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Carmel College Magazine Autumn 2010


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    Carmel is one of the top tencolleges in the countrypage 2


    Carmel College MagazineAutumn 2010

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  • The Class of 2010 did themselves, their parentsand their college very proud! They achieved thecolleges highest ever A Level results and onceagain placed Carmel among the very bestcolleges in the country.With an overall A Level pass rate of 99.4%, theproportion of students achieving A*, A or B gradeswas a phenomenal 57.6% and this performanceplaced the college in the top 10 colleges in thecountry according to the Independent newspaper.A key performance indicator for colleges is valueadded which measures the progress students havemade from GCSE. When Carmels 2010 results areanalysed in terms of value added, it reveals thatCarmel is achieving its aim of academic excellencefor all. This analysis places Carmel high among thetop 5% of schools and colleges in the country.

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  • As in previous years there are many stories of students achieving outstanding academicsuccess. This year saw the introduction of theA* grade at A Level and student Tom Lamont,who came to Carmel from St Gregorys,certainly shone when he scored a full housewith an incredible 4 A* grades at A Level plusanother A* for his Extended ProjectQualification! Tom has now gone to OxfordUniversity to study Earth Sciences. Two other

    Carmel students are Oxbridge bound too former Prescot student Helena

    Newbold who is now atCambridge University readingLanguages, and Matthew

    Blundell, formerly of Cowley,who is now studyingEngineering at OxfordUniversity.

    There were many examples of exceptionalachievement this year and with so manyhappy students Principal, Rob Peacock, wasdelighted to join in the celebrations on resultsday. Today is one of the highlights of theyear. I love seeing our young people reapingthe benefit of all their hard work. A Levelexams are challenging and nerve wrackingand an enormous amount depends on theoutcome. Seeing how well the students havedone and knowing that they can now move on to the next stage of their careers makes allthe effort worthwhile. It is great to share theirexcitement. They are tremendously talentedand committed and I am confident that theywill go on to even greater success. It is a realprivilege to have helped them along the way. I wish them all the best.


  • After being given the "go ahead" for theredevelopment of our campus in Spring2008, all buildings are now complete. The ambitious scheme represented a totalinvestment of twenty two million poundsthat has transformed Carmel College intoa truly outstanding and inspiring placeto learn and work. From the start of the new academic year,students have had use of the brand newDalton Building which includes facilities forPerformance and Dance. Theres a new DaltonTheatre which seats an audience of 200, plusa Dance Studio, performance areas, teachingand learning rooms and changing andshowering facilities. A new Student ServicesCentre is also located in this buildingproviding students with a one-stop-shop for information and advice.

    The other buildings in the redevelopmentprogramme include the Centre for Art andDesign, completed in Spring 2009 and theWest Park Building, completed in August2009, which provides facilities forSciences, Law, ICT, Philosophyand Religion, History,Geography, English,Sociology,

    Psychology, Modern Languages andFoundation Learning.

    All subject areas have access to their own I.T.facilities and the new buildings are wi-fienabled to allow staff and students to accessthe internet anywhere. As part of the Collegesgreen heating and lighting strategy, the newbuildings are controlled by an intelligentbuilding management system to ensureoptimum efficiency. State-of-the-art air coolingsystems are used throughout; the lighting iscontrolled using sensors to detect andautomatically adjust the level of additionallighting required in individual areasthroughout the day.

    The new buildings will be complementedby the careful

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  • landscaping of the college grounds. A centralcollege courtyard will make the best possibleuse of the space to provide students, staff andvisitors with a pleasant outdoor area in which towork or relax. Two new all-weather sportstraining pitches are also welcome additions tothe Colleges existing sports facilities. The

    outstanding facilities that havebeen created certainly matchour outstanding reputation andwill provide an inspiringenvironment for futuregenerations.


  • In January Carmel's students organised a number of events in order toraise money for the Haiti Appeal. The devastating earthquake causedwidespread damage and left many in desperate need of clean water,shelter and medical help. At Carmel, fundraising activities included acake sale and a waxing event where three of Carmels brave studentshad a leg, back or face wax (ouch!!) in exchange for donations from thecrowds of onlookers! Over 1400 was raised in total.

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    The Lasallian Project takes groups of youngpeople to various countries in the DevelopingWorld to work on school building projectshelping to make education more available asa force for change and means of escapingfrom poverty. This year student StaceyGriffiths spent time in Kenya:The Lasallian Developing World Project Kenya2010 had a profound impact on me. Having thechance to witness the level of poverty across asmall part of Africa, and to directly have animpact on enhancing the lives of those inpoverty, is an invaluable experience that will staywith me well into the future. It brings with it manynew realisations that I have applied to my ownlife back home, in terms of appreciation,happiness and lifelong friendship. It issomething I would hope to repeat many yearsinto the future so I can continue to have a smallinfluence on the development of the third world.

    'Act as if what you do makes a difference. Itdoes' - W. James

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  • model students team upwwiitthh ssaaiinnttss Earlier this year Carmel College hosted a

    fashion show in conjunction with St HelensRLFC. The event was organised by nineA Level Applied Business students as partof their coursework and showcased thelatest kits and new clothing range on offerat Saints. Models from across college together with AS Dance students helped to make the eventa resounding success, with the Dalton Theatreat full capacity! The Show also featured aguest appearance from Saints player JamesGraham, together with club mascots Bootsand St Bernard.

    Throughout the week the students soldmerchandise in college and achievedexcellent sales targets. Alongside this, theyalso organised some signed shirts and othermerchandise which was raffled. The studentsdonated 100 to Sport Relief and 100 toWillowbrook Hospice which was collected bythe Mayor of St Helens on their behalf.


  • This years trip wentto the Kaprun area of Zell am Zee inAustria. A combination of great students, greatski conditions and great accommodation atthe side of the lake produced a memorabletrip. The powder snow off piste meant plentyof fun for both the experienced and first timersand the students learnt a lot from their

    instructors. Alongside theskiing, highlights included the games night atthe hotel, the Austrian version of mushroomthrowing and of course the fancy dress eventon the final night!


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  • Carmels Foundation Learningdepartment wowed audiences withtheir outstanding performances intheir show Ive got the XFactorGet me out of here!The Dalton Theatre was full tocapacity with both performances a complete sell out! Each act wasintroduced in an X Factor style byAnt and Dec with stunningperformances from Lady Gaga,Abba, The Saturdays, Queen, Ali Gand Jedward. The show ended witha fantastic finale which sawmembers of staff joining in with a Superman number!


    students have theX factor!

    Students and staff at Carmel Collegecelebrated earlier this year when theywere officially welcomed into London2012s Get Set network, in recognitionof their commitment to the Olympicand Paralympic Values. Joiningschools and colleges across the UKas members of the Get Set network,students will receive access toexclusive competitions and 2012Games related opportunities over the next three years.

    Craig Heap, Olympian andCommonwealth Gold Medallist gave a talk to students about the personaltriumphs in his career and presentedthe college with the official plaque andcertificate. From now to the start of theGames, Carmel plans to offer manydifferent activities both through theEnrichment Programme and throughthe curriculum.

    carmel joins London 2012s get set network

  • The search for the Holy Grail continued itstrail to Carmel College in April of this yearas King Arthur and his knights took onMonty Python's Spamalot.The Tony award winning production wasremastered so that audiences could enjoy the 2005 classic. Scripted from the originalHoly Grail film with a bit of Blackadder thrownin for good measure, Spamalot entertainedwith uplifting numbers like Not Dead Yet, His Name is Lancelot, 'Whatever Happenedto my Part, 'Knights of the Round Table andthe inimitable Always Look On The BrightSide. The production was slick and colourfulwith a very talented and highly comedic cast.Ultimately it proved to be a knight toremember!

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  • Carmels annual Industry Day provedsuccessful with over 40 bus