Field of memoriesThere are so many memories that come to mindAs I think on the moments and on the timesWe would come to our special placeOur secret spot, our field of dreamsYou would walk and I would followA small basket in hand Filled with surprisesLove, joy, passion Our food for thought.You would gaze into my eyesWhile feeding me strawberries, Grapes, cheese and wine.Oh the passion you engage As we soak up these warm raysIn this autumn wheat sun. Soon this place will be no more.The season shall fade Our memories buried Like Tulip bulbs in soil shivering from the cold in a blanket of coverthe dirt, the ice , the snow. Who shall be a knight for the harvest In this cold ocean called winter? We shall look for him. He is known as spring then we shall return for another warm indulgence.

I Am HereI AM HERE by Kristina DavisI am here I say to themI have called you to walk with meOften things in life keep you busyBut I have always been here with the same motiveI only desire to help you Grow, love, share, forgive, have peaceAnd much much more.So when will you realize there is one intention?That you walk forth in the love and peace.You read about my will, desire, and expectations Within these 66 books of the Bible.Now you have A Chance to live and walk as Christ.Go forthLive lifeBe fruitfulMy love!

How do I look Mommy?How do I look Mommy? By Kristina DavisShe wants to picked out a dressRight from the shelf of the SWEET THINGSBoutique.They are all so pretty!She says to me,But Im not sure what I want? I know that my favorite color is purple.I like lace, and I want you to see my new shoesWhen I wear it.How do I know the perfect one mommy?And I say, You will know.She tries on one, then two then three.Each one not quite right; they are missing something.But then she turns to me And I realize that there isSomething missing.She has not said to meMommy, how do I look?Immediately the frustration is gone.She knows and understands mommy is here.I will help when the decisions are hardWhen you need me near.I will let you know, Not only how you look, But how the situation looks.So dont forget I am MommyThats what I am here for.

The porcupineThe Porcupine by KRISTINA DAVISI am sharp, often looked at as dangerousThere is no hard shell to keep you back from meBut if you are close, my quills are another story.I try to keep low key as I hide in the backgroundwith my small head, short legs, and round body.You may not notice my fifteen pound frame creeping aroundBecause I often travel alone. No pack in site. I stay to myself and gather my foodFrom the maple, cherry, beech, oak and willow trees.But as you look around,And look up very high to the treesAdmiring their beautyDo not be surprised if you spot me On the limbs hiding my precious familyFrom my enemy the hungry coyote.

The Autumn PumpkinI have watched you everyday,since that season passed.When we met, you had no smile,No way to express Your joy, pain, happiness, or fear.But we gave you a great smileCrooked teeth and all.I recall how the children loved you.Your funny smile would make the whole neighborhood laugh.Your skin That is now kissedBy the October windEntertains a visceral glint of a flame.It warms even the distant visitor.What will become of you When this season of bloom Is no longer?I would that the wind and frost spare youthat your internal flame will keep you warm and dry.Until the heat of the sun returnsAnd laughter fills these sidewalks Once again in the coming Spring wind.

Chuck-E-CheeseYou are so warm and soft in the midst of the dayThere is comfort and joyin this place that you stay.I know your just a mascot,but to an anklebiter-much more.Your high-energy in that hot covering of a suitis quite surprising to some.The dance, the run, the sport, the rompAround the lodge very interesting, is it not?Hes a mouse! He loves cheese they say!The room is so full, kids have so much fun.But look, there are some, who decide to runAway from the giant,as a pin-ball machinepropelling a ball into the battle ground.Watch out whippersnappersChuck-E-Cheese is in town!You are always cheerful,wearing a hat and vest.Even as your hands are fullof coins and a skateboard,There is time for a quick hug and a songto celebrate a day of birth.I wish that you had a day of rest, but who could take your place?Maybe your band mates could helpAnd depart that stage.

The New Dress By Kristina Davis

WaitingKnowingExpectingSomething is to come

A giftA presentA treasureFrom one that is special.

You wont find it In the oceanOr in a dark cave Near great waters.

This pearl of a gift Is in the ocean of garments.In the shadow Of a closet.Only brought to light When the time and occasion Is perfect,Is right.Fit for a princess To walk And parade.To present herself A jewelAt a party Her individual charade.

The Apple TreeA gathering place , now I know.Each day that robin comes to visit my apple tree. It sits on the braches as if resting from his morning flight.Now I see that there must be some trust,Between the tree and the robin.Perhaps it loves the way the bark feel against its claws.Or the way the wind whispers against his feathers.

I may not be able to ask, but I am confidentIn knowing this cardinal trusts this tree, And where it has planted its roots.He shall visit tomorrow on his next flying route.

Road TripHear we go, lets load up the vanAnd set out on our questWe shall pack a cooler, plenty of luggage, blanketsAnd entertainment to suit.The kids are excited to see a new place before them.Whether its a lake, ocean, castle, or mountain, the They joy shall flow like a waterfall or a fountain.

Ass we inch closer and closer to reach our destinationWe talk, check the map, and research our information.The kids ask questionsWe play games and singUntil at last we arriveOur road trip has ended.We are here in the Grand Canyon.

Point ClearLeave the hardtops, junker and hatchbackBound to the freewayAnd ride the waves Of the calm blue seawayHear that stampede of joy Whistling through the air Encompassed in the splendor Of the wind and salty breeze.Here you shall arrive In Point clear.As an algal bloom It burst into lifeWith soothing Blossoms of peace.A paradise of placidity that Crowds the runt of a shore. So take joy in this tranquil placeBurst into life Live and enjoy the shoreIn the salty breeze of Point Clear.

The SnowflakeI watch as You fallAnd wonder whereYou come From. ThereIs no Light to shineOn your past The place you call home.It is Above The spotlight of this street night light.

As you enter the stage and I watch you from the window,You prepare a dance, that the wind shall remember. from the left you enter, And to the right you go.Spinning, twirling, dropping fast.Your dance has ended, and you have joined your familyIn a union of snowYour new found home.

They Are LearningThey wake up in the morning and all the desire to eat is cake, but I must remember that they are still learning. When the weather is cold and chilly, I remind them to wear a coat, scarf, and gloves even thought the dont want to. I must remember that they are still learning. After a trip to the potty, someone forgets to flush and wash their hands.I must remember that they are still learning.When a glass is spilled, they try to clean the mess, but not to my standards. Theyve done their best. but I must remember that they are still learning.And as they lay down to sleep, Toothpaste crusted at their mouthA peaceful sleep is in the midstNot a worry to think aboutI see how innocent they are.How life is such a joy .I gave at them and rememberThey are still learning.

The End