central europe  poland very weak government w/ little organization very weak government w/ little...

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  • Central EuropePolandVery Weak government w/ little organizationElected king with limited powerWill be ravaged by enemiesOttoman EmpireBackwards compared to Western EuropeTried to invade Vienna, but Multinational Holy League (1683) stopped them. Never tried againProblems: Sultans were corrupt, armies lacked tech. & local rule made it hard to control empireAustriaCharles VI negotiated with his family, nobles and other European leaders the Pragmatic Sanction to allow daughter, Maria Theresa, to reign

  • Habsburg Family Crest

  • Holy Roman Empire: 1750

  • Austrian Empire: 1657-1718

  • Schnbrunn Palace

  • Schnbrunn Palace

  • PrussiaHohenzollern family ruledFrederick William Great Elector Frederick I First King of PrussiaFrederick William I Soldier KingFrederick II The GreatJunkersSmall country with little resources & population, but powerful!!!!!!!!!!PRUSSIA IS AN ARMY WITH A STATE!

  • Prussian Family Crest

  • Prussia & the Austrian Empire: 1721-72

  • Frederick Williamthe Great ElectorR. 1640-1688Why did he rise to power?Leader of PrussiaWorked with Junkers so ensure they listen to himMilitary LoverNo real tax systemMost $$$ went to military

  • King Frederick I of Prussia (r.1701-1713)Formerly:Frederick III of Brandenburg(r. 1688-1701)First king of PrussiaOstentatious

  • (r.1713-1740)Soldier King

    Establishes AbsolutismBizarre affection for soldiersBuilds best Army in the world Sparta of the NorthVery effective GovernmentParticipated in the Great Northern War (1700-1721)General peace during his reign

  • Frederick the Great (r. 1740-1786)Mainly into the arts and the enlightenmentConsidered an enlightened despotHated military, but a lot of wars during his reignAttacks Austria after Charles Vi dies.starts War of Austrian Succession

  • Charles VI (r. 1711-1740)

  • Maria Theresa(r. 1740-1780)

  • Maria Theresa & Her FamilyHer Notable Children: HRE Joseph II HRE Leopold II Queen Marie Antoinette (Fr.)

  • War of the Austrian Succession

  • Results of the War of Austrian SuccessionUK & Austria vs. Spain, France and PrussiaTwo phases of the warAt the end. Treaty of Aix-la-ChapelleStatus QuoSilesia is given to PrussiaGerman dualism

  • RussiaVery backwards, compared to Western EuropeIvan III & IV drove out Mongols with help of streltsyHad harsh rule for serfdomOrthodox church opposed social and religious change

  • Peter the GreatWanted to westernize RussiaToured western Europe after becoming tsar, but returned due to streltsy and boyars were rebellingLoved technology, science, and industryCreated schools, hospitals, the Academy of Science and first navy and modern armyWas ruthless and brutalCreated a tax system to pay for reformsOutlawed beards and typical Russian clothing

  • Peter the GreatTable of Ranks can raise social status if contribute to stateGreat Northern War defeated Swedes to control Baltic SeaTreaty of Nystadt gained land on the Baltic to build St. PetersburgReforms helped upper class mainly.Russia became a world power, but still behind western Europe.

  • Europe in 1740


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