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  • SEAS

    ON 2



    AR. 2


    CMCarmel Magazine helps to know

    you and me


  • Aaron, Angela, Anna, Cinki, Daniel, Fanny Chan, Fanny Ong, Heng, Jasmine, Jason, Jo, Kaitlin, Katrina, Kelvin, Lennon, Lisa, Michelle, Nga Wing, Phoebe, Rachel, Sam, Shirly, Theresa, WeiKang, Wesley, ...

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  • NgaWing

    Eternity Girls

    Johnny Yim / / Johnny Yim

    Wei Kang


    O U R F A M I L I E S . . .

    Gor Gors Wedding.... the happiest thing in my world is to eat hot-pot with families...

    CM Season 2 2

  • Fanny Chan la. before u sleep



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    Pui YiFamily. A place of belonging. Of acceptance. Of under-standing. Where one can be themselves without fear of rejection and abhorrence. Bound together - by the blood of lineage. This blood is the blood of Christ...and fam-ily is his body. The church.

    Ask not which church is prettier, better, uglier, dirtier, poorer, richer...instead, ask what binds us together. If we profess to believe the same truths, we are one and the same. Insepa-rable.

    Once orphans, each enslaved to their own secret sins. Tortured and without hope...Now, redeemed and freed by the blood of Gods Son Jesus. He has adopted us to have a share as heirs of His victorious kingdom. We are His sons and daughters. And what a glorious, undeserving title is it.

    Adoption is the perfect illustration of the Love that God be-stowed on us. God has a real Son. His name is Jesus. And yet He wanted to adopt us. A people counted unworthy...guilty of sin...deserving death. This Love came down and saved us. And because of Him, we are His children. We are all adopted children. Adopted and saved from evil and sin.

    True family is the place that His love dwells...

    And they will know we are Christians by our our Love.

    my family pic ..on my 2 year old birthday ,,my brother still not come out yet =v=

    CM Season 2 3

  • Angela

    ., ,,,,,,,We love each other.


    , . . , ,,. Phoebe and Wesley, . , . . . ,. .

    ~ .


    CM Season 2 4

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  • Theresa

    Daniel D Table ..! ! !

    W H E N W E A R E TH I N K I N G A B T R E L A T I O N S H I P S

    gegehigh tea

    gegegechum gegegegedgeoffge



    CM Season 2 5

  • Heng

    24 .. 2011






    Did you see daddys real daddy? Nope, I never had a chance to met himAnd you know what our Crazy grandma had 3 husbands, first our daddys dad, then she kicked him out, then our daddys sisters dad, then she kicked him out too, then now our grandpa. Do you want to see our daddys real dad?I didnt reply to her but asked, Do you want to play Candy Crush?

    And then later on, my sister had some argument with my dad. She was kind of angry. Then I asked her.

    CM Season 2 6

  • Do you love daddy?Nope~Remember what you told me earlier? You know how our daddy had a sad story, so dont you want to know how he feels and be understand-able? So do you love daddyyes, but I dont like himwhy?Because he is too lazy, always playing com-puterOkay, then if you love him, then just tell him the truth, try to help him to do the right thing. Encour-age him to make some change. Thats how you fix daddys problem and show your love.Then she walked up to my dad, and said in can-to:0

    Fanny ChanMe n my brother

    ddDaniel chan


    CM Season 2 7

  • Retreat , . , , . , . , , , . , , . remind. , ! , kiss, , , , . , . , , , , . , ! , ! , , .

    Sam Phoebe , Tom play ,

    . ,play. D Biblical verse 315-16 .

    , . , .. sample to all of you!!! ,. . .

    G-FORCE Family Dinner@ Group Gethering

    CM Season 2 8

  • EAR,LA!!!MOMENT CAPTURELOR~,,,, D,...AR!!!:)



    Winter 2012 Wesley


    Jason Caption Katrina

    You either get it or not get it when looking at

    the pic

    CM Season 2 9

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    , commit-ment. , , !


    ........ ! 7,8 ...... .... 12 ...16 ... ... ... .... .... ... , , .... , ...! 2008 10 .... Mega Box ....7 .... ....., ... , ... ........ .... ...! .....

    H E R E I W A N T T O S A Y . . .

    Phoebe Jason

    CM Season 2 10

  •, ... dorm, dormdorm,


    lab class - city and cultureclick,

    ! Subway

    Everything happens for a reason. They are part of gods plans so dont worry and be happy about the questions and changes in life be-cause they are for your own good. They must be.


    CM Season 2 11

  • Gospel Camp . carmel ---- 3:6

    MichelleWhat is time for?

    Time. That clicking. That turning of a wheelThat pendulum that swings to and fro.What is it really?

    Most of us live our whole lives struggling in chains.Time controls our very being our lifeour schedule.It makes us frustrated, angry, and also very human.But werent we made for more?Has not God called us to live a life of FREEDOM free from the constraints of time?

    How many of us have ever thought to ourselves, or perhaps have told another, Dont waste my time.? Who is it that gives time to us? And how do we use it? Are we, to be blunt, selfish when we say or think these words?

    If God gave us more time than we are already allotted in life, how much of it still would you offer to him? 20%? 50%? Is it not these things (money, time, energy) that truly make us His faithful stewards?

    Brothers and Sisters,I hope each of us will use our time very wisely, and be aware that it is a gift from Him. It is not ours. It belongs to Him. In Christ, dont we have everlasting existence? Dont Christians have all the time in eternity, life everlasting? If Christians run out of time -- wouldnt we lose our own very existence? If anyone should have time, isnt it the Christ-followers? Let us learn this homework together and try to spend a little more time each day with our God.


    ~~ ~ ~~~~ ~ Fighting^u^


    CM Season 2 12

  • Lennon

    , , , D, ?, FEEL , FEEL , , ., , D

    2013, !D D ,, BACK UP,


    CM Season 2 13

  • Fanny Chan ?

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    AaronGC after feeling

    gospel camp. Gos-pel camp Gospel camp Set free,gospel camp as a gamegroup presentation. friend group sharing sin,: . 620in GCcaregathering GC keep on going to caring them in GCkeep Mackey lee massage GCGCrefresh and rebuild GC.

    CM Season 2 14

  • Fanny Chan []

    T E S T I M O N I E S . . .

    Ever since I was young, I always complained about everything in my life. Living with dissatisfaction and jealousy, I became very pessimistic and isolated. In order to gain more recognition and self-confidence, I used my school responsibilities to attain good academic perfor-mance. However, despite my achievements, I was still full of anxiety and would find myself crying without reason. Aware of my problem, one of my friends invited me to go with her to church on Sunday. My first experience in church totally surprised me! I was touched by the passion and care I was shown by strangers I just met for the first time. I didnt commit to church or Christi-anity until I went to high school. In order to fully experienced God in my life and lived like Jesus, I chose to give up my Saturday vocal classes and start regular church services and small group meetings instead.The journey for getting to know God was not easy, but I thanked God for letting me serve him in church regularly. I always gained strength, peace, and encouragement through His words. The more I grew to know God; I also grew to know myself. He opened my heart to face all the problems and complaints I had. To follow him, I confessed all my sins and gave up my authority to Him. Even now, Im still not perfect and am continuing to let God mold me to be more like Jesus. He loves everyone no matter who you are because we are all valuable sons and daughters created in His image. Whenever I think about this, I stop comparing myself to other people, but treasure what God has given me and have faith that He will prepared the best for me. I also learned to love others when it was difficult to. Ever since I had a small argument with my sister as young kids, we started to ignore each other living in the same house for almost 5 years! That was a very difficult period in my life. Christ called me to repair our relationship. To show Jesuss love and forgiveness to others, I pressured myself to make a change. However, forgiving her was a struggle. Eventually, she was hospitalized for half a year due to an eating disor-der, putting my family through our darkest time. Once again, God showed His power when we felt weak and limited. To help my sister, I continuously prayed with my brothers and sisters in church. Through this incident, God fully taught me how to rely more on Him and build up my faith even when things seem hopeless. My relationship with my sister finally

    recovered when she came to United States and we began to live together. Only having ea