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DUI is one of the most common criminal infractions reported, but it is also one of the most misunderstood. Among the public, the truth about DUI is riddled with myth.

To help them, here are few common and damaging misconceptions of DUI charges.

Many people hold this wrong belief and end up pleading guilty. Although DUI cases are challenging, you can get best result if you hire a lawyer with education, training and experience in the specific area of DUI defense such as Carl David Cedar. DUI CASES CANT BE WON

Myth #1

Not at all true! DUI law is extremely complex and technical, and it is markedly different from other area of law. DUI CHARGES ARE SIMILAR TO OTHER CRIMINAL CASE

Myth #2

Dont stick to this misbelief. DUI laws get tougher every year. In many states, the possible punishments include the imposition of a fine and jail sentence, the suspension or revocation of the privilege to drive, community service work and more. DUI IS A MINOR OFFENSE

Myth #3

One of the worst mistakes one can make and a tragically common one, is to assume that all DUI case is similar. The combination of law, science and medicine insures that no two cases are exactly alike. EVERY DUI CASE IS SIMILAR

Myth #4

Want to know more about DUI charges? Contact Carl Cedar, an extremely aggressive attorney who focuses his practice on criminal defense and personal injury, with a specific emphasis on Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Defense.

For free consultation, call 214-702-CARL (2275) or 469.2000(DWI)