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2. Cat BreedsCat registrations 2006 By Cat FanciersAssoc. (40 total breeds)1. Persian 6. Abyssinian2. Maine Coon7. Birman3. Exotic 8. American ShorthairDeveloped from Persians but have short fur4. Siamese9. Oriental5. Ragdoll 10. Sphynx 3. 1 PersianMost numerous registrations.Long fluffy hair, stocky body with 4. 2Maine CoonOriginated in Maine. First mentioned inliterature in 1861. Long, shaggy coat. 5. 3ExoticBred forPersiancharacteristicsexcept hasshort hair for 6. Siamese 4Blue eyes, light bodies, colored points 7. 5 RagdollRagdolls are large, laid-back, semi longhaired cats with captivating blue eyes. Males weight 15 to 20 lbs. 8. 6Abyssinian one of the oldest known breeds.May trace back thousands of years but origin indispute. Popular short hair breed. 9. 7BirmanThe Birman cat isbelieved to haveoriginated inBurma, where itwas consideredsacred, thecompanion cat ofthe Kittah priests 10. Burma, officially the Union of Myanmar 11. 8AmericanShorthairA mixture of manydifferent earlyAmerican cats. TheCat FanciersAssociation (CFA)chose to officiallyrecognize this lovely 12. 9 OrientalOrientals represent adiverse group of catswith over 300 differentcolors and patterns.Their foundation is fromthe Siamese breed. 13. 10 SphynzIn 1966 adomestic catgave birth to ahairless kittenin Toronto,Canada. It wasdiscovered tobe a naturalmutation andthe Sphynxcat, as weknow it today, 14. 12BritishShorthairPermanent smile because of prominent,round whisker pads. Developed fromgarden cat in England. First English cat toshow with pedigree at English cat shows. 15. 18Scottish Fold Ears folded forward and down 16. 221981mutation earscurledback traces toone straycat. American Curl 17. 23 Manx No tail genetic condition, heterozygous Mm, homozygous causes early embryonic death 18. Munchin 19. Chantilly/Tiffany new breed developedfrom two chocolate colored cats of unknownancestry