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1. Top Seven Personal InjuryMythsCarl Ceder - 2. Myth #1: PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS AREEASY MONEY In a local personal injury case, you may possiblybe compensated for costs, or damages youincurred or will incur as a result of your injury.Typical personal injury damages include: Medical costs (ambulance, ER, hospitalization,surgery, and prescriptions) Wage loss due to the injury Compensation for pain and strain 3. MYTH #2: I CAN FILE AT ANY TIME. Keep in mind that local statute of limitations onpersonal injury claims may set a time restriction onhow long you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. If your lawsuit is filed after time expires, you mayhave lost your case forever. F 4. MYTH #3: THE AT-FAULT DRIVERSAUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPANY SHOULDPAY FOR MY MEDICAL BILLS AS THEY AREINCURRED. The at-fault drivers automobile insurance companywill generally not pay for your medical bills causedby a car wreck until a final settlement is reached. Infact, they are not technically required to pay youanything until a court enters a judgment againsttheir insured driver. I 5. MYTH #4: AS THE PLAINTIFF, I AMGUARANTEED COMPENSATION. Understand that each local personal injury case isdifferent and is judged based upon its own uniquecharacteristics and circumstances. There is noguarantee that you will win your case. 6. MYTH #5: MY CASE WILL TAKE FOREVER TOFINISH. In reality, many personal injury cases can beresolved within 8-12 months. If the parties electto settle the matter before filing a lawsuit, aquicker resolution may be reached. 7. Myth #6: I HAVE MORE THAN ONEOPPORTUNITY TO BE COMPENSATED FORMY INJURIES. Once a personal injury case is settled with theinsurance company or a verdict is entered by the court,the result is typically final. If you settle your case in fullwith the insurance company, you are waiving your rightto pursue further compensation. 8. Myth #7: I DONT NEED TO CONSULT ALAWYER. Not all personal injury accidents require legalrepresentation. However, you want to ensure you fullyunderstand the legal issues involved in your case, theprocedures and processes involved, and the timelimitations for asserting your claim.