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<p> 1. Ceramic Hose 2. Descriptions: Good quality high wear resistant ceramic lined rubber hose. In the newly developed ceramic hose, ceramic tips are used to eliminate a disadvantage in a conventional ceramic hoses. Ceramic hose has the circular disk shaped ceramic tip as compared with the conventional ball shaped ceramic tip and shows several times higher abrasion resistance. Ceramic Hose 3. Ceramic Hose 4. Specification: Diameter: 32mm-500mm Working pressure: 10-30 bar Working temperature: 120 centigrade Ceramic Hose 5. Features&amp;Qualities: High wear resistance Higher abrasion and corrosion resistant Accept custom made reduce the internal cost Ceramic Hose 6. Applications: It is used on dredgers of dredging project, like harbors, rivers and lakes. Steel industry, mining and mineral industry, cement and dredging industry. Ceramic Hose 7. Ceramic Hose </p>


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