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  • NCSI: Center of Social innovation in the Netherlands

  • Social innovation: some quotesThe enhancement of labour productivity, better use of talent within organisations and enhancemant of fun at work.

    A stimulating working climate will improve workers pleasure and performance.

    If you give more voice to the workers, for example about their working time schedule, the organisations performance will improve.

  • NCSI Organisation structure 2 employers- associations 2 unions 2 universities 1 knowledge institute

    big firms . unions commercial consultants agencies universities knowledge institutes Knowledge-platformProgramm CouncilInnovation platformBoardProjectteamProjects&NetworksNCSIMP

  • Financial structureGovernment support (3 departments)Support of founding fathers (boardmembers) in money and kindContribution of members programmcouncil and knowledge platformPayed projects or assistance (consultancy)

  • NCSI Roles, activities and target groups Action center: realise projects with organisationsDemand driven start en organise projectsExperiments & monitoring Examples: bottom-up innovation, management on the base of trust, selfsceduling, employe 2.0, ICT&labour, manage flexibel labour.Aimed also at regions & branches of tradeKnowledge center: gather and spread knowledge D-base (cases, literature, surveys, labour agreements); Seminars, Courses and conferences; Knowledge groups; NCSI Academy; Trainee-programm; PublicationsFocus on intermediary groups (consultants, trainers, employers organisations and unions) Lobbying, agenda-setting, influence on politics

  • Key supporters/drivers for social innovationVisionairy management (individuals)Collective labour agreements (some, growing)Consultants& trainers (the good ones)Subsidy: ESF (?)National, such as: Innovation vouchers for branches of trade (till now: focus on technology)Innovation platform programm (yet to start)

    Willing but potential?Employers organisationsUnions


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