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The first 2 chapters of book 8: Carved In Stone.Its their first attemptSafe Haven is going to try making a permanent settlement in the mountains of Georgia and every soul there is ready for the breaks. Theyve traveled for more than nine months, with few breaks. Now, they can finally stop living from trucks and try to rebuild what theyve lost.ExceptBad things are coming. Safe Haven thinks theyve endured the worst the apocalypse has to offer, but theyve actually been lucky. Thats about to change and all the descendants on the planet cant stop it. Magic is nearly powerless against the effects of a nuclear war and the entire camp must make a choice: Do we stand or do we run?Book Eight: Carved in Stone.Order your copy today! *Includes Dog scenes, updated Eagle teams, and more.


  • Carved In Stone

    Life After War: Book Eight

    A novel

    By Angela White

  • Carved In Stone by Angela White

    2015 Angela White All rights reserved

    Angela White 1991

    This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment

    only. Standard Copyright laws apply. Made in the

    United States.

  • Table of Contents

    1-We Are Here


  • Chapter One

    Were Finally Here 9/5/2013

    Late Afternoon


    In the last vehicle, Samanthas shoulders stayed tense and Neil didnt comment. He shook his head when Jeremy, who had come to stand watch by her

    door, started to tap on the window. A moment

    later, Sam let out a sigh of relief.

    She said no. Were okay for Sam paused. Damn. She scanned the kid. The woman isnt lying. What does it mean? Neil finally asked, flashing gestures to fill Jeremy in.

    Shes going to ask us to do something. Its just as hard as what weve left behind, Neil wasnt surprised. Is it worth it? Sam looked at him with the determination hed come to respect more than her courage. After

    listening to her tale of facing down Donner, both

    he and Jeremy had reevaluated their views of her

    as a weaker sex. Their woman was an Eagle, a

    camp hunter, a sniper, and pregnant with twins. It

    was humbling.

    Sam? Only if you kill them all. If you miss a single target, well be at war again, only with my kind this time. What are you talking about?

  • Samantha knew Angela wouldnt like it if she told the truth, so she settled for somewhere in between.

    A future problem that youll be asked to handle or overlook. I cant tell which way shell go on that one yet. Can you start from the beginning and speak slowly? Neil asked, not meaning to be snarky. Hed already had enough secrets and hidden plans to last a lifetime.

    The woman we picked up has asked for sanctuary with Safe Haven. She also asked Angela to send

    out descendants to do battle with her former

    captors. If they come here, theyll see all the power and well end up at war again. Only this time, itll be magic. The herd will have to run or be crushed

    between the two camps. Sam looked at him with no doubt. When they come here to collect her, you have to disobey orders. You have to kill them

    all. Dont let them go back and gather their people. Theyve sent a scouting team, Neil guessed. Yes, but dont be fooled. The people Tara is currently describing to the boss are gifted beyond

    what we have in Safe Haven. Angela cant stand alone against that type of power. Alone? These are trained fighters, Neil The rest of wont even be able to damage them through magic. And if we kill their team, wont they come after us anyway?

  • Samantha shrugged. Angela didnt look that far ahead, so I dont have an answer to that. But youre sure enough to ask me to go against my orders, my training, and my honor? Samantha realized she wasnt giving him enough details and said, Theyll be too far from their own camp to just call out. If you take them quickly,

    their people may never know we were even

    involved. and we know how to make it look like someone else did it. Neil snapped his mouth shut. He loved Samantha and he trusted her, but this

    wasnt a choice he would make on the fly??. Jeremy needs to know, Samantha stated. Ill talk to Angela. That made Neil feel better and he reached over to

    hold hands for a minute. He loved having someone

    to do that with.

    Samantha swallowed a moan. She couldnt get enough physical pleasure right now. Hunger and

    sleep were second to sex right now. She assumed it

    was a hormone thing, but wasnt about to dig into that. She wanted to enjoy herself. Shed earned it. Shower? Neil asked knowingly. The heat waves in the cab were intense.

    Yes, please, Sam purred. Neil laughed, gesturing to Jeremy. Ill set it up.


    She said for me to stay with you.

  • Marc swung the big rig gently onto the final road

    they would take to get to Pigeon Mountain. Okay. Whats on the list? You have point. Already figured that one. Next? I need to know your preferences for coffee and food, so I can get your trays right. And what time

    for your wake up calls? Marc frowned. I get my own food and I use my own alarm. Whats going on? Shawns brows drew together. They didnt tell you. Figures Id be hazed on my first time. Shawn? Yeah? What are you talking about? Oh! Im your new personal assistant. You get one when youre the leader or XO. Kenn didnt have one, Marc stated distractedly. He hadnt expected to have a lackey. He had Zack, Shawn answered, readjusting his Colt. And good thing, cause no one else was going to volunteer. Both men snickered. Kenn had regained a lot of

    the respect hed lost, but his mistakes would always follow him. Safe Haven gave a second

    chance, a pass on the sins of the past, but the

    effects of transgressions committed in camp lasted

    much longer.

    Black and strong on the coffee. Six for the wakeup when we can get away with it.

  • Shawn was relieved. Hed thought Marc would pick Jax or Quinn for his man Friday. He had

    expected to be refused and replaced with someone

    who would be a much better aide.

    What else? She wants you to oversee the camp setup with Kenn. Said no one else will catch the small

    details. Marc liked that feeling. Okay. Great. We have a couple more items and then we can get into the Eagle training she wants outlined. Marc began to realize that being Angies XO would be a lot of work and responsibility and was

    pleased. After seeing how gifted shed become, he had been having doubts about how much she

    actually needed him. If she had a list this size

    ready for him now, that meant there was more to it

    still waiting for him to catch up.

    We need to gather all the numbers on food, water, fuel, and all the other items on the list. She wants

    that one by morning if possible. Ill get people on it as soon as security is up in the new place. Securitys already up, Marc informed him, increasing speed a bit as the dust cleared. She sent a team last night. Shawn scrolled through the people hed seen in their convoy, and came up with, Kevins team? And the ants, Marc confirmed. Thats great, Shawn exclaimed. Camp will be up quickly tonight.

  • Good. I want mess two hours after we land and lights out at midnight. And that was the final thing on her list. Sweet. Marc went over it a bit mentally, but kept most of

    his attention on the road. Now that the wind had

    settled down and the grit wasnt blowing, the drop-offs and narrow, winding roads were too obvious.

    He reduced their speed, not wanting the twitchier

    drivers to fall behind.

    I want breakfast with her as much as you can arrange it, Marc said evenly, testing. Was Shaw actually his or one of Angies endless stooges? I need to keep track of her eating habits. Shawn jotted it down. Ill try to cover that even when you cant be there. Good. And Im used to government food, so just give me whatever we have the most of each day.

    Save the best stuff for the camp. Shawn understood Marc didnt want any preferential treatment and liked it. All set on her list. We can get into Eagle training now. Since claiming best gun in camp, Shawn had been

    anticipating the next level tests.

    Actually, Id like you to talk to Kenn about it first, then come back to me, Marc instructed. Hell chop it apart and leave you with what we can use. Shaw wasnt offended. He knew theyd served together before the war and were used to coming

    up with defenses. No problem.

  • Marc steered around the decaying top of a tree that

    had collapsed over part of the lane. He wasnt spotting signs of people, nothing fresh that said

    there was human life here, but he felt them now

    and was suddenly anxious to be camped so he

    could concentrate on his grid. If he sent it out now,

    his driving might suffer.

    From now on, I want someone else behind the wheel for me, Marc said suddenly. For at least a few months. Shawn frowned. Were camping for the winter. Why would you have to leave? Ill still be going out on supply runs and such. There was an awkward silence where Marc

    realized Shawn was holding something back.

    Wont I? Uh, maybe youd better talk to the boss about that, Shawn stated uneasily. She doesnt want any descendants out of camp, but she especially

    mentioned leadership. The Chain of Command has

    been grounded.


    We came from Canada, Tara stated. We were being held there before the war. Where are you from? Angela asked politely. Maine, Missy blurted when her mother didnt answer. Wes from Maine. Tara was gaping at Missy as if she hadnt seen her before and Angela pushed harder mentally. Missy

    was almost feral, but with time among her own

  • kind and soft care, she might recover. Why did you leave? Tara was still stunned, but none of Angelas people were surprised when Missy began

    answering their questions while drawing on the

    back of the van seat with a red crayon she took

    from her stuffed pocket.

    The men took us when the bells came. We rode a train! The little girl dug the crayon into a small tear in the fabric. Then they hurt momma. And I hurt them. Angela gently eased the crayon from the childs tight, filthy grip. Eat this. The girl grabbed the apple and began chomping it

    into bits that were gobbled as if they were pudding.

    As she crunched, the pointed ends of her teeth

    were visible and creepy.

    Whats up with her? Jenifer asked rudely. She didnt trust these new people. They were very closed and har


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