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Based in Plano Texas we are your best source for carpet cleaning in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and Dallas TX. We'll deliver a cleaner carpet. Our work is guaranteed.


<ul><li> 1. Carpet Cleaning Methods</li></ul> <p> 2. Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning Portable or truck-mounted equipment is used to spray hot water and detergent solution into the carpet pile at a high pressure and then is immediately extracted (vacuumed out) along with the suspended soil particles. 3. Shampoo In this method, detergent solution is released onto the carpet through openings in a rotary brush, whose rotary action converts the solution into foam and works it into the carpet. Once dry, vacuuming removes the residue containing loose, encapsulated soil 4. Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo This method uses both Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo. This process is particularly effective for cleaning highly soiled carpets, with heavy oil/soil build -up 5. Foams Foam is generally applied onto the carpet, usually from aerosol containers, and worked into the carpet with a dry sponge. Once dry, the residue containing suspended soil is simply vacuumed away. Since foam uses little water, there is no danger of over-wetting and the connected complications 6. Spin Bonnet Cleaning Bonnet cleaning employs an absorbent pad (bonnet) attached to the bottom of arotary machine. Detergent solution is sprayed onto the carpet then the rotary pad is used to agitate and remove the soil suspended in the solution from the carpet. Once one side of the pad gets soiled, the sides can be reversed. Spin Bonnet cleaning is often the preferred method in maintaining large commercial office buildings. 7. Absorbent Dry Compound A dry compound containing detergent/ solvent is sprinkled onto the carpet and worked into the pile using machines. The soil particles get encapsulated in the absorbent dry compound and are removed by vacuuming. Since this method does not use any wet process, there is no danger of over-wetting. 8. In-Plant Cleaning This type of cleaning is ideal for specialized cleaning of loose or valuable rugs. The rugs are sent through a duster that extracts soil more effectively than routine vacuuming. They are then washed and hung to dry in a controlled air environment. 9. Professional Carpet Cleaning When home-cleaning methods are not suitable to get rid of those tough stains, many a times you need to look up to rescue rangers or professional carpet cleaning companies to restore the beauty of your carpets. 10. Based in Plano Texas we are your best source for carpet cleaning in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and Dallas TX. We'll deliver a cleaner carpet. Our work is guaranteed. 11. Carpet Cleaning procedureCyclone pro We only steam clean carpetwith large truck mounted machines. It is the best carpet cleaning equipment to heat water and remove dirt. Powerful heat and suction. Removes all contaminants in carpet. Effective in dirt and spot removal. No residue left behind to attract dirt. Dries clean. 12. Weremove pet urine from carpetand stains with power. If you have a specific spot or spill, like wine, coffee, or problematic carpet stains, we have cleaners for those. 13. Why Cyclone pro Cleaners? Our carpet cleaning process leaves your carpet safely clean. Affordable price. Customers who want carpet deodorizers for carpet odour will love our great smelling products. 14. Contact Us Address: Cyclone Professional Cleaners 8025 Greenwood Dr. Plano, TX 75025Phone: 972-390-8700Website:</p>