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Download Case Studies water quality monitoring - ECM ECO ??2016-05-06Case Studies water quality monitoring . Case Study: ... Mitigate direct impacts on water demands (ie. irrigation, drinking

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    Case Studies water quality monitoring

  • Case Study: Confederacin Hidrogrfica del Ebro


    The authorities in Spain wanted to obtain a profile of the characteristics of the river and to control the wastewater discharges of the industry nearby. The case of study is operated by Confederacin Hidrogrfica del Ebro.


    Sr. _Vicente Sancho-Tello Project Manager SAICA at Confederacin hidrogrfica del Ebro (Ebro River Hydrographic Confederation) .

    Thanks to the water quality analyzers equipment from ADASA and the SAICA stations network, we are able thru the forecast and diagnosis of the issues, to know the synthomatology, source and origin of spills. This allows to improve the quaity of the water on the river baisin. Concerning economic benefits there is the accomplishment of the frame directive and grant the wellbeing of the population and the enjoyment of the natural environment by the latter.

  • According to directives based on the efficient use of water , the installed Remote control system really helps us to optimise and control the water from each parcel of the different communities.

    Flix Daz de Rada Director of the Irrigation Upgrate Department. TRAGSA

    Case Study: TRAGSA Baleares GENERAL GOALS:

    Reuse wastewater for irrigation. Centralised management of water demand. Improve water delivery to irrigation users.


    Improve water delivery to irrigation users. Enhance decision making capability. Increase cost savings from improved efficiencies. Guarantee the required flexibility for future updates of new

    equipment and requirements.

    More frequent, accurate and timely data.

  • Thanks to this automatic hydrological information system, in a flood event in January 2013, we were able to decrease 55% of flooding surface and reduce 60% of costs.

    Francisco Barbancho Deputy Director of Guadiana River Basin Authority. Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment Affairs.

    BENEFITS Protect lives and damages to livelihoods and properties from floods and

    droughts, while minimising negative impacts on economy and environment. Mitigate direct impacts on water demands (ie. irrigation, drinking and industrial

    water supply), and indirect consequences on hydric resources, such as the overexploitation.

    Case Study: Confederacin Hidrogrfica del Guadiana

    The Confederacin Hidrogrfica confederation of Guadiana river, has awarded to the Technical Unit of Companies ADASA Sistemas-OFITECO the exploitation, manteinance and preservation of SAIH Guadiana River network for a total amount of 1.227.189,95 (VAT not included), and a period of 24 months


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