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Slides that supported my March 22, 2012 "Speaking From Experience" talk at Champlain College in Burlington, VT


  • 1.!!Laura @Pistachio Fitton March 22, 2012

2. 1 @Pistachio WTH??2Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter33 things to STOP asking & BONUS: New Data!! 44 How are YOU Doing? 3. 1 @PistachioWTH????? 4. Laura @Pistachio FittonExcited & geeky aboutwhere all this leads!" InboundMarketingEvangelist 94,000Twitter@pistachio Founder Readers (acq. By HubSpot) 5. Laura Fitton, May 2007Homebound mom.Two kids under two.Where do I upgrade mybrowser?Whats Web 2.0?TwitterisDumb!NO businessnetwork in Boston 6. Laura Fitton hasthousands of peoplefollowing her onTwitter. byconsistently touching atribe of people withgenerosity and insight,shes earned the rightto lead-Seth Godin, Tribes 7. Founder/CEO 8. Recent Awards Pepsi Womens Inspiration Network Boston Globe Top 10 Influential Women Up& Comer WEST Leadership Award MHT Women to Watch 9. How did THAT Happen??!Photo: 10. The balance of power shiftedmere mortal 11. 2TwitterTwitterTwitterTwitter 12. T it r n t t h o g. wt is o a e n l y e c oI a o vr tnt c nes io . s aA dit h p e in n s a p n gwh r ito to .it o wh u yuC al e i h rn LeC - uh r f ou ds oa to o Gr n wellImage Credit:THEMACGIRL* 13. Global Sensing and Signaling Networ 14. The Message is the Influencer. by @JKrums 15. Any toMany 16. Influence (was)Attract attention to yourself 17. Influence (is)Provide attention & value to others 18. 33 Thingsyou NEEDto stopasking 19. DoesTwitterMatter? 20. TwitterMATTERS36%call it Important or Critical89%call Twitter at Least Somewhat Useful HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Report, 2012. 21. Are MYCustomersonTwitter? 22. 44ofa c co us mp to an% m ieer sth haro veug ah T cq wi uir tte edr.Source: hubspot, 2011 30 23. Get MoreCUSTOMERS55% of ALL B2C in Retail/Wholesale 70% have acquired newcustomers from Twitter HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Report, 2012. 24. How Can IGet MoreFollowers? 25. You dont just want a following. 33 26. You wantscreaming,raving fans 27. E h r r sm tin wr ra in o ite w e o e g ot ed g ritB n m Fa k e j in rn l a inhhdo something wr w in a o tot r g b u. h it Image Credit: lhalstead 28. 4How areYOUDoing? 29. 30. Get Found. Convert.Analyze.Prospect MarketingBloggingIntelligence AnalyticsWebsite Lead CompetitorIntelligence TrackingSocialLandingMedia PagesBlog AnalyticsEmailSEO Tools Manager AdvancedLead Marketing AnalyticsNurturing 31. Less of this.40 32. More of this.41 33. TwitterMarketingin 2 Words 34. BEUS UL EF !!!! 35. TwitterMarketingin 4 Words 36. Listen.Learn.Care.Serve. 37. Im age C re d it: F otograp h ia G u e rillaM k te utm rae h c s eothe hero o yufo rsr tyo.A nH n l n ad y eC ie C ne t f e h f o tn Of r icM rein Po aktg rfsT et b o! we Q o ee ok ut 38. Image: 39. Capitalize on Promoted Tweets1. Hit Your Followers at the Right Time2. Target Relevant Keywords3. Find People Who Resemble Your Followers4. Use Geo-Targeting for Events and Local Businesses5. Promote Offers6. Test Content and Messaging 40. Understand Your TwitterTrafficNEW Twitter website analytics will track:amount of traffic Twitter drives overallextent to which Twitter users are sharing asites contenteffectiveness of a websites Tweet buttonintegration 41. 42. learn to not be afraid of who you actually are. 43. lauras rules 1. be kind and fair toeveryone. 1. love yourself. 2. dont worry whether or not2. love others. (try radicalanyone likes you. forgiveness) 3. help people.3. gratitude for everything. 4. ask.4. hope is your only hope. (and 5. act. (get excited and fear is your only worry)share it)5. be present. 44. Marketingis a Mess. 45. HubSpotconsolidates all the best inboundmarketing methodsin one spot 46. 300+employees $65MGoogle Ventures SequoiaSalesforce.com6000+customers 47. THANK YOU Learn more today!THANK YOU YOU