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Christiana Care exists to take care of our neighbors in our community. Our ability to deliver this promise is embodied in the extraordinary talent and dedication of our physicians, surgeons, nurses, health care professionals, community outreach coordinators and administrative staff members.


  • Caring for Our Neighbors

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  • Christiana Care touches more than600,000 patients every year

    $46.8 million given in charity care


    54,597hospital admissions

    552,831outpatient visits

    Only Level-I trauma center (highest level) between Philadelphia and Baltimore

    Only Level-3 neonatal intensivecare unit (highest level) in Delaware


    160,491emergency department visits

    320,907radiology procedures

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  • Dear Neighbors,

    On behalf of Christiana Care Health System, I am pleased to share with you the Caring for Our Neighbors report. This document reflects our mission in action during 2009, made possiblethanks to your confidence and support.

    These are historic times for health care in America and for Christiana Care in particular. But as Congress debates reform in Washington D.C. and Christiana Care begins the landmarktransformation of our Wilmington Campus, our mission remains simple: to take care of ourneighbors in the community.

    With the help of our extraordinary physicians, surgeons, nurses, health care professionals, community outreach coordinators and administrative staff members, our growing national reputation enables us to attract some of the best health care specialists in the country. We takevery seriously the responsibility of serving you, your family, your friends and your neighbors.

    As you read, you will learn a greatdeal about what we have achieved thisyear with your help and the help ofour friends in business, governmentand the community. We continue toprovide the very best in care to all whoneed it, regardless of ability to pay.

    If you have required our services inthe past, I hope you will see your ownexperience reflected in the pages thatfollow. If you have not needed our assistance, I hope you will be assuredof our readiness to serve you if thetime ever comes. Thank you for yourconfidence in Christiana Care.

    Best regards,

    Robert J. Laskowski, M.D., MBAPresident and Chief Executive Officer

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    A Message from the President & CEO

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  • After rapid, unexplained weight loss, dismaying episodes of fallingand myriad tests, Laura Cottrells physician diagnosed her withHIV. Actually, he told me, you have AIDS, and you probably onlyhave six months to live, Laura recalls. Then he handed me a cardfor Christiana Cares HIV clinic and sent me on my way.

    Feeling hopeless, Laura contacted Ruth Rollins, assistant to the director of Christiana Cares HIV program. Ruth told me theywere going to help me get better. And, slowly they did! Laurasays. She is back to a healthy weight, is strong, looks well andworks a 40-hour week with ease.

    Laura says the HIV program gave her more than her physicalhealth. They have given me back an emotional and spiritual life,because these people really care. Laura now works as a full-timepeer educator with the Delaware HIV Consortium and is an essential part of the HIV program. She talks from experience aboutthe rejection suffered by those with HIV/AIDS, the challenges ofcontinuing to work while adjusting to sometimes body-wrackingAIDS drugs and how to have an honest sex life. Im here to help inwhatever way I can, from educating patients, to helping them talkto the doctor, to giving them a hug. Whatever they need, Im here.

    Encouraging Patients with AIDS Peer counselor shares her experiences to help others.

    Caring for Our Neighbors

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    H I V P R O G R A M

    More than 1,500 patientsreceived medical care and services

    3,470 Delawareans are living withHIV/AIDSaccording to the Delaware Division of Public Health

    Wilmington Hospital Health Center

    Wilmington Hospital Health Center serves a critical need in the community. Each year, thousandsof patients, many without insurance or the means to pay, receive thorough diagnoses and treatmentat the Health Center. A team of residents, attending physicians and nurse practitioners sees patientsby appointment in well-equipped examination, consultation and treatment areas.

    Beyond treating illness and injury, the staff of Wilmington Hospital Health Center provide wellness and preventive health visits for people of all ages. They also provide womens health care, surgical, orthopedic, podiatry, ophthalmology, oral and maxillofacial surgery and general practice dentistryservices. Wilmington Hospital Health Center plays a vital role in the communitys health by provid-ing a pharmacy, diagnostic testing, social services, and patient wellness and educational programs.

    W I L M I N G T O N H O S P I TA L H E A LT H C E N T E R

    71,562 health center visitsMore than 10,000 visits to womens health services and more than 6,000 pediatric visits

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  • Ambrosia Mondoa was well on her way to becoming one of the more than half-million American women who die from cardiovascular disease each year. Her daughter, Matanda, encouraged her to participate in Christiana Cares No HeartLeft Behind (NHLB) program. Together, they learned about therisk of heart disease and how to adopt heart-healthy lifestyles.

    Matanda and the NHLB program so inspired Ambrosia that she adopted a heart-healthy diet and began exercising. Afterachieving these goals, Ambrosia decided to inspire others. She isnow a tireless advocate for womens heart health and spreadsthe word throughout her community, church, school and professional organizations.

    Each year, heart disease kills more than twice as many women asall cancers combined. African-American women are 35 percentmore likely to die from heart disease than non-Hispanic whitewomen. I am passionate about spreading the message towomen of color, since they have an even higher incidence ofheart disease, Ambrosia says. I cant tell you how valuable No Heart Left Behind is for mothers and the daughters who inspire them.

    Helping Moms Learn AboutHeart Health

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    Restoring Stroke Patients ProductivityPersonalized care is key.

    N O H E A R T L E F T B E H I N D P R O G R A M

    Reached 300 individuals through free events

    Four local high schools participated in the program

    30 teens signed on to coach their momsabout heart-healthy habits

    S T R O K E P R O G R A M

    1,169 stroke patients received treatment from Christiana Care in2009, more than any other hospital between New York City and Virginia

    Linda Dill applauds the personalized care she received from her occupational therapistsafter a stroke. The first food she wanted after leaving the hospital was pasta, butLinda had trouble eating it. I could not twirl the spaghetti, and my husband actuallyhad to cut it for me, she says. I felt like a 2-year-old. Linda shared her frustrationwith her therapists and they designed a therapy just for her using yarn and weightedforks. Linda is back to twirling her spaghettilike a pro.

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    25 students enrolled in a variety of programs, includinga 12-month residency, an internship and a communityprogram

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    Monthly blood pressure monitoring, flu shots, lectures on chronic health problems, mini health fairsthese are just a few of the activitieshappening in congregations of all faiths all over Delaware thanks in part to the efforts of LaVaida White, RN, MSN. Integrating faith and health is the goal of the Health Ministry program she coordinates for the Helen F. Graham Cancer Centers Community Health Outreach and Education Department.

    When a congregation is interested in establishing a health ministry,LaVaida helps the congregation form a health team and serves as a resource.

    LaVaida believes there is a strong link between wellness and spirituality,so the ministry teams identify underinsured and uninsured congregationmembers and connect them with both health and faith resources.

    Another parish nurse, Margaret Pankok, RN, BSN is an active member of her congregations Health Ministry and Wellness committee and a Christiana Care employee. I love it, she says. With our blood pressurescreenings, we caught two people with hypertension and now its controlled. Many older people in our congregation live by themselves. We help keep them connected.

    Spirituality is key to what wedo in promoting health.

    LaVaida White, RN, MSN

    TA K I N G

    C A R E O F

    O U R

    C O M M U N I T Y

    Bringing a Spiritual Education to Medical CareClinical Pastoral Education program prepares chaplains to serve patients in time of need.

    Integrating Faith and HealthHealth Ministry inspires wellness.

    Studies suggest a positive correlation between a patients spirituality or religiouscommitment and health outcomes. At Christiana Care, treating the spirit is just as important as treating the mind and body. To do this, Christiana Cares ClinicalPastoral Education (CPE) program provides practical training in the spiritual and pastoral care of patients and their families to chaplains of all faiths. It is an accredited program for seminarians, ordained clergy and lay persons that provides the building blocks they need to either seek board certification as achaplain or fulfill an education requirement that a specific denomination requires.

    The CPE curriculum integrates theology, behavioral science and spiritual devel-opment with personal experience and reflection. The Rev. Timothy D. Rodde