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<ol><li> 1. Carpet Steam Cleaning MelbourneThere are so many specialized ways of carpet cleaning. Carpets have huge variety in terms oftheir material and design and that is why one common method of cleaning cannot suit all thetypes.Carpet steam cleaner is one of the advanced equipments to keep your carpets clean. This systemhas the advantage of no use of chemicals in the cleaning process. Steam cleaning is efficientenough to clean dust, micro organisms and allergens from the carpet. This system of carpetcleaning is getting popular with homeowners.This cleaner uses a cleaning solution that is absorbed by the carpet in the form of steam. Thesteam is in superheated form. The steam breaks the stains and loosens them from the carpet.After this the liquid is cleaned and the surface is vacuum cleaned. This helps in cleaning thefinest dust as well and leaves your carpet completely stain less. Carpet stain removal is the mainaim for sending the carpets to cleaners.The steam cleaning machine is far superior to the vacuum cleaning machines because the steamcomes in better contact with the dust particles. Another thing that needs specialized cleaning isyour upholstery. Most of us do not realize the importance of upholstery cleaning and ignore it.If you keep your upholstery clean then you can have cleaner air in your home. If the upholsteryis not cleaned regularly then it becomes a tedious job later. You can at least think about t once ina year so that the dust does not become tough to clean. You can hire professionals to do thiswork for you because if you do it on your own then you might face breathing problems or allergydue to dust.Cleaned up upholstery looks good and appears clean and you can win all those praises from yourguests. Cleaning would increase the life of the furniture and you can use your furniture for somemore extra years. It does not promote growth of microorganisms in the padded seats.Depending on the type of your upholstery you can chose a suitable way of cleaning. Wetextraction and dry cleaning are two ways to clean up the upholstery. Wet extraction processinvolves use of cleaning agent and the specialized equipment for cleaning. In the process of drycleaning the only difference is the absence of water.The carpet cleaners can handle upholstery cleaning as well. If you place order for cleaning ofmore than one item then you can bargain on the rates of cleaning. Squeaky clean team is onecarpet and upholstery cleaning service provider in who specialize in this work and have thecapacity to offer many more services related to tough cleaning jobs at your home and office.</li></ol>