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Legacee Systems’ Transactional Clearing House technology will revolutionize traditional merchant loyalty programs better known as buy-one-get-one free offers, coupons, booklets, discount cards, points and airline miles and transform them into consumer capturing, easy to understand mission-based rewards program that is instantly activated through a single swipe of a consumer’s existing credit card.


  • 1. Changing the World of Fundraising

2. Legacee Systems Transactional Clearing House technology will revolutionizetraditional merchant loyalty programs better known as buy-one-get-one freeoffers, coupons, booklets, discount cards, points and airline miles andtransform them into consumer capturing, easy to understand mission-basedrewards program that is instantly activated through a single swipe of aconsumers existing credit card.Legacees Elevator Pitch 3. Transactional Clearing House TechnologyConsumer Purchases- Pizza- Shoes- LandscapingFunding Causes Consumers Love- Lil Tommys Soccer Team- Homeless Shelter- University AlumniFunded Causes- Soccer Uniforms- Beds for the Shelter- Scholarships 4. Consumer Based Capitalism Doing GoodMerchants offer 3-15% cashback.(Local Business Participation)Program Membership isattached to any existingcredit card35% back to Consumer35% back to NPOPurchase Rewardsaccounted for byLegacees ClearingHouse Technology 5. What if Merchant Rewards mattered?I need to raisemoney for my kidsfield trips at school! 6. What if consumers didnt have to work sohard to raise funds? 7. Team Mom MarketingFriendsNeighborsColleaguesFamily 8. How Does Legacee Acquire Merchants? 9. What if merchants could gain intimate accessto Legacee motivated customers?Restaurant Owner in 85741 Zip CodeLegacee Members in 85741 Zip CodeLegaceeAd Portal Customized Local OffersiPhone/ Droid 10. Win Win WinMerchants- A customizable,profitablerewards program- Missionbased/brandrecognition withconsumers- Personalized,highly targeteddirect advertisingNon Profit Organizations- A new no brainerform of fundraisingand new constituentacquisition- Access to corporatemerchant dollars- Something newevery existingconstituent can do inaddition to currenteffortsConsumers- Easier thancandy bars, carwashes orcoupons- Single swipeenrollment- Choices overrewards- No brainerfundraiser tooffer friends andfamily 11. How does Legacee make money?Merchants offer 3-15% cashback.(Local Business Participation)Legacee has thetechnology to track when amember and merchantrecord a purchase35% back to Consumer35% back to NPOMembers shop at LegaceeMerchant Networks 12. Mission Our Mission is to leverage consumer buying power and cause-based-passion tobecome the most comprehensive source of funding for non-profit organizations inthe world. Our Strategy Legacees strategy is to leverage technology, social media and consumerpurchasing habits to establish a global, socially responsible merchant networkcommitted to their consumers cause to develop and grow a continuous flow ofrevenue. Our Values Legacee wants to be a leader in charitable giving, leadership development, andcommunity involvement. It is our desire that Legacee becomes a most trustedand admired company, both to its employees and those it works with. 13. Corporate StructureLegacee SystemsLegaceeMerchandisingLegaceeMerchantNetworkLegaceeDistributionLegaceeCharitiesLegaceeTechnologiesLegaceeLink 14. Top 200 Cities in U.S. 75,000,000 people Strategic Roll Out Sunbelt (yellow) East Coast (blue) Major City (green) Smaller Markets National Breakdown Territory Breakdown Multi-Phase Marketing Plan Youth Sports Organization (ages 5-12) Middle & High School Emotionally Attached NPOs University Alumni and Greek OrganizationsNational Roll OutLegacy Rollout 15. Legacee Systems ImpactMembers Goals:Accumulative Members Signed Up 3,375,000Merchant Goals:Accumulative Merchants Acquired 56,250Membership Registration Revenue:Accumulative Membership Revenue ($20) 67,500,000.00$LEGACEE Payout 27,000,000.00$Sales Signup Commission 6,750,000.00$NPO Payout 33,750,000.00$Merchant Swipe RevenueAccumulative Members Participating 3,375,000Total Monthly Swipe Transactions 4Transaction Purchase Amount Per Swipe ($) 25.00$Cash Back Reward % 5%Total Merchant Revenue 337,500,000.00$Total Monthly Cash Back Reward Revenue 16,875,000.00$Monthly Cash Back Reward SharingMember Total (35%) 5,906,250.00$Non-Profit Organization (35%) 5,906,250.00$Legacee (30%) 5,062,500.00$16,875,000.00$9,000 Members in 375 Territories 16. What could a youth sports league make?Legacee LinkLeague CalculatorLeague Youth SportsLeague Players 300Legacy Membership Fee $20LEAGUE REVENUE - Membership RegistrationFIRST YearRevenueLeague Players Registered 300League Legacy Membership Revenue $10 3,000$LEAGUE REVENUE - Swipe Transaction / Cash Back RewardsCash Back Rewards Member Pool 300Membership Activation Percentage 80% 240Avg Swipe Per Membership Per Month 4 960Annual Member Swipe Transactions 11,520Avg Swipe Purchase Transaction $25 288,000$Avg Merchant Discount % 5.0% 14,400$Annual League Swipe Revenue 35% 5,040$LEAGUE REVENUE - Combined Membership Sales & Swipe Transaction / Cash Back Rewards 8,040$ 17. ALL-IN ApproachAs Legacee works tobuild the largestconsumer network inthe world, merchantswill clamor to competewith favorite nationoffers that will exhortCorporate SocialResponsibility andreward program buzzwhich will produce aconstant flow of newenrollmentsNational non-profitorganizations, churchgroups and other faith-based ministries willenroll new membersby promoting their owncause! Each time atraditional gift is madevia credit card a newLegacee member canbe established with asingle swipe/click.All types of youthsports teams, clubs,schools, colleges,alumni programs,religious groups,political groups, andsocial groups will rallytheir members andwork together to enrolltheir friends, families,neighbors and co-workers. 18. Do you want change the world?