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<ul><li> 1. CBIZ Corporate reCovery servICes </li> <li> 2. Corporate reCovery servICesWhen companies are in financial difficulty, thorough investigative analysis byexperienced and knowledgeable financial specialists is essential for theevaluation of how best to optimize the situation.these experts assess: the viability or troubled companies, ranging from The CBIZ Differenceof the company, its operations, its small, family-owned businesses to n our clients business is ourmanagement, its projections; the large international corporations. business, and we take a proactiveadequacy of collateral protection; the approach to client service.companys ability to ser vice debt; its CBIZ understands that each party-in- n We have a dedicated group ofliquidation value; the existence of interest requires special handling of its experienced professionals devotedhidden under valued assets; whether particular needs and issues. Most of strictly to bankruptcy, insolvencyto reorganize or liquidate; and our professionals have over ten years and restructuring situations.alternative strategies to maximize of experience in their respective areas n CBIZ combines the resources andvalue and limit risk. of expertise with competencies tailor- expertise of a national firm with made to the challenges our clients the personal, responsive serviceCBIZ Corporate recovery services face. they have represented debtors, that clients deserve.comprises a team of professionals equity holders and creditors of all n engagements are staffed withwith specific expertise in the classes in both in-court and out-of- senior-level professionals whobankruptcy and creditors rights court workouts and restructurings. are available to service clientsarena. our professionals are experts at a moments notice bothin assisting creditors, debtors and domestically and internationally.other parties-in-interest in bankrupt </li> <li> 3. Our Experienced Professionals our team will meet with the debtor records that are difficult to locate orin Action and provide an initial, detailed where there has been a history of analysis for the Creditors Committee dishonesty or impropriety. In thesethe following describes our Corporate regarding the history and ultimate situations, we locate and securerecovery services clients and the cause of the financial collapse of the existing records, provide detailedchallenges they face and explains how debtor-in-possession. this exhaustive monitoring of all transactions and,our knowledgeable professionals can investigation uncovers all potentially where necessary, prepare for andhelp them determine the best course sensitive transactions, including those attend depositions of parties toof action. which may ultimately be litigated. potential frauds.Debtor-in-Possession Secured/Institutional/ We assist trustees in the assetWe provide troubled companies Subordinated Creditors recovery process, including locatingand debtors-in-possession with our professionals evaluate the undisclosed bank accounts; liquidatingbankruptcy consulting and assist assumptions of management forecasts outdated or disregarded inventory;them through most of the complex with the goal of protecting creditors and sale of properties, jewelry orissues surrounding bankruptcy interests within their entitlement. We other valuables. once assets arecompliance activities. our experienced develop strategies to help our clients available for distribution, our databaseprofessionals assist in prioritizing minimize the risk of further collateral professionals provide distributionkey areas requiring immediate erosion, thereby diminishing any services to ensure efficient, accurateaction. Many times this includes unnecessary exposure. and cost-effective payments tofacilitating communications with creditors.creditors to ensure an uninterrupted Trustees (Chapter 7,flow of operations, identifying areas Chapter 11 &amp; Liquidating) Other Parties-in-Interestof compliance and developing We assist trustees in the admin- We help all parties-in-interest identifyworkout plans. We will also assist istration of estates, providing their rights and prepare claims.in preparing financial statements, investigative services and financialtax returns, projections, liquidation and reporting compliance, includinganalyses, operating reports and other operating reports, tax filings and claimbankruptcy-related materials. reconciliation expertise.Creditors Committees We have extensive experienceour services assist both the with Chapter 7 situations in whichexperienced and novice members liquidated companies may haveof Creditors Committees, includingmonitoring debtors activities,assisting in the fulfillment of theCreditors Committees fiduciaryresponsibilities and identifying waysto maximize returns to creditors. Weidentify the committees rights andassist in protecting them. </li> <li> 4. Corporate reCovery servICes Comprehensive Range of Services Bankruptcy Services CBIZ provides advisory services to official and unofficial creditor committees, equity holders, debtors, shareholders, secured lenders and other parties of interest. our experienced professionals work in small teams to assist clients through the complexities of bankruptcy. Financial Advisory Services our experienced professionals understand the troubled business environment and know how to make things happen from reorganizing a business to better service its clients growing needs to assisting companies on the brink of bankruptcy with complex financial and tax issues. planning and strategizing with our focused professionals allows our clients to fully review their position and identify solutions that make sense for everyone involved. Performance Improvement Services our performance improvement services provide opportunities for company management and shareholders to improve many aspects of their business in order to align company performance with strategic and financial goals. We can work with management in providing solutions to a vast array of issues from recapitalizing the company to improving margins by concentrating on work flow process, distribution and corporate overhead. We can tailor a specific approach to enhance the value of the company and work toward implementing a plan to enhance the future value of the company. </li> <li> 5. Turnaround &amp; Restructuring Valuation Services the opponents positions. What resultsAdvisory Services CBIZ provides financial analyses are fresh insights that reinforce theCBIZ can provide immediate and valuations of business interests case and translation of sophisticatedassistance to companies in distress. for a wide variety of planning and issues and principles into clearour services include an array of transactional applications. our mission concepts.strategic alternatives to help right-size is to provide the highest qualityinfrastructure, improve working capital valuation studies that can withstand Trustee Servicesmanagement, sell non-core assets or the scrutiny of tax authorities, potential Many of our professionals either are orbusiness units and recapitalize the adversaries, lenders and investors. have been court trustees, receiverscompany. We also assist companies or administrators, so they understandwith performance improvement, due Forensic Accounting &amp; the responsibilities that need to bediligence and merger integration. our Litigation Support fulfilled from marshalling assets andextensive experience representing our highly-trained professionals are developing business plans to preparingsecured and unsecured creditors, specialists in forensic accounting court required filings and tax returns.companies and debtors-in-possession, and litigation support. they have the our teams advise and assist clientsequity holders and third-party investigative expertise and analytical from start to finish, ensuring that thepurchasers enables us to arrive at skills needed to decipher complicated maximum recovery of assets has beenmutually agreeable solutions in an financial data and provide an objective corralled and ultimately distributed toexpeditious manner. assessment of both the clients and claimants. </li> <li> 6. Corporate reCovery servICes Industry Credentials &amp; Expertise CBIZ Corporate recovery professionals have extensive expertise in the following industries: n apparel &amp; textile n Manufacturing n Distribution n Import/export n transportation n retail n service &amp; Hospitality n printing &amp; publishing n advertising </li> <li> 7. Summary of Our Services Performance Improvement Services Forensic Accounting n Working capital management n Conduct fraud investigationsBankruptcy Services n Cost structure/overhead analysis n review fraudulent transfers and n schedule preparation n Industry and competitor conveyances n analyze both pre- and post-petition opportunity analysis n address insider and employee operations n Gross margin/profitability analysis activities n Liquidation analysis, preparation n Financial modeling/cash flow n Financial statement reconstruction and review projections n Crisis management n strategic plan development Litigation Support Services n preference searches and n Interim management and n Insolvency analysis investigations execution n expert testimony n Development/review of n plan implementation and n acquisition reviews organizational plans monitoring n Forensic determination of n Development of reorganization economic damages alternatives Turnaround &amp; Restructuring n assessment of manage...</li></ul>