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  • Delivery of 21st Century Preventive Predictive & Functional Medicine

    Our Core Values are: Respect Integrity Dependability

    Our Mission: To Revolutionize Healthcare Delivery

  • Offerings..

    Specialized Personalized & Individualized Care.

    Cash-based practice, removed from the restrictions and limitations of managed-care contracts

    Patient centered and focused. We are true patient advocates. Only the Direct-Pay model will allow

    for quality Healthcare delivery. Everyone is an individual, so we treat our patients as such

    Focus of this practice is on PREVENTION a 21st century Functional Medicine Paradigm

    Nutritional and hormonal balance; Natural considerations first; Conventional therapies when


    Select advanced testing relies on PREDICTIVE non-invasive tests. We do not over medicalize or

    medicate our patients. In the process of educating we teach our patients to be self reliant

  • Offerings..

    Corporate Wellness for Executives and Upper Level Managers

    Very specialized programs individualized to corporate leaders needs

    We keep Americas business leaders healthy and extremely productive

    Our Paradigm of Corporate/Executive Wellness is unique in the field

    Whole Genome Sequencing; Analytics; Advanced Lab Biomarkers all allow for non-invasive

    and convenient annual visits without interrupting your busy schedule or having to take days

    off for procedures.

    Become an efficient and highly productive executive by staying in peek performance state

  • Fed up with the current healthcare system?

    Feel let down by conventional medicine?

    Upset with rising cost of our system and medication prices?


  • We have answers.. What we treat.

    Fatigue & Low Energy

    Thyroid disorders (Hypothyroidism)

    Endocrine disorders (sex hormones)

    Age related degenerative disorders

    Autoimmune disorders (MS, RA, Hashimoto, Lupus)

    Lyme disease and tick borne pathogens

    Genetic predispositions to chronic illness

    Alzheimers /Dementia Prevention (MEND Protocol)

  • Advantage of Advanced Biomarkers

    For more information on our advanced cardiovascular, cancer & genomic

    biomarkers please visit our web site:

    We are aligned and affiliated with:

    Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) Functional Medicine society

    International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS) Lyme disease society

    Muses Labs (MENDProtocol for Dementia Prevention)

    Specialized and Personalized Holistic approach to keeping you well and fine-tuning your health.
  • Work Together with your Provider

    Our clinicians do not dictate by fiat.

    We are healthcare consultants

    guiding our patients through the

    myriad of choices available to

    determine what is best suited for their

    personal needs and optimal health.

  • Our Providers:

    Yusuf (JP) Saleeby, MD [Director & Founder] Priscilla Evans, ND

    Dr. Saleeby is the founder and medical director

    of Carolina Holistic Medicine. He has over 24

    years experience in Western Medicine & 16

    years as an integrative practitioner. He has

    authored a number of books and chapters and

    has a keen interest in thyroid disorders and

    chronic Lyme disease. (Cary, MB, Charleston)

    Dr. Evans is a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. She uses evidence based clinical nutrition, botanical medicines, detoxification and lifestyle changes to help empower patients to optimize their health. Diet and nutritional guidance is her specialty. (Cary office & Telehealth)

  • Our Providers:

    Kristin Richardson, PA-C Andrea Saffer, FNP-C (DNP)

    Kristin is a Physicians Assistant, having a

    background in Emergency Medicine and

    diffuse clinical experience with all types of

    medical conditions. Her interests are

    thyroid and hormone disorders. (MB, Telehealth)

    Andrea has her doctorate as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Her experience spans rehabilitation medicine and is a graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina. Her focus is on a holistic approach to wellness. (Charleston, Telehealth)

  • Our Providers:

    Michael Goulding, MSW, LCSWPranic Psychologist & Healer

    Cindy Goulding, MS, CPT, CWCPersonal Trainer, Wt Loss consultant

    Michael is a licensed clinical social worker and counselor.

    In addition he is a Pranic healer. He combines both his

    psychological skills and the Pranic healing form to work

    with mind & spirit. He has authored a book on

    protecting your inner peace. Pranic healing detects

    abnormalities, removes diseased energy, and replaces it

    with new, fresh energy for enhance physical and

    emotional health and well-being. (Cary, Telehealth)

    Cindy is a psychological counselor and

    certified (AFAA) fitness educator and personal

    trainer. She has authored a book on weight

    management for the entire family. Her

    specialty is counseling on food and substance

    abuse addictions. She implements exercise

    prescriptions provided by our other clinicians. (Cary, Telehealth)

  • Our Staff:

    Linda DeighanOffice Manager

    Shelley Fegett, LPNNurse & Patient Liaison

    Linda comes to the practice with a deep background in

    business and HR. She has in the past worked with much

    larger companies handling sales forces and office and

    business management. She is headquartered in Murrells

    Inlet, SC. She helped Dr. Saleeby start up the practice in


    Shelley is our LPN. She has experience in

    institutional medicine and has worked in the

    service industry as a flight attendant. He

    focus is on customer satisfaction, teaching

    patients at check out. She is responsible for

    outlying offices. Shelley is at our home office.

  • Fork in the RoadTime to make a change

    You decide:

    1. Status Quo Conventional Medicine

    o Useless annual examinations and testing

    o Downward slope to multiple medications

    o Last years of life spent in nursing home with bed sores, feeding tubes and diapers

    2. Holistic Integrative Medicine

    o Health and Wellness adding LIFE to your YEARS

    o Avoiding the perils of Polypharmacy

    o Quality of Life; Happiness and Vitality (800) 965-8482 Patient Inquiry