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Chance Jr. By Chance. C hance J r. is cool H appy if I win A cts like a cool guy C ool is the word that describes him E very where I am J ail is not for him R ocks at everything. Obi Swan, Darth Tater, and D arth M ole By Chance. Obi Swan can fight Darth Tater Tot is fat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Chance Jr.By ChanceChance Jr. is coolHappy if I winActs like a cool guyCool is the word that describes himEvery where I am Jail is not for himRocks at everything

Obi Swan, Darth Tater, and Darth MoleBy ChanceObi Swan can fightDarth Tater Tot is fatDarth Mole is a mole

Chance Jr.By ChanceChance Jr. likes carrots and is a cannibal. He also loves kabooms but hates cats

Video GamesBy ChanceVideo games go beepI end up snoringDarn it. I lostEveryone loves it OMG I WONGood jobAck I lostMost cool thingEvery cool man likes it Sissys dont love it

MonstersBy ChanceMonsters are scary I dont like monsters at allWhen will monsters leave