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Cash and Carry & Lend and Lease ACT. By: Sarah Sakian . Significance to the war. Cash and carry as well as lend and lease were significant to the war because this is the beginning to the end of US neutrality in WWII by helping the allies with war supplies. Who?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Lend and Lease Act & Cash and Carry

Cash and Carry & Lend and Lease ACTBy: Sarah Sakian

1Significance to the warCash and carry as well as lend and lease were significant to the war because this is the beginning to the end of US neutrality in WWII by helping the allies with war supplies. Who?President Roosevelt wanted to aid Europe in WWII because he was strongly anti-Nazi. So, he convinced congress to pass Cash and Carry and next the Lend and Lease Act. Americans were divided on US neutrality in the war.Isolationists US shouldnt make alliances with other countriesUS needs to center its attention on domestic affairsUS stay completely neutral, getting involved in WWII would be a mistake like WWIInterventionistsUS should start to get ready for WarBelieved the Axis powers were wrong and were a threat to American waysNations should work together to keep the world safeUS should aid any nation that is democratic 3What?Cash and Carry was a provision in the Neutrality Act of 1939. It allowed nations at war to buy goods and arms in the United States ONLY if they could pay cash for it and carry the supplies on their own ships back to their country. (British Navy had most control over seas so this was a huge help to Allies.)

The Lend and Lease act was establish because Britain's funds for cash and carry were running out and could no longer afford aid. It allowed Roosevelt to sell, transport, or lend equipment to countries who needed help defending itself against Axis powers. 4When and Where?WhenCash and Carry was made in 1939 Lend and Lease Act was made on January 6, 1941 WhereBoth these policies aided the Soviet Union and Europe.Now that the US is helping the Allied powers, Roosevelt and prime minister Churchill met to discuss Hitlers defeat. They came up with the Atlantic Charter which secured safety for all nations against Axis powers.

5Why?Americans thought WWI was a mistake and didnt want to make that mistake again, so, to stay neutral Congress made a Neutrality ActThings began to happen that would lead to US involvement The Japanese had killed 3 American sailors and Sank US gunboat Panay in Chang RiverBritain and France had now joined the war because they didnt want Hitler to gain control of any more countriesRoosevelt was a strong anti-Nazi and wanted to help Europe while reaming neutral. Neutrality Act of 1939 which included Cash and Carry.Europe was running out of funds for Cash and Carry aid, so Roosevelt went to congress again and established the Lend and Lease Act.6How? Roosevelt made speechesAfter the incident in Japan- We are determined to keep out of war, yet we cannot insure ourselves against disastrous effects of war.January 6, 1941-speech about four freedoms which are speech, worship, want and fear and how they were all threatened by the Nazis. He also made a statement where he said you wouldnt refuse your neighbor a fire hose if there house was on fire.Edward R. Murrow was a reporter that Americans listened to on the radio. Once he made a report while the blitz was going on informing listeners that Germans werent only bombing army and military sites but citizens as well.

7Choosing Sides

"United States Congress Major Acts ." Lend-Lease Act 1941. Web. 25 Mar 2010. .8

Dr. Seusss View "Lend-Lease Act." Dr.Seuss. Web. 30 Mar 2010. .9OverviewCash and Carry allowed any nation at war to buy goods and arms in the United States if they paid cash and carried it back to their country on their own ships. This was a huge help to the Allies. However, Britain could no longer pay for aid so the Lend and Lease Act was created. This let Roosevelt LEND equipment to countries that needed help defending themselves against Axis powers.

10Highlights/ Quiz Who said, If a neighbor asked to borrow your fire hose to put out the fire, you would not debate the issues or try to sell the hose. The Lend and Lease Act helped the _______ powers defend themselves against the ________ powers.Congress made the ______ Act because they didnt want to make a mistake of getting involved in WWII like they did with WWI.11Work Cited Page (MLA Citations)Text Book: Lapsansky-Werner, Emma J. United States History, Reconstruction to the Present. Boston, Massacusetts: Prentice Hall, 2008. Print. Simkin, John. "Lend and Lease." Spartacus Educational., 2003. Web. 28 Mar 2010. . "The Lend-Lease Act." American Public University, April 6, 2009. Web. 28 Mar 2010. .12


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