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  1. 1. Project Prioritization Process Prioritize your organizations projects to effectively focus resources where theyll count 1
  2. 2. Big Picture Thinking: Focus and Cost Savings Combined CCI offers an opportunity to focus your organizations resources on only those initiatives that matter most, reducing your organizations costs in the process From this short, cost-limited engagement you will gain: Consensus among stakeholders on your current environment,including key business goals and your current project portfolio Insight into how current and planned projects contribute to criticalbusiness success Endorsement of a rationalized project queue that enables you tofocus on the most important initiatives and avoid unnecessary costs Commitment among key leaders and stakeholders acrossorganizational boundaries on the path forward 2
  3. 3. What You GetThe ExperienceThe Deliverables Facilitation neutral, experienced A diagnosis summary An overview of theconsultants guide your stakeholders As Is landscape of project initiatives andtoward shared insight into your current business driverscurrent environment A Portfolio Prioritization Matrix - An Partnership unbiased participationinventory of your projects, set against yourfosters open discussion among key organizations short- and long-term strategic,resources and stakeholders. financial, and tactical goals, including gapsand overlaps Expertise focused analysis of your A Portfolio Phasing Map A prioritizedproject portfolio employs toolssynthesized from over 35 years of mapping of your organizations initiativesproject experiencederived from working sessions with keyconstituents Value well-vetted action plan A Recommended Path Forward Vettedenabling your leadership tosuccessfully focus on a short list of recommendations on portfolio phasing, gaps,critical initiatives and defer projects cost avoidance opportunities, and next steps,that can wait.including reusable tools for future analysisand planning You Will Experience Immediate Impact with CCI on Your Team 3
  4. 4. What We DoWeek 0 Week 1Week 2 Week 3Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 TimingDiscovery Analysis Delivery1. Discovery:4. Planning:2. Synthesis: 3. Prioritization: Understand currentDrive toward Analyze projectDetermineKeyenvironment, goals and commitment to portfolio against priorities & phasingStepsproject portfoliorecommended key criteriain partnership withaction plankey stakeholders Engaging with your key leaders Working with constituents to Citing areas of Deliveringand stakeholders to understandidentify prioritization criteriaagreement/disagreement recommendations for topyour organizations current state Providing a synthesized view of among key constituents priority projects, and nextwhat weve learned, including Working with constituents toand future goals.steps in the decision- Collecting and analyzing salient making processan overview of your current rank projects according to Delivering findings,data, including org charts, environment, key risks, nearidentified criteriaKey budgets, project lists, businessterm goals, long term vision prioritized project listing,Activities Assembling a comprehensivecases, etc.analysis tool kits, and recommendationslist of projects underway,planned, and envisioned for thefuture, with key business casedata, as available Portfolio Prioritization working Key Meetings Stakeholder InterviewsInitial Findings workshopEnd presentationsessionsDeliverables Diagnosis Summary Portfolio Prioritization Matrix Portfolio Phasing MapRecommended path forward Common endorsement aboutConsensus among stakeholdersObjective insight into relativeShared commitment forthe critical few initiatives and theOutcome on As Is status value of the project portfolio the way forwardinitiatives to be deferred 4
  5. 5. Overview of Key DeliverablesDeliverableDescription Diagnosis Summary Shows initial assessment of As Is landscape, including key issues to be analyzed, and potential scoping options Summarizes stakeholder near-team goals and challenges Summarizes stakeholder priorities and expectations from the project portfolio and what the project portfolio plans to deliver in reality Portfolio Prioritization Matrix Consolidates and values priority ranking criteria Identifies key project initiatives that meet critical business needs as well as gaps and overlaps Identifies project initiatives that are not driven by critical business needs Portfolio Phasing Map Shows tentative phasing based upon business drivers Used as discussion document for key constituents to openly discuss priorities and cost savings opportunities Recommended Path ForwardSummarizes key findings, gaps identified, business-critical project initiatives, cost avoidance opportunities, portfolio roadmap, and recommended actions to re-prioritize the project portfolio Includes re-useable tools for future analysis and planning 5
  6. 6. Why Cliff Consulting? CCI consultants will facilitate the conversation to bring together disparate opinions in open dialogue and find common ground on the way forward CCI has a proven track record in reprioritization of its clients project portfolios, achieving Significant cost avoidance and cost reduction in the near term A focus on critical business needs for the long term CCI consultants partner with their clients in achieving results, empowering their clients to re-use the process themselves CCI consultants have an average of 15 years experience in similar projects, supported by a firm with over 35 years of delivering high value services to a broad range of organizations6
  7. 7. Were Here to Help For further information, please contact us!info@cliffconsulting.net510-530-7751 7


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