catalunya. the anthem the anthem is “els segadors”

Download Catalunya. The anthem The anthem is “Els segadors”

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  • Catalunya
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  • The anthem The anthem is Els segadors
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  • The flag The flags name is La senyera
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  • 23 rd April
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  • 11 th September
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  • Mini-dictionary CATALCASTELLANOENGLISH Hola Hello Com estas?Como estas?How are you? Bon diaBuenos diasGood morning Bon profitBuen probecho Enjoy your meal Bona nitBuenas noches Good night AduAdisBye
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  • Pa amb tomquet P amb tomquet (bread whit tomato) is a piece of bread whit tomato and oil.
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  • Crema catalana Is a typical dessert like crme brle
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  • Moscatell Is a sweet wine, and we drink whit desserts
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  • Calots A calot is a variety of onion, they are made grilled and eaten (without fork or knife!) with a romesco sauce.
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  • Botifarra amb monjtes Is sausage with beans.
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  • Sardana The Sardana is a Catalan folk dance is considered the national dance of Catalonia, and dance men and women holding hands in a circle.
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  • Castellers Is a Catalan tradition. Is build a structure like a human tower


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