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Our machine will clean any size of rugs from the smallest mats to the largest rugs. Get Rug Cleaning Service at prices much lower than the carpet cleaners in Greater Toronto Area.


<ul><li> 1. Carpet cleaning factoryhttp://www.carpetcleaningfactory.caWell known Carpet Cleaning Factory provides spotless cleaning services in Toronto, byemploying trusted &amp; modern techniques to give a new life to your Upholstery, AreaRugs, Mattresses &amp; Furniture. Carpet Cleaning Factory is a family owned business. Ourteam has combined over 30 years experience and is professionally trained in handlingall types of tools &amp; techniques to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to client</li></ul> <p> 2. Mattress CleaningCarpet Cleaning Factory manages the source ofthe dust mite problem using a state of the artcleaning and sanitizing system. We focus onmattresses where we spend 1/3 of our lives. Ourallergy relieve cleaning system will kill dustmites. Controlling dust mites in the bedroomarea benefits people in allergies and asthma. 3. Mattress CleaningSleep better knowing that your mattress has been cleaned and sanitized byCarpet Cleaning Factory. Dont be a victim of dust mites. Take the next steptowards dust mites removal and know your home is free of unwantedintruders. Mattresses contain 60% of the dust mites found in the home! 4. Oriental Rugs and Mattress Cleaning ServicesYour mattress may be hidden under blankets and sheets, but we shouldneed special care for your mattress every time. choose the right cleaningagencies andYour mattress may be hidden under blankets &amp; our mattresscleaning companies for your mattress cleaning and sheets, but we should need special care for yourcleaning specialist provide you quality reliability services. Dont go mattress every time.anywhere only go to our mattress cleaning services point . We will helpyou with any type of mattress. We use the latest technology eco friendlycleaning materials. 5. Thanks</p>