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cattle types, breeds, their economic traits, importance, photoes


<ul><li><p>Classification of cattle breedsAlok Bharti**Cattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>INDIAN DAIRY CATTLE FACTSRecognized Cattle breeds are 28Generally they are called as Zebu, Brahma and NandiNoble Characteristics: High potency for draft powerCapacity to sustain on agril. WorkResistant to tropical diseasesAbility to withstand higher temperaturesCapacity to utilize sparse and coarse roughages*Cattle Breeds*</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Cattle BreedsCLASSIFICATION OF CATTLE BREEDS</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**</p></li><li><p>I Group; Lyre hornedEx: Malvi, Tharparkar, Kenkatha, Kherigarh, Kankrej, Nagore</p><p>II group; Short hornedEx: Ongole, Hariana, Rathi, Gaolao, Mewati, Krishnavalley, Nagauri, Bachaur</p><p>III Group; Gir typeEx: Red SindhiSahiwal,Gir, Deoni</p><p>IV Group; Mysore typeEx: Amritmahal, Alambadi, Hallikar, Khillari, Kangayam, Bargur</p><p>V Group; Hill typeEx: Nimari, Ponwar, Siri, Dangi</p><p>VI Group; Ex: Dhanni</p><p>Based on Phenotype**Cattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Cattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Red SindhiBreed local names Malir, Sindhi &amp; Red KarachiLocation Karachi &amp; Hyderabad districts of PakistanUses Milk Breed colour They are rich red colored, Males are darker than females and when mature, may be almost black on the extremities, such as the head, feet and tail. . t</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>PERFORMANCE8 April 2009cattle breeds8</p><p>MinAvgMaxParturition interval (day, avg)443380550Age at first parturition (month) 443252Age of breeding animals (avg, month)22 Birth weight (kg) 21Milk yield per lactation (kg)160818402089Lactation length (day)260296330Milk fat (%)4.5</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**SahiwalBreed local names Lola, Montgomery, Teli &amp; Multani Location Amritsar &amp; Ferozepur districts of Punjab Uses MILKPhysical characters They are reddish-dun colored, sometimes pale red or brown mixed with white markingsThis is an excellent dairy breedThe animals are reported to show resistance to tick borne diseases. </p><p>. t</p><p>UsesCattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>PERFORMANCEcattle breeds8 April 200910</p><p>CHARACTERMinAvgMaxParturition interval (day, avg)450330580Age at first parturition (month) 393150Age of breeding animals (avg, month)23 Birth weight (kg) 2126Milk yield per lactation (kg)160023002700Lactation length (day)285318375Milk fat (%)4.6</p></li><li><p>**GirBreed local names Bhodali, Desan, Gujarati, SoratiLocation Junagarh, Bhavnagar and Amreli districts of GujaratUses MILKPhysical CharactersThey are uni coloured: Red, white with black patches This breed is known for a long breeding season The animals are adapted to their local environment (dry, hot climate, semi-desert) </p><p>. t</p><p>UsesCattle Breeds</p><p>1</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Parturition interval (day, avg) 440 Age at first parturition (month)40Age of breeding animals (M) 22 Birth weight (Kg) 21 Milk yield per lactation (kg) 2110Lactation length (day) 308Milk fat (%) 4.4 Cattle BreedsPerformance information</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Breed local namesDongarpatti, Wannera &amp; DongariLocation Latur, Parbhani, Nanded and Osmanabad districts of Maharashtra&amp; Bidar district of KarnatakaUses MilchPhysical Character They are multi coloured: spotted black &amp; white sometimes complete white The other visible trait , medium-sized breeds with big dewlap Horns emerge in outward and upward direction. t</p><p>UsesCattle BreedsDeoni</p><p>1</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>*Cattle Breeds*1.Parturition interval (day, avg) 4652.Age at first parturition (month) 303.Age of breeding animals (M ) 23 4.Birth weight (Kg) 21</p><p>Milk Milk yield per lactation (kg) 1121 Lactation length (day) 299 Milk fat (%) 4.3</p><p>Performance information</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**OngoleBreed local names : OngoleLocation Guntur-Nellore South APUses : Dual Physical Characters They are uni coloured: white, males have grey markings on head, neck and hump and black points on the knees and pasterns of both fore and hind limbs Short and stumpy horns, outward and backwardThis breed is known for a long breeding season Glossy white coat, hump, tail with black switch &amp; KAJAL appear. around eyes </p><p>Cattle Breeds</p><p>1</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>PERFORMANCE8 April 2009</p><p>cattle breeds16</p><p>CharacterMinAvgMaxParturition interval (day, avg)500420720Age at first parturition (month) 493860Age of breeding animals (avg, month)23 Birth weight (kg)28Milk yield per lactation (kg)4756881000Lactation length (day)160233270Milk fat (%)4.0</p></li><li><p>**TharparkarBreed local names Grey sindhi, white sindhi &amp; ThariLocation within country Jodhpur, Barmer &amp; Jaisalmer of Rajasthan &amp;Kutch of GujaratUses DualBreed Characters They are uni coloured: grey, white with neck and head dark greyThe breed is well adapted to a dry hot arid climate &amp; desert conditions.Medium sized dewlap, large dropping earsHorns curve gradually upward and outward with blunt points inclined inward</p><p>. t</p><p>UsesCattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Cattle BreedsPERFORMANCE</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**HarianaBreed local names Berar Ellichpuri Gaulani &amp; Gauli Location Rohtak, Hissar and Gurgaon districts of HaryanaUses. DualPhysical charactersThey are uni coloured: light grey or white Other visible traits : Zebu, grey-white Short horned type They are well suited to fast road work, being able to pull a one ton load at 2 miles per hour and cover 20 miles a day . t</p><p>UsesCattle Breeds</p><p>1</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Parturition interval (day, avg 483Age at first parturition (month) 52Age of breeding animals (M) 23.3 Birth weight ( Kg) 21.7Milk informationMilk yield per lactation (kg) 997Lactation length (day) 272Milk fat (%) 5.4</p><p>Cattle BreedsProductive performance</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**KankrejCattle Breeds</p><p>HabitatSouth-eastern Rann of Kutch, Gujarat and adjoining RajasthanAverage Production TraitsPhenotypic Traits305 days Milk Yield1785 KgHornsLyre or crescent shaped Age at First Calving 34monthsColourGrey multi coloured:black,newly born -- rusty red coloured forequarters, hindquarters &amp; Hump dark colour in bullsLactation Length295daysMilk fat5.0 %ForeheadLong narrow face, Prominent thick neckBirth weight 23 KgTailLong, black switch common</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Kangayam Breed local names Kongu &amp; KanganadLocation Periyar district and its adjoining areas in Tamil Nadu</p><p>Uses DualPhysical characters They are multi coloured: grey, white &amp; Calves red at birth The breed is adapted to hot humid climate Horns are backward, outward, upward and slightly inwards Mysore type</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**PRODUCTION TRAITSAge at first parturition (month) 36Age of breeding animals (avg, month) 22 Birth weight(Kg) 21 Calving interval (Days) 350 Breed milk informationMilk yield per lactation (kg) 640Lactation length (day) 270Milk fat (%) 3.5</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**AmritmahalLocal names : AmritmahalLocation :Hasan, Chikmagalur &amp; Chitradurga dist.of Karnataka </p><p>Physical Characters Bullocks are especially suited for trotting &amp; quick transportation They are uni coloured: grey with light markings on face and dewlapHorns are long, emerging from top of poll in backward and upward direction ending in sharp black points</p><p>Cattle BreedsSlide 4</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**PERFORMANCE</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**PonwarLocal name : PurneaLocation :Pilibhit dist. of U.P.Uses : DraughtColour :They are multi coloured: black with white markings on the forehead, dewlap and limbs Lyre shaped horns with pointed tipsProduction PerformanceAge of maturity : 18.5 MBirth weight : 17.6 KgMilk yield /Lacta. :320 KgLactation lenth : 155 DaysFat (%) : 4.7Cattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Location : Mysore, Mandya, Bangalore, Tumkur, and Hasan districts of KarnatakaBreed charactersThey are uni coloured: dark grey Horns are carried backwards, forwards and slightly inwards Considered one of the premier draft breeds in India they are often raised by families who have specialized in production of Hallikar draft animals for hundreds of years In addition to normal draft uses the breed is also used for cart racingCattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Productive TraitsParturition interval (day, avg 600Age at first parturition (month) 41Age of breeding animals (M) 21.3 Birth weight ( Kg) 20.0Milk informationMilk yield per lactation (kg) 541Lactation length (day) 285Milk fat (%) 5.4</p><p>Cattle BreedsPERFORMANCE </p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>cattle breeds</p><p>Dangi8 April 2009</p><p>29**</p></li><li><p>**EXOTIC CATTLE BREEDSCattle BreedsSlide 6</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Location : The NetherlandsPhysical CharactersLargest of all Exotic Dairy Breeds Color is of black and white Black color on Head, Center of body &amp; on Hind quarters. White color as like two bands 1st -Just after shoulder &amp; 2nd -Infront of hipsHolstein FriesianCattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>PERFORMANCE*Cattle Breeds*Highest Milk Production (Total Yield: Milk and Fat) 7,500 + kg/Lact. Lowest Fat Content 3.5 % AFC : 23-24 months ICP : 13-14 months</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**JERSEYLocationChannel island of jersey of great BritainUses : Milk Physical charactersSmallest Exotic cattle breed Inquisitive nature Fawn-colored coat, large impressive eyes Appearance of a ring of white color around the muzzleJerseys are noted for the highest milk fat of all dairyThey mature quicklyCattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>PERFORMANCE</p><p>*Cattle Breeds*Milk Production 4500 kg/Lact Highest % Butterfat: 5.5 % Highest % Protein Jerseys are considered as Economic milk producers in India</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**GUERNSEYLocation : The Isle of Guernsey, a tiny island in the English Channel off the coast of France Physical charactersFawn and white (orange) markings; light pigment around eyes Extremely calm, placid disposition- Family cow</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Cattle BreedsMilk Production: 6800 kg/Lact Fat Content: 4.5 %The Guernsey cow is known for producing high-butterfat, high-protein milk with a high concentration of beta-carotene. </p><p>PERFORMANCE</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Brown SwissOrigin: SwitzerlandPhysical charactersColoring similar to Jersey but larger framed Extremely popular, export to foreign countries (semen and cows) Breed can be traced back to one foundation cow, Jane of VernoniiBeef Cattle Breeds</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**PerformanceDual purpose breed Milk and Meat</p><p>Milk Production: 6000 kg / LactFat Content: 4 %Cattle Breeds</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**AyrshireOrigin: Originated from ScotlandPhysical charactersKnown for attractive udders and fancy appearance Most Beautiful cattle of world Intermediate size Red and white coatMost temperamental of dairy breedsProductive characters</p><p>Milk yield : 5500 kg</p><p>Milk Fat (%) : 3.9 Cattle BreedsSlide 6</p><p>Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Beef Cattle BreedsCattle breedsANGUSHerefordSHORTHORNMURRAY GREYTEXAS LONGHORNpinzgauerBELGIAN BLUECHARLOISLIMOUSINMAINE-ANJOUsimmentalCHiAninaAMERICAN BRAHMANBeefmasterbrangusRED brangusSANTA GERTRUDISOTHER 5/8 3/8 Brahman crosses</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*ANGUSBritish breedScotlandPolledSmall calvesEarly maturingRed (Recessive)Black39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*HerefordHereford County EnglandRed/Brown BodyWhite face &amp; white underlineImported 1817Polled developed in Iowa 1902PolledHorned39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*SHORTHORNNE coast of EnglandRed White Roan Imported 1870Horned or PolledMilking Shorthorn (Dairy Breed) 39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*MURRAY GREYDeveloped in Australia from Angus bull plus Shorthorn cowLight silver to chocolate or dun greyDark skin helps prevent cancer eyePolled - easy calving - docile39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*TEXAS LONGHORNTexas from Spanish cattleVariations of colors and patternsLanky bodies with long legs and feet built for speedSmall calves at birth Horns 6 feet or more39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*pinzgauer</p><p>Austria 1600sHorned or Polled Hardy DocileEasy calving abilityPigmented skin under a chestnut red coat and white markings on the back, tail and barrel39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*BELGIAN BLUEHeavy muscledCalving problems39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*OTHER BREEDSScotch HighlandWhite Park39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*CHARLOISFrance imported 1960sWhiteHorned or PollLarge framesHeavy muscleCalving problemsCrossbreeding programs39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*LIMOUSINFranceWheat Rust BlackHorned or PollGood carcass qualityReproduction good39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*MAINE-ANJOUFrance (Mancelle X Shorhorn)1969 NebraskaRed coats spotted with white and some blackLarge, well-muscled with good feed efficiency Heat and cold tolerantB&amp;B Cattle Co. Normangee, TX39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*simmentalSimmen Valley in Berner Oberland, Switzerland.Pale gold to dark reddish brown Head usually whiteVery docile - Easy to manageHigh fertility Hardy - Good mothering/milking ability39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*CHiAninaOne of the oldest breeds - Central ItalyUnited States; 1971White to steel gray with black pigmented skinWell-defined muscling used for draft - meatNot noted for their milk39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*AMERICAN BRAHMANDeveloped in U.S. from India cattleLight gray or red to almost blackLong productivity lifeResists many diseases &amp; insectsTemperature tolerant39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*BeefmasterSouth Texas 1931 Hereford Shorthorn Brahman (Composite breed)Strong maternal traitsHeat, drought and insect resistantNo set color pattern but are generally light red to dark red and some will have white mottle on their faces.</p><p>39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*brangusUSDA Experiment Station at Jeanerette, Louisiana 19123/8 Brahman by 5/8 AngusBlack - Poll - Heat Tolerance Docility Muscularity - Early PubertyMaternal Strengths - Mothering Ability</p><p>39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*RED brangus3/8 Brahman by 5/8 AngusSolid red PolledOther characteristics similar to the (Black) Brangus 39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*SANTA GERTRUDISKing Ranch Kingsville, TX5/8ths Shorthorn and 3/8ths BrahmanRed Horned or PolledHarsh ranching climatesMr. Double TT 79/2 Intimidator National Champion Bull Calf 39*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>Beef Cattle Breeds*OTHER 5/8 3/8 Brahman crossesSimbrahCharbray3939*</p><p>Beef Cattle Breeds</p></li><li><p>**Beef Cattl...</p></li></ul>