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Hello and welcome to Maya EuropeWelcome to the most recent edition of our wholesale catalogue. With the recent BZP ban coming into action we now have many new and exciting products with many more to come over the following months. We are open from 9.00am - 1pm and 2pm - 6pm Monday to Friday and Dhir or Jurgen are available to help with any enquiries or questions about the new products. We have exclusive rights on many of the products and some are actually manufactured to our specifications. All products are tried and tested from a customer satisfaction point of view and of course this means lots of returning business. Please read on as some items you will be very familiar with and some not so.... Any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch contacting us at or give us a call on 0032 56 293432. We will be more than happy to help with any queries you may have. maya europeTel: 0032 56 293432 Email:

Diablo 2 & 4 packs DIABLO is a powerful invention yet, and is designed to take your mind were you never thought possible. You can expect a highly intense rush as you're coming up on the buzz, (like your first ecstasy pill with a fat line of speed), as the initial hit subsides after a good hour, you will find yourself in a world of euphoria having the time of your life.

Meo Meo summer pills are perfect for lazy summer moments outside chatting with friends, or in the club. MeO has been rebuilt at the molecular level, resulting in a smoother yummier body buzz that delivers you back to normal in 3 to 4 hours. The manufacturers have not heard of insomnia or hangovers from use of MeO pills, just pretty colours and the relaxing calming body effect feeling of a good pill coming on.

X 4 Ecstasy A great replacement to the BZP product of the same name. Packed full of energy, and a nice europhic feeling to them as well.

Hummer 2 & 4 Pk The new BZP free Hummers promise a clean happy buzz with no morning after fuzz. A energising wakeful feeling is created by the Floradrene which lasts 4-6 hours.

Turbo III The next generation is here. Turbo III Boost will give you the energy to keep going all night

Tel: 0032 56 293432


Empathy let's you feel the love! It is a combination of legal stimulants and serotonergics to provide a feeling very similar to ecstasy. It is designed to make better use of the neurochemical reserves in the brain and hence generally does not cause any noticable depletion, hangover or depression. Empathy works just as well on the dancefloor as it does on the lounge.

Energy gets you going! It is a combination of carefully blended long and short term stimulants designed to keep you dancing for hours. We've also added a few extras to make the come down gentle.

Entropy is the ultimate chill out! The blend of herbs and amino acids in these capsules is a powerful sedative. One pill takes the edge off everything. Two pills gets your body very stoned. Three pills will send you off to sleep. Contains: Extracts of Scutellaria nana, Scutellaria lateriflora, Nymphaea alba, Nelumbo nucifera, Humulus lupulus, Eschscholzia californica root. Amino acids, (gelatine capsules).

AmHiCo party caps - REDUCED TO CLEARHead Rush and Rocket Fuel Five good sellers that have a great mark up and again they are going to be around for a very long time as the core ingredients are all things that our blessed medical control boards are finished with so the party can continue indefinitely!!

Tel: 0032 56 293432


Activate Energy and stimulation when you need it most. Help your body work hard and party harder..

Koru Energy Strips Koru Energy was formed to develop the fastest working, most effective energy product available. Koru Instant Energy Strips give you a boost to enhance your performance, increase focus and reduce fatigue.

Pure Bliss PURE BLISS is a euphoric stimulant, which should not be underestimated. PURE BLISS is a next-generation party pill with powerful neuro-stimulating and endurance enhancing properties. Powered by Geranamine, the GC Neuro-Stimulant Blend produces a supercharged yet prolonged energy, which, when felt in combination with pharmacetical grade caffiene, produces an incredible feeling that must be felt to be believed.

Biohappiness The worlds first truly euphoric BZP free party pill just got better!! A powerful blend of natural plant fruit and root extracts give these pills an extreme rush of euphoric energy. Are you ready to dance? Sick of BZP free pills that claim to work yet dont do anything? You will not be disappointed by BioHappiness. Extreme euphoria, extremely strong Contains: Citrus aurantium extract, Green tea leaf extract, L-Tyrosine, Ginseng extract, Licorice root extract, astralgus root extract, shizandra berries, Sodium citrate and tabletting aids.

Embrace Party Pills Are you looking for a legal BZP or amphetamine replacement? Embrace is what you are after. Embrace has been formulated using ingredients such as theobromine extracts and geranium oil extracts and have a pleasant chocolate smell. These pills should be legal world wide and they come in the form of capsules.

Tel: 0032 56 293432


Super E Made from a blend including natural ingredients, early reviews on super Es inform us that they give a strong balance of energy and increased empathy lasting for several hours which then gives way to decreased anxiety and relaxation.

Cherrys Cherries give a warm, happy feeling which can also induce mild hallucinations. The effects will typically last for several hours for a blissful feeling throughout the night.

Loved Up Loved up are reasonably mild yet are still not to be taken lightly. Formulated from a blend of ingredients including natural extracts, loved up are said to give the user several hours filled with increased empathy along with intensified sexual drive!

Hypnotic (2 or 4 pack) Ecstasy Sensation Hypnotic is the lovey dovey party pill that gives you waves of warm, ecstasy and sensation over and over again. Peak duration 3-5 hours 2 Pill recommended per dose, if under 60kg take 1 pill.

Asylum Irelands most famous and notorious dance pill is back in non bzp form. Three caps of strong E like stimulation !!

Charleeze Another favourite of ours is now back in non BZP form.

Tel: 0032 56 293432


Charge+ (Available in 0.5g or 1g) Get yourself charged up! Now with new added ingredient to make it even more smoother! - The best bath salts you can find! Keep in a cool, dry & sealed place, don't let too much air get to the product.

RAZ The most invigorating bath salt!, just add a small sprinkle to the mix to get you razzled for the day!

Blowout Blowout will blow you away! This amazing little snuff is all you need for a night out or night in!

Snowblow Snowblow is a Bzp free columbian powder substitute. It is perfect pick me up, has a pleasant effect and tastes better than its illegal cousin. It comes well presented and is finely grinded so there is no extra work.

Snoberry Snowberry is a Bzp free columbian powder substitute. It is perfect pick me up, has a pleasant effect and tastes better than its illegal cousin. It comes well presented and is finely grinded so there is no extra work.

Tel: 0032 56 293432


NEW IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alpha Male Erotic Stimulation 2pkMay increase stamina and energy, Reduce anxiety increase performance and pleasure.

NiagraAdd a boost to the bedroom. Niagra amplifies performance and heightens sensuality and has proved popular in all of our retail shops. Doesnt matter if your 18 or 80, certainly worth a try.

StimulustThis is a sexual energiser for men and women. Contains 2 pills. Take one hour before sexual activity.

Blue RhinoBlue Rhino is a very powerful pro-sexual stimulant when taken shortly prior to sex. Its potent mix of renowned herbal aphrodisiacs amplifies performance and heightens sensuality for both men and women.

PoppersBang Aromas (10ml) - this very potent little bottle will certainly pack a punch in anyone's room.

Tel: 0032 56 293432


SalviaSalvia divinorum is harvested in the high mountains of

Oaxaca by the native people (Mazatec Indians) then dried, cured & blessed. The Mazatecs use it as part of spiritual ceremonies and traditional healing; it has become a powerful tool for soul searching and exploration of consciousness. Mazatecs Golden is organically grown then hand picked by the Mazatec Indians, it is carefully placed in the shade to dry over a long period of time, this preserves and cures the leaves. Salvia 5X Organic Extract is 5 times the strength of Mazatecs Golden on, average it takes 5g of leaf to make 1g 5X Extract. Also available: Salvia 10x Salvia 15x Salvia 20x Salvia 35x Salvia 50x

Tel: 0032 56 293432


Kratom 15x 4g also available in 25x 2g This is a dry and VERY fine powder almost as fine as talc powder and can be very easily mixed into any drink. Kratom 15 X is also nice and strong and active at only about 1/2 gm with 1 to 2 gm (estimate based on personal use) being a nice therapeutical dose. No more mess and no more need to have to consume large amounts of leaf matter. Mitragyna speciosa is used as a pain killer, mood enhancer and helps relieve addiction to opiates. Kratom Black Labelis a special combination of plants traditionally used in South East Asia for relaxation, pain relief, and euphoria. Kratom Bliss A full spectrum extract of the finest Kratom leaves. These x30 strength Kratom pills are some of the strongest extract available. Kratom The i