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    Volume 52, Issue 2Newburgh, Indiana

    October 2011



    Andy Byers

    Sam HaynesStaff Writer

    Robin DaywaltCorrespondent

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    Grease is the word this fall at CastleWhen choir director Brian

    Adcock and sophomore English teacher Eric Antey discussed what Castles fall musical would be, the answer was clear: Grease.

    Grease, written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, originally hit the Broadway scene in 1971. Today, Grease holds the record as the 13th longest running show on Broadway.

    In 1978 director Randal Kleiser picked up the story line and cast the popular John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as Danny and Sandy, the lovers of the 1959 class of Rydell High.

    We really think this show will be a fresh take on a classic American musical, Antey said. Th ankfully, we have been able to secure the rights to four songs featured in the movie that are not part of the original stage version: Grease, Hopelessly Devoted to You, Sandy and Youre the One Th at I Want.

    Senior Katlyn Holman and sophomore Zach Cozart will play Sandy and Danny in the production.

    Cozart said, Doing Grease is hard because its so famous, but Im really excited because its a role Ive always wanted.

    In 2009, Antey directed the summer musical Oklahoma. But with this show, he wanted to take a new spin on things.

    We wanted to do a show that not only the cast could be excited about but also the school and community would be excited about, he said. We think this show will highlight the tremendous talent we have here at Castle High School.

    Th e hard part came aft er the directors chose the musical. Over 80 students came to the two-day audition and were then reduced to 45. Th e remaining 45 include students from all age groups.

    Our fi rst rehearsal was one of the best fi rst rehearsals I can ever remember, said Adcock. I can tell that this cast will be serious and (will) work hard.

    Th e entire cast is excited to be a part of such a well-loved musical.

    Th ey are also excited to be working under the direction of Antey.

    Th is is my second show working with Mr. Antey, the fi rst being Oklahoma, said Adcock. Weve had a lot of fun so far, and I can tell its going to be a really good show.

    Before her retirement last year, Suzanne Godeke directed the fall musicals. Th is year, Antey is taking over.

    Antey, who is a 1993 Castle graduate, said, I am thrilled to direct my fi rst show here on the Castle stage where I spent so much of my time as a student here years ago.

    Adcock said that hes excited to work with Antey because theyre

    both graduates of Castle and they have a similar sense of humor.

    Th e cast has seven and a half weeks to pull together and perform such a world-renowned musical.

    Sophomore Reuben Ross, who plays the T-Bird Sonny, said, Th is will be a close and hardworking cast because we know how much pressure there is in performing this for the community.

    Grease will be performed in Castles auditorium Nov. 17, 18 and 19 at 7 p.m.

    If you have ever considered coming to a Castle High School show, this would be the one, Adcock said. Its about the high school experience, and we can all relate to that.

    Photo by Robin DaywaltMembers of the cast of Grease rehearse the songs for the musical with vocal director Brian Adcock on Sept. 27.

    A Spe

    See page 5.

    Castle SpiritCastle students show off their school spirit during dress-up days as these students did on Western/Denim Day. Teachers participated, too. See pages 6-7.

    cial Cup



    2Tori DensleyStaff Writer

    Sam HaynesStaff Writer

    Just about anyone who has lived in this area for more than a year can tell you a little bit about the West Side Nut Clubs Fall Festival, but some people who have been here for a longer period of time could easily tell you even more.

    Th e Fall Festival is hosted every year on Franklin Street in between Wabash Avenue and St. Joseph Avenue. It consists of 126 booths where you can get food and drinks of all types, including some unique and odd-sounding items.

    What I love are the desserts apple dumplings, pumpkin bread, things like that, said Samantha Head, a senior at Reitz High School. I also love the mozzarella Bosco sticks.

    Viola Helmers, an exchange student who was here last year from Germany, said, I loved the deep-fried Oreos and the apple cider, although its nothing more than sweetened apple juice. I wish I would have tried more foods, but there are so many. You dont know where to start. I plan to come back (to America) eventually, and it would be cool to go again to the festival.

    Senior Devon Rutherford said, My favorite has to be fried cookie dough. Its gooey and chocolaty and crazy crazy crazy yummy! Fried butter wasnt my favorite thing last year. It wasnt as good as I thought it would be.

    Rutherford refuses to try the chocolate-covered crickets. Ill eat mostly anything, but since I have a lizard that eats crickets, I kind of refuse.

    Tamara Sergi, another exchange student who was here last year from Italy, disagrees with Rutherfords thoughts on at least one of the food items.

    I really liked the fried Oreos and fried butter and also the candy apples, but I didnt fi nd any kind of food I didnt like, she said. Th ere was too much food, and I couldnt keep myself from eat(ing) it all! By the end of the week, I gained

    several pounds, and my Italian friends couldnt recognize my face anymore.

    Th e Fall Festival is typically a huge event in the area and even draws people from outside of Indiana.

    Th e festival is spread along four blocks, so theres usually quite a bit of walking involved for the people who attend. Most of the space is taken up by booths on either side of the street with a stage on 12th Avenue. Th ere are also games and rides on one side of the street between Wabash and 10th Avenue.

    Senior Isabella Haws said, Its wonderful that so many people come out to support the festival, but upon occasion, the amount of available space isnt adequate for the number of people present.

    Helmers said, I loved how many people there were, and at night the streets got even fuller, and it was a really awesome atmosphere.

    I live two blocks away. About the length of a football fi eld, Head said. She lives right in the midst of the action, directly on Franklin Street.

    We have issues with people

    taking our parking spots, throwing trash and food in our yard, bothering our dogs and stealing things. Its very stressful. One year, Moms ceramic geese were stolen out of the yard. Our fl owers have been taken straight out of the ground, roots and all. Its amazing what some people will steal.

    Th e foods found at the Fall Festival are the extremes when it comes to variety. Th ey include everything from hot dogs and burgers, to kangaroo jerky, to bacon brownies and deep-fried Pepsi.

    A full list of foods and where to fi nd them can be found on the West Side Nut Clubs website, Th e website also has a map to help people navigate during the Fall Festival.

    I know that the Nut Club has added some scrumptious-sounding delicacies like fried turkey testicles; totally cant wait to try those, not! said Haws. Im looking forward to trying the Texas-size pumpkin streusel! Being a Texas girl, Im anxious to see what yall northerners think a Texas size dessert is! Im expecting a heart attack of pumpkin-y goodness on a plate.

    Sergi said, I remember I was pretty confused by several foods because I didnt understand the ingredients or what kind of food it was. So I would just (eat) it all. Th en I would go home, take the dictionary and translate the names, realizing just then I ate something I would (never have) imagined.

    Head added, I can be there in three minutes if I want to be, and its fun to be right next to all the excitement. My house is a good meeting place for friends and relatives who are going to the festival. I couldnt count the times Ive been there.

    You could say that I dont go to the Fall Festival because it comes to me. I usually go to get food several times that week. Im glad when the festival leaves. Its a relief. Dont get me wrong, I have fun. Im just ready to clean up our yard, park the cars in their normal spots, start eating healthy again and get some sleep.

    Fall brings falling for Fall Festival

    Photo by Jessika Collins(Top) Seventh grader Alexis Collins hesitantly tries the deep-fried Coke from the Highland Baseball booth at the Fall Festival. The Fall Festival off ers an array of fried foods for a week in October every year.

    (Bottom) The syrup used to make the Coke is deep fried and shaped into balls. The deep-fried Coke seems to intrigue festival-goers.

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