cce - certifying the profession cce certification process the five steps step 2 - essays purpose: to

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  • CCE - Certifying the Profession Wednesday, October 10, 2018

  • Introductions

    Linda Rabe, CCE, IOM, President & CEO

    Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce

    CCE Commission Chair

    Matt McCormick, CCE, IOM, President

    Columbia Chamber of Commerce

    CCE Commission Chair-Elect

    Crystal Moore, CAE

    ACCE Vice President, Professional Development &


  • This session will cover

    • What

    • Why

    • Who

    • When

    • How

  • The CCE Certification Process:

    The Purpose

    A CCE designation represents the highest achievement in the

    chamber management profession.

    • A mastery of the chamber profession Body of


    • Commitment to the chamber profession

    • Dedication to managerial excellence

    • Leadership within the community and the chamber


  • Why Get Your CCE ? • Test your own knowledge and skills

    • Elevate your personal and professional status

    • Connect with peers committed to chamber excellence

  • Why Get Your CCE ?

    • A visible mark of excellence in the chamber profession

    • Increase credibility with your peers, members, board and community

    • Advance your career and compensation

    • Raise the standards of the chamber profession

  • Who Qualifies?

    • Six years of senior-level management at a chamber

    • Some of this experience (up to 4 years) may be satisfied by senior-

    level experience. The commission chair makes case-by-case

    decisions on CCE eligibility.

    • Minimum of 175 professional development points

    • Applicants must be currently employed in chamber

    • Chamber does regular yearly financial reviews (for at least the

    last 3 years)

    • Can provide 2 most recent years’ financial reviews for the

    chamber, including 1 year of audited statements

    • Chambers with revenue $500,000+

    • Conduct an annual review by a certified financial firm

    • Conduct an audit every other year

    • Chambers with revenue under $500,000

    • Conduct an annual review by a certified financial firm

    • Conduct an audit every three years

  • When to Apply

    • When you meet the requirements – 175 points

    • When you can present on a significant chamber project or initiative in which you had a major role

    • When you can focus on preparation

    • When your chamber has completed the necessary financial review and audit requirements

    2019 DEADLINE: January 7, 2019

  • CCE Certification Process

    The Five Steps

    1. Application

    2. Essays

    3. Oral Presentation/Interview

    4. Exam

    5. Maintenance

  • CCE Certification Process

    The Five Steps

    Step One – The Application

    ✓Application – with 175 activity points

    ✓Supporting documentation

    ✓Available at

  • CCE Application Guidelines Available at

  • How to earn points See

    • Education

    ✓ Associate, bachelor’s, graduate degrees or courses –

    range 3 – 30 points each

    • Continuing Education

    ✓ ACCE Conventions – 5 pts

    ✓ State or regional conferences – 3 pts

    ✓ ACCE conferences or eCourses – 3 pts

    ✓ Webinars – 1 pt

    ✓ Institute – 7 pts/year

  • How to earn points

    • Professional Contributions – 5 pts each

    ✓ Presenter or author

    ✓ ACCE Mentor

    • Leadership: Chamber or community organizations – range 2 – 20 points each

    • Awards – 3 pts each

    ✓ Awards or honors

    ✓ Other designations

  • Where are my ACCE points?

    • Log into the ACCE website

  • Where are my ACCE points?

    • And then on “My ACCE Activity”

    • Click on “My Account”

  • Where are my ACCE points?

    • Click on “My Membership”

  • Where are my ACCE points?

    • To see your ACCE activity report:

  • Application:

    Supporting Documents

    ➢ Financial reviews for last 2 years, including 1 year of audited reviews

    ➢ Annual budget, strategic plan, business plan, and annual report for 2 most recent years

    ➢ Position description

    ➢ Chamber organizational chart

    ➢ Personnel manual

    ➢ Resume & five references, including one CCE

    ➢ For details, see

  • Completed Applications

    • Applications and supporting materials may be

    submitted electronically on

    • Application fee of $400 (ACCE members) also


    • All due on January 7, 2019

  • CCE Certification Process

    The Five Steps

    Step 2 - Essays Purpose: to evaluate the candidate’s written communication


    • Essay 1 – on a recent, significant project of your chamber,

    demonstrating your professional skill, experience, and

    leadership ability.

    ✓ Essay topics will be approved by the Commission. If you

    have questions as you consider the right topic, please reach

    out to ACCE staff (, members of the

    Commission, or your CCE mentor.

    • Essay 2 – on your Chamber’s financial procedures

    • Both essays 2 pages

    • Essays are due on February 11, 2019

  • CCE Certification Process

    The Five Steps

    Step 3 – Oral Presentation/Interview Purpose: To evaluate candidate’s mastery of career benchmarks

    identified in the Body of Knowledge

    • Presentation & interview with CCE commissioner panel

    • Presentation on essay topic

    • Interview on commitment to the chamber profession, knowledge of community, professional expertise, Body of Knowledge

    • Oral presentations/interviews will be March 19-20 2019 in Alexandria, VA

  • CCE Application Process

    The Five Steps Step 4 – Exam Purpose: Written exam to evaluate candidate’s in-depth knowledge

    of chamber operations as highlighted in the chamber profession Body of Knowledge.

    • On the chamber profession Body of Knowledge

    • Recommended Reading List “MUST READ”

    • Multiple choice & short answer

    • Taken at a local CCE’s chamber

    • Given 4 hours to complete

    • Must pass to receive the designation

    • Exams administered May 6 – June 7, 2019

  • Body of Knowledge

  • CCE Certification Process

    The Five Steps

    Step 5 - Maintenance Purpose: Maintenance of current, professional experience and

    knowledge of profession and support for chamber executive peers.

    • Designation fee of $200 due after exam

    • To maintain the CCE designation, a CCE must accumulate a minimum of 15 points earned via professional development or professional excellence over each five-year designation period.

    • Maintenance fee is $250 (every 5 years) for ACCE members

  • Are You READY??

    • Resources:

    ✓ ACCE website

  • From any page of site Click on Professional Development

  • And then on

    Certified Chamber Executive

  • For CCE Timeline

  • CCE Timeline – 2019 Class

  • Are You READY??

    • Resources:

    ✓ACCE Website

    ✓CCE Commissioners

  • 2018-2019 CCE Commission

    • Chair: Linda Rabe, CCE, IOM, President & CEO, Rapid City Area

    Chamber of Commerce (S.D.)

    • Chair Elect: Matt McCormick, CCE, President, Columbia Chamber

    of Commerce (Mo.)

    • Past Chair: Robert L. Quick, CCE, President and CEO, Commerce

    Lexington Inc. (Ky.)

    • Tammy J. Carnrike, CCE, Chief Operating Officer, Detroit

    Regional Chamber

    • Doris Carson Williams, President & CEO, African American

    Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania

  • 2018-2019 CCE Commission

    • Kelly R. Hall, CCE, IOM, President, Longview Chamber of

    Commerce (Texas)

    • Rebecca Martin, CCE, IOM, MA, President & CEO, Greater

    Federal Way Chamber of Commerce (Wash.)

    • Troy McClellan, CCE, President and CEO, Boca Raton Chamber

    of Commerce (Fla.)

    • Norma Ritz Johnson, CCE, IOM, Executive Vice President,

    Lubbock Chamber of Commerce (Texas)

  • 2018-2019 CCE Commission

    • Todd L. Shimkus, CCE, President, Saratoga County Chamber of

    Commerce (N.Y.)

    • Elaine Spalding, CCE, President, Rowan County Chamber of

    Commerce (N.C.)

    • Vern Squier, CCE, PaCCE, President & CEO, Chamber of Business

    and Industry of Centre County (Pa.)

    • Joe Unterreiner, CCE, President & CEO, Kalispell


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