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  • 1. CREATIVITY ANDINTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY FORLIFELONG LEARNINGCenter for Distance Learning April 2011 Carol YeagerSUNY/Empire State College

2. Future Shock ... A. TofflerThe illiterate of the 21st century will notbe those who cannot read and write, it willbe those who cannot learn, unlearn andrelearn. How do we build a community of global learners for thepurpose of connecting and engaging people incollaborative lifelong learning? Creativity and creative problem solving are building blocks for sustaining lifelong learning and having fun in the process. If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with others ... African proverb 3. 4. Learn, Unlearn and RelearnThink Different Voicethread 5. Wikieducator 6. "Creativity is the type of learning process wherethe teacher and pupil are located in the sameindividual" ... Arthur KoestlerWHY ?IT4ALL 7. Blogging for Reflective LearningMoodle Musings 8. Creative (Re)LearningWhat do we need to know ? How can we communicate? 9. Creative Learning with Web2.0 and Beyond ... 10. Creative Problem Solving Carol Yeager 11. Creative Learning with Web2.0 and Beyond ... Beyond Bloom 12. Personal LearningEnvironment/Network ofPLENKKnowledge 13. PLE 14. Jessica McElvaneyZane Berge 15. Stephen Downes George Siemens 16. Elluminate in PLENK2010 17. 18. Presenting ... Second Life as aLearning Community Introducing ... Second LifeSecond Life Conversations and Collaborations 19. CreativeConnections for Lifelong LearningLink to CC4LL 20. CCK11 A MOOC on Connectivist Learning Theoryand Application: George Siemens and Stephen Downes Reection on CCK11 21. MOOClive 22. CCK11 FaceBook 23. MobiMOOC 24. Empire State College Opportunities andChoices Where do we go now and how do wedevelop the resources for the SUNY/ OERGlobal footprint? 25. SUNY/Empire State Collegejoining as a founding member 26. TED-ED Brain Trust 27. ESC/CDL MOOC coming soon: CMC1I 28. CMC11Creativity and Multicultural CommunicationIncreasingly, the challenges we face are complex and open-ended andgreater understanding of creative problem solving is needed.Knowledge alone is not enough to reach innovative and effectivesolutions and more creative thinking skills are needed. In addition, theconnected world needs to be acknowledged as the new learningenvironment.Students and mentors will interact through web-based and mobile-based research, practical implementation assignments and web 2.0activities designed around creative problem solving challenges in amulticultural environment. Connectivist theory will be used as a guidefor navigating our networked world. Approaches to creativity will beapplied to student-generated challenges. Students and mentors willstrive to improve their creativity and communication skills throughoutthe term.