Caterpillar Nursery Inviting Applications for Nursery Courses

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Abu Dhabi based Caterpillar Nursery finds a place among the best play schools not only in the United Arab Emirates but also in the entire MENA region. The preschool is inviting applications for nursery courses.


Caterpillar Nursery Inviting Applications For Nursery CoursesAbu Dhabi based Caterpillar Nursery finds a place among the best play schools not only in theUnited Arab Emirates but also in the entire MENA region. The preschool is inviting applicationsfor nursery courses.A name worth considering, Caterpillar Nursery has engaged all its resources to cater to theholistic growth requirements of the child and cultivate virtues essential for success in life. Overthe years, this play school has been redefining nursery learning through right environment andthe right guidance fromthe right experts. With comprehensive infrastructure, viableteacher-student ratio, innovative teaching methods and an environment conducive for learning,this play school has become a clear favorite for parents who cannot settle for anything but thebest for their tiny tots.One of the senior executives at Caterpillar Nursery recently stated, We invite all forwardlooking parents who wish to provide a strong foundation to their tiny tots in a compassionateyet professional manner. For reasons aplenty, we are the preferred choice of numerousparents in Abu Dhabiand beyond. We deliver the kind of attention, care and learningopportunities that a child desires and deserves in his formative stage. Our team of trained,passionate and skillful teachers shares the values that Caterpillar Nursery stands for.Keeping the overall development of the child in mind, Caterpillar Nursery has adopted acurriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The statutory framework forschools in England, EYFS sets standards for the care and development of children aged fiveor below. A series of cross-curricula themes thoughtfully selected to interest children forms theessence of the curriculum at this playschool.With the intent to offer some insight into the teaching faculty at Caterpillar Nursery, theexecutive further stated, At Caterpillar Nursery, teachers are more than instructors, as is thecase with other play schools. With years of experience, these teachers embrace a thoroughprofessional outlook and act as a source of encouragement to each child. They facilitate theimmense natural curiosity present in every child and inculcate a lifelong passion for learning,which is the reason why we callthem facilitators.Our faculty consistently updates itsprofessional qualifications to remain abreast of the latest developments and best practices inteaching.Caterpillar Nursery focuses on providing a solid, safe and stable environment, where tiny totscan explore their real capabilities. Thereby, this playschool strives to promote the social,cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of each child. The daily structure isflexible and meticulously designed while keeping in view the physical and mental limitations ofthe child. Additionally, Caterpillar Nursery connects parents with a world of resources includingcounselors, dietitians, therapists and fitness advisers aside from their own internal nurseryresources. More importantly, this playschool monitors, evaluates and records the progress ofeach child and keeps his parents informed about the same. Therefore, parents who wish tofind play schools in Abu Dhabi, need not look beyond Caterpillar Nursery.About Caterpillar Nursery:Caterpillar Nursery is a leading play school located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This play schoolfollows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which is the statutory frameworkfor schools in England. Moreover, it has a team of experienced and trained teachers. It adoptsfeasible and innovative teaching methods to lay a strong foundation for the childs holisticgrowth and development. Owing to the above-mentioned reasons, one can safely infer thatCaterpillar Nursery is the best play school in Abu Dhabi City.Contact Information:Off Al Salam St in Abu Dhabi, UAEVilla no. 771, 20th StreetSector E38-01 Salam St.Abu DhabiTelephone: +971-56643-4419GPS Coordinates: 24.446657, 54.411242Email: info@caterpillarnursery.comWebsite: