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How Cepheus Group can support your customer service development strategy? Consulting and training services.


  • 1. Boost your company growth through servicesCEPHEUS GROUP SAS Trguen - 56190 MUZILLAC - FranceTel. +33 (0) 472 483 748 - Fax +33 (0) 472 483 749 Email: contact@cepheusgroup.com Guaranteed success !www.cepheusgroup.com Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 1

2. The BtoB commercial cost sales is about 15% of the productAssessmentprice. Companies often spend up to 80% of the businessdevelopment budget to earn 20% of new customers. A salemade with a new customer is nearly 7 times more expensivethan one made with existing customers. To simply transfer20% of the time from uncertain hunts to its existingcustomers would benefit to quickly gain results. A survey showed that 46% of customers leave their providerafter the first order, 24% after the second, 14% after the thirdand 12% after the fourth. We can conclude that a client is notactually acquired on the first order, but only after the thirdone... A major effort must be maintained to achieve it. Andthere are no secrets: to keep a customer we must show love tohim/her ! To do this, make sure he/she feels good to you! Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 2 3. For 70% of the SMEs: Customer service is a Necessary Evil , a cost centre Cust. Service Turnover < 5% Total TurnoverWe support large and medium companies to create, to develop and to Cost centreoptimize their customer service: To build a Real Profit Centre Cust. Serv. Turnover > 20% Total Turnover Then to upgrade to Real Customer Service Cust. Serv. Turnover > 40% Total Turnover1. Why build a real profit centre ? Loyalty tool Lever to innovate and develop new business Vector to profit growth Powerful mean for differentiation 2. From product to service approach ? Major turnover growth relay Steady turnover source Competition barrier Strongest links with customers over time Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 3 4. SAV ProfilerWhich type of customer service is yours ?What are your improvement levers ?You are asking yourselves which kind of customer service you manage ?Please come and test free of charge our profiling tool.Click on the link below and fill up the short on-line questionnaire.Link: http://tinyurl.com/cepheusgroup-savprofilerA free report will be sent back to you by email.Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 4 5. CEPHEUS Group invests exclusively in the Service dimension of thelarge and medium sizes technological & industrial companies.Added values Supporting equipment manufacturers in their transitionfrom product to solution (product + services) selling approach,in France and abroad, involves gathering competences,methodologies, experts and know-how.The daughter-companies of the group are built on this philosophy.Training centre Assessments & Consulting Edition & Publishing Field engineer networksEvents managementConfidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 5 6. The trip to theservice/solution transitionDocument confidentielConfidential document Document confidentiel Cepheus Group 2012 - 6 7. Facing the existing economical context, the competition and your ownmarket evolution, your ambition might be to: ObjectivesRaise the service quality as a major assetof your product sales Support your technical and business teams to enhance the service organization and profitability, together with the actual added value Significantly raise the company turnover made with the spare parts and labour time sales Consolidate and guarantee future revenues and profits mainly through services Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 7 8. ExcellencePerformanceLeversGrowthLOYAL & PROFITABLE CUSTOMERSConfidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 8 9. CEPHEUS Medium sizes Possible actions: Large groupes Group Audits & AssessmentsInterviews &(Detailed interviews, permanent and variable features analysis)assessmentsApproach SAVProfiler & Barometres(Instant image from each entity)Advised reports Assessed reportsAwareness & (Detailed reports, P&L assessments, preconisation for each entity, and the group if required)changemanagement Option: Improvement awareness (1 or 2 days seminars with actors, team-building to move the frontiers on )Support &Pilots & Strategy definitionstransmission (Personnel empowerment & co-construction of the solutions, for each entity)Empowerment & Training planscompetencyMethodology ConceptSAV to develop and optimize a customer serviceleverage Service culture improvement and development (Trainings for managers, technicians and other personnel - Option: Coaching, if required)Implementation Pilots methodological support(Days quantity according each entity and requirements)Support tools &Option: Publication of a multimedia supportcommunication (Best practices & company vision, book/video/ebook) Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 9 10. Result commitment: Guaranteed success !With the experience and expertise of our consultants, we can engage on thesuccess of our mission. To do this, we will implement a dedicated approachWin-winbased on a guaranteed success: the fees of the mission will depend on ourability to help you achieve your goals, validated at the end of the audit.The audit will allow us to determine with you what results to achieve in termsof percentage change in sales and profitability, on a scale of time (2-3 yearson average).If our approach and the respect of our recommendations do not achieve theobjectives, you will owe nothing. Otherwise, provided percentagescompensation will be applied.This "win-win" is our guarantee label.A single contact throughout the project, involving different group entities willbe managed by SERV & SENS. Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 10 11. Presentation of thedifferent entities ofCepheus GroupDocument confidentielConfidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 11 12. Performances amplifier Performances Step by step support towards customer service optimization and service and solution business model transition.To transform a cost centre into a profit centre is not an obvious fact.A customer service is complex and involves multiple competencies: finances,business, management, logistics and this, whatever the position ofresponsibility.There is not a unique business model applicable to any customer service, butmany hundreds of them, which always include: The constant features, common to any customer service. The variable features, which make each customer service a unique one.SERV&SENS has developed theories and working methods in order to defineand implement the right business model, and to bring you to success: Audit and assessment Organization definition, procedures and implementation Change management and team support, managers coaching Management softwares specification and selection support (ERP/CRM/Mobility) Quality process integration (ISO 9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001) Technology and strategy watch Recruitment assistance Services projects management and animation The Concept SAV methodology,A powerful tool to create, organise and develop a profit centre customer service Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 12 13. Competencies and profitability shaker CompetenciesThe performance and customer relationship training centre.A unique pedagogical approach and original offer to acquire skills andoperational methodologies (Organizational, Relational, Business,Management...), on a pre-formatted (inter) or a custom (intra) mode.The ESSENTIALS:How to transform to a profit centre (Ref. CD-01)Customer relationship management (Ref. RC-01)Technical business unit management (Ref. MS-01)Remote teams management (Ref. MD-01)How to write efficient technical documents (Ref. PP-01) I followed the training "How to develop a customer service as a profit center"organized by ServAcademy. In addition to a non-fault session, I met a trainerChristophe Picot, mastering his subject, probably due to its extensive experience inmany different customer services. It is rare to encounter a teacher and trainer alsomotivated by what he does, and knows how to pass both the motivation andknowledge for trainees. Days with him, yet extremely responsible, seem too short.But the most surprising in this training is to develop the principles and logic thatmight seem complex, via an extremely simple methodology (ConceptSAV). Insummary, we leave this training with acquired know-how that actually allows totransform an ordinary cost center into a true Customer Service with all the benefitsattached to it. And all this in a highly friendly way. Remi S., Customer Service Manager (Electronics equipment manufacturer).Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 13 14. Change acceptation, all together The professional theatre to liven up and drive, toemerge, to express and mainly, to change and evolve. AnimationsA team of consultants, certified coaches and actors to serve your internaland external communication, and to offer you "interactive ways" to createfurther human links: improvisation, co-written sketches, forum theater,seminars led, bespoke events...) .To conduct seminars, to illustrate workshopsTo implement a singular animation team (Coaching)To create a team coherence (Team Building, Team Alignment)To understand the interactions and reactions between peopleTo adopt the correct relationship position (Conflict Management)To learn to self-overcome and to develop leadershipWhat if a company is composed primarily of human beings?Human relationships do not just happen and there are many sourcesof conflict within companies and organizations.Our mission is to advance women and men in their relationships withothers, for a tenfold work efficiency. The theater techniques are afabulous tool for cohesion and expression.Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 14 15. Inspiration and progress sources and references All publications on service management (After-sales,Service Clients, Innovation, Quality) PublishingAfter-sales/Customer ServiceQuality in servicesService managementInnovation through servicesLegal and regulatoryStudies and industry trendsWhite PapersBlogsAdvertorials...In addition to providing most of the available publications on themarket, we publish our own books and multimedia supports, and wepropose to edit some publications in your colors (for example, therelationship of service technicians with clients on various knownissues: be afraid to say no to a customer, sell the image of thecompany, deadlines, contracts...). Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 15 16. Qualified field engineering providers in France and abroad Expertise in building and managing field service and technical Outsourcingservice networks. Troubleshooting & 24/7 assistanceInstallation & commissioning Hot-line & technical supportPreventive maintenanceSpare parts & securitylogistics Retrofit, transfer, upgrade, modificationWe provide you with a base of 700 skilled technical and field engineeringproviders, and with our know-how to build local support networks in allindustry sectors in France and all over the world.To build a network of field service providers and manageexternal stakeholders in the long term requires amethodological approach and a specific organization. Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 16 17. To implement aquality processDocument confidentielConfidential document Document confidentiel Cepheus Group 2012 - 17 18. ISO CertificationOur methods apply to all the services of a company tooptimize performance, to enhance team cohesion andinvolvement of staff, or to begin a process of qualitycertification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 ...).We advocate an efficient and profitable range of services, isinseparable from a quality approach.Adaptable to any business, whatever its size and industry, Being certified allows you to positionthe ISO defines the requirements for quality managementon international markets. At your organization, ISO certificationfor the implementation of products and/or services byalso allows you to assess the risk ofplacing the customer at the center of concerns.potential failure and reduce until customers or other stakeholders do not condition themselves. The cost of non-quality, with productQuality Management recalls and returns, can be quickly evaluated. Not only the financialThe quality management is generally based on the standards of the ISO 9000 impact can be dramatic, but theversion 2008. These standards are based on eight principles of management: impact in terms of negative imageCustomer orientation;and reputation can be fatal.Leadership;ISO certification allows you toInvolvement of staff;anticipate changes in your industry toProcess approach;be more competitive, to optimizeSystem approach to management; your production costs and to manageContinuous improvement;your business with confidence.Factual approach to decision making;Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers. Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 18 19. Qualified ServicePersonnel RecruitmentSupportDocument confidentiel Confidential documentDocument confidentiel Cepheus Group 2012 - 19 20. Employment noticeGenerally, what are the issues youencounter when recruiting candidates?Shortage of Ignorance of InexperienceSalary Lack ofInsufficient ForeignOthercandidatesyour industryexpectations geographical initiallanguage too high mobility training deficitConfidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 20 21. CustomerMissioninterviewCandidatesassessment researchTrial run CV analysis follow up & Pre-selectionRecruitment is carried out by a senior consultant, specialist Processin technical staff.It takes place in three phases:Finale1. The candidates application form information.Phone selection2. The facilitator presents the company and the position. interview3. In a group interview, the candidate is following the rulesspecified by the facilitator.The facilitator observes the behavior of each candidateand its interaction with other group members. EachCustomercandidate answers the questions asked by the group. Group meetingThe facilitator led him to develop, to respond to smallmeetingdestabilization...The facilitator asks participant, at the end of each meeting,to send quickly by email his summary of the meeting andhis personal response to 2 or 3 open questions about theService and the Client. Analysis & Short-list Synthesis IndividualApplication testssending ReferenceValidationresearch meetingConfidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 21 22. Educate leaders and institutions Promoting the importance of associatedservices and functionality model economy Document confidentiel Confidential document Cepheus Group 2012 - 22 23. Sharing good practices and anticipating market evolutions Cepheus Group is an active member of AFSM in France and of CFSMI in Europe.Associationwww.afsmi.fr The AFSM (Association For Services Management), a nonprofit professional association (founded in 1979 in the USA and in 1983 in France), brings together Services Management professionals from technology...