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  • Center ViewVolume 21 | Number 1 TevetNisan 5775 JanuaryMarch 2015

    ENDURANCE SPORTS PROGRAMS GROW AT THE J ......................................... 1 LETTER FROM THE CEO ............................ 2 TEAM MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: SUSAN FRANK ........................................... 3 BSGHETTI BASH WAS A SMASH............ 4 STARS OF GIVING, DONOR PROFILE .... 5 PURIM: A TIME FOR CELEBRATION ...... 5

    TRIBUTES ...................................................... 6BEAT CANCER BOOT CAMP .................... 7 SUMMER CAMP GEARING UP! ............... 8 TU BSHEVAT ................................................ 9ELDER REHAB ............................................ 10YOUTH FITNESS CLASSES...................... 10 2015 TUCSON INTERNATIONAL JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL ........................................ 11

    The Tucson Jewish Community Center is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and is a member of the Jewish Community Centers Association of North America. Center View is published four times annually by the Tucson Jewish Community Center.


    JCC Kids Tri Training begins with two 6-week sessions contracted with Excel Tri-Coaching JCC/TMC Girls on the Run begins JCC Endurance Sports Elite Coaching for members and non-members offered through our personal training professionals

    2. JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH JCC/TMC three free trainings that start at the JCC for Bike/Run/Swim open to the public

    3. FEBRUARY JCC/Challenged Athletes Foundation Fundraiser Consider Yourself Challenged will connect with local endurance sports professionals and star athletes to raise funds for CAF

    4. MARCH, APRIL Excel Tri Coaching will host two Triathlon camps, co-sponsored by Tri-Sports

    5. APRIL TMC/JCC Tucson Family Tri Fun for the Whole Family Registration now open, visit for details

    6. AUGUST JCC/USAT-Sanctioned Splash and Dash Regional Participants National Exposure Kids only USAT Sanctioned

    7. NOVEMBER Discover Wellness Festival

    8. YEAR ROUND JCC Stingrays Swim Team, nationally ranked with a waiting list

    The following is a sneak preview of Sports & Fitness in 2015:


    Triathlon for the whole family: April 19! See you there!

    T ucson is considered the winter training destination locally, regionally and nationally by amateur and professional athletes that live and or travel here to train.With the renovation of the new Fitness and Wellness Center the timing is perfect for the Tucson J to incorporate a host of programs for endurance sports training for adults and kids. Starting with the Kids Tri Training in January, the Consider Yourself Challenged, Challenged Athletes Foundation Fundraiser (CAF) in February, the Excel Tri-Coaching in March/ April and the TMC/Tucson J Family Triathalon in April, the Tucson J will be the place to train to meet your personal fitness goals. We are thrilled to announce that the Tucson J will be the host of the first JCC/USAT Splash and Dash in August. One of only 50 locations in the country, the only location in the southwest and the only JCC to host this nationally recognized event, the Splash and Dash introduces kids to the sport of Triathlon through a swim- and run-only competition.

  • 2 January 2015 | Center View

    Welcome & Shalom! The Tucson J is pleased to welcome the following new members!






    Letter from the CEO

    Todd Rockoff President & CEO

    Please feel free to contact me at 2991904 or

    Annie Adams, Leslie Alber, Deborah Baker, Melvin Bankhead, Jesse Bechtold, Sara Bechtold, Christopher Beck, David Becker, JoAnn Becker, Barbara Bereskin, Robert Bereskin, Kevin Bernstein, Alexandra Block, Elinor Brecher, Elizabeth Brown, Michael Brown, Sylvia Brown, Bryce Burke, Richard Burns, David Cerasale, Jennifer Chaskavich, Sonja Ciasca, Debra Colodner, Kevin Concannon, Sarah Concannon, Rachel Crawford, Johanna Czamansky Cohen, Raymond Dakos, Angela DiFuccia, Mary Rose Durkin, Blanca Elson, James Elson, Emily Falkner, Lisa Farnsworth, Tim Ferlan, Hope Figueroa, Karen Flanigan, Margaret Flint, LaShuna Garcia, Rafael Sr Garcia, Elaine Geffen, Diana Genardini, Roger Gerard, Brandy Golden, Brandon Goldstein, Helga Gordon, Kendra Green, Stephan Guenot, Rebecca Hale, Robert Hanshaw, James Hardman, Paul Hawkins, Amy Hawthorne, Todd Hawthorne, Anyta Hicks-Williams, Dawn Higginson, Sara Hill, Karen Hindle, Todd Hollander, Patty Hovda, Claire Howell, Debra Huffman, Beverly Hurwitz, Robert Hurwitz, Valerie Jackson, Samira Jean-Louis, Margaret Johnson, Phillip Johnson, Michael Kanefsky, Ruth Kanefsky, Dahoon Kim, Kayla King, Kristin King, Miriam Klinger, Stefan Klinger, Billie Kozolchyk, Andrew Kraft, Sara Krusenstjerna, Akshay Kulkarni, Prachi Kulkarni, Kathleen

    Lally, Carol Lang, Sally Lanyon, Victoria Lanz, Ashley Levy, Peter Licavoli, Elise Lopez, Michael Mazel, Juliet McKenna, Pamela McKenzie, Sean McKenzie, Jason Mendivil, Florence Miller, Kathleen Miller, Caron Mitchell, Casey Moore, Mary Moore, Joshua Mussman, Arthur Naiman, Peter Nichols, Charlene Nugent, Anna Ochoa-Wons, Patrick OHagin, Julian Parnaby, Ori Parnaby, Kathleen Patterson, Meryl Pearl-Shelko, Andriy Pekhnyk, Bozhena Pekhnyk, Ricardo Pereyda, Tere Pinati, Alena Prchal, Peter Reiners, Barbara Restin, Sandra Rollin, Michael Sarabia, Erin Scala, Joel Schwindt, Sara Schwindt, Cisilee Shaffer, Zachary Shaffer, Ian Silverstein, Jeff Silverstein, Heather Steel, Evan Steinberg, Corinne Steiner, Mark Stevens, Jeffrey Supp, Rebecca Supp, Susan Supp, Kendra Surmitis, Kathryn Sutherland, Allison Swanson, Graham Swanson, Alexander Sweers, James Swiniuch, Kerri Swiniuch, Matt Szady, Patricia Turney, Bill Tylutki, Iskra Uzunova, Adelaide Valentine, Robert Valentine, Peter Vallone, Gilbert Villanes, Troy Watson, Eric Weiss, Grace Weiss, Christopher Wiegand, Stephanie Wiegand, Gavin Wiggins, Jennifer Wiggins, Sondra Wikman, Kyle Williams, Steven Wool, Bin Zhang, Zheng Yu Zhang


    Happy New Year! As the calendar turns to 2015 I am filled with excitement and optimism about what lies ahead at the J! Each New Year brings the opportunity for a new beginning; that cannot be truer than this year. We have just completed the renovation to our fitness center and locker room area. The building of the facility was not the end rather a new beginning of exciting new programs and endless possibility. Over the past year we have gone through a re-branding at the J. The new JCC brand expresses a high standard and presents the J as a flexible operation that meets each customer on his or her own terms. Most importantly, it presents the J as a Jewish environment where our commitment to Jewish Living transcends differences between us to create a positive atmosphere where anything can happen. Its a place where we can all live up to our goals, live up to our dreams, and live up to our aspirations small or large.

    Our J is like a tent, open on all four sides; we actively welcome people from all backgrounds to come and participate and be a part of the community at the J. Our tradition teaches that we should not look at the Jug, rather to look at what is inside. Take the time to look through this edition of Center View and on our newly redesigned website to see all of the wonderful programs and services that we are offering at the J and call and sign up today. If you do not see something that you are looking for, please call us and let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Lastly, take the time to get involved; we are always looking for your input and suggestions.

  • January 2015 | Center View 3

    Welcome New Staff

    From new leadership, to new classes, leagues and wellness activities, the transformation of the Tucson Js Sports and Wellness Department culminates with the newly renovated Wellness facility. As Director of Health and Wellness, I would like to thank all members that have persevered through the construction and changes to the wellness program schedule over these many months. Your support and patience is truly appreciated. Save the date! March 29 is the open house FREE Day at the J! We want to open the doors to the community and show off our state-of-the art new Fitness and Wellness Center. Many of you that have utilized the facility through the remodel now see the dream realized!

    Luke Avants, my partner in the leadership of this new facility, is the Director of Sports and Recreation. As a team, Luke and I work hand in hand to improve and expand current programs, and weve been very busy. A new fitness schedule debuts in January, and keeps many of your favorite classes while introducing new ones. Visit the website to see the new schedule or come by and pick one up and we will give you a tour! Grounded in Jewish Values with an eye on the future, the new Tucson J will lead the way with innovation and commitment to the highest quality wellness programs for maximum community benefit. Again, thank you for your endurance. Spread the word to your friends about the new J! Susan Frank





    MICHAEL GADARIAN CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICERMichael grew up in Tucson, but when it was time to go to college, Texas beckoned and he spent 5 years in San Antonio. After graduation he honed his accounting a