Celebrity Chef Jason Roberts Introduces Four New Meal Replacement Shake Recipes for BODYKEY by NUTRILITE(TM).

Download Celebrity Chef Jason Roberts Introduces Four New Meal Replacement Shake Recipes for BODYKEY by NUTRILITE(TM).

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  • Celebrity Chef Jason Roberts Introduces Four New MealReplacement Shake Recipes for BODYKEY byNUTRILITE(TM).

    ADA, Mich., July 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The BODYKEY by NUTRILITE (TM) brand today introducednew BODYKEY (TM) Meal Replacement Shake recipes as part of its new personalized weightmanagement program. BODYKEY by NUTRILITE brand ambassador and celebrity chef Jason Robertsselected a mix of vegetables, fruits, tea, and seeds to create four low-calorie shakes:

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    * Banana Cucumber Breeze - banana, cucumber,green tea and chia seeds blended with aBODYKEY vanilla shake with stevia Noun 1.stevia - any plant of the genus Stevia or theclosely related genus Piqueria having glutinousfoliage and white or purplish flowers; Centraland South America

    genus Stevia - genus of shrubs and herbs oftropical and warmhttp://www.theinsaneworkoutreview.com/shakeology-cleanse-and-review Americas .

    * Chocolate Raspberry Refreshment - a BODYKEY chocolate shake with stevia combined withraspberries, cocoa nibs.

    * Peach Delight - mixture of peaches, kale kale, borecole (br`k?l), and collards, commonnames for nonheading, hardy types of cabbage (var. and a BODYKEY vanilla shake with stevia.

    * Banana Supreme - banana and chia seeds mixed with a BODYKEY chocolate shake with stevia.

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    BODYKEY Meal Replacement Shakes are available in chocolate and vanilla and with and withoutstevia, a zero calorie natural sweetener. They are gluten free and provide 22 vitamins and minerals.

    Exclusively from Amway, BODYKEY by NUTRILITE (TM) is a new weight management programrooted in genetics that reveals exactly how a person should eat to most effectively manage theirweight. The program combines eating well, fitness, nutrition and a take-at-home genetic test todetermine if a person's body responds better to cutting carbs, reducing fat or a balanced diet

  • balanced diet


    A diet that furnishes in proper proportions all of the nutrients necessary for adequate nutrition.

    balanced diet .

    For more information, visit amway.com/bodykey.

    About Nutrilite NUTRILITE, exclusively from Amway, is the world's No. 1 sellinghttp://www.theinsaneworkoutreview.com/shakeology-cleanse-and-review vitamins and dietarysupplements brand.* With more than 75 years of history, science and innovation, it's the only globalvitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on its own certified organic farms*in Washington, Mexico, and Brazil.

    *Source Euromonitor International Limited.www.euromonitor.com/amway-claims

    About Amway Amway is one of the world's largest direct selling businesses. Alticor Inc., parentcompany of Amway, reported global sales of USD USD

    In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the U.S. Dollar.


    The currency market, also known as the Foreign Exchange market, is the largest financial market inthe world, with a daily average volume of over US $1 trillion. $11.3 billion in 2012. Founded in1959 by entrepreneurs Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel Jay Van Andel, (b. June 3 1924 - d. December4 2004) was an American businessman best-known as co-founder of the Amway Corporation; he wasborn in Grand Rapids, Michigan. , and based in Ada, Michigan, U.S., Amway offers consumerproducts and business opportunities through a network of more than 3 million distributors in morethan 100 countries and territories worldwide. Top-selling brands for Amway are NUTRILITE vitamin,mineral and dietary supplements and ARTISTRY skincare and cosmetics.

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