Caring for carpets in a rental property

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Caring for Carpets in a Rental PropertyOnce a rental property is turned over by the landlord to the tenant, most of the inclusions in the premises become the responsibility of the tenant. Carpets are part of the property that the tenant needs to maintain and take care of during the tenancy and especially at the end of the tenancy as a requirement before turning over the premises back to the landlord. The tenants obligations are stipulated in the general tenancy agreement and one of this obligations is to maintain any carpets included in the Brisbane real estate property. Before the tenant can return the keys to the Brisbane property managers, and claim the bond that was paid at the beginning of the lease, the tenant needs to make sure to bring the premises back to its original condition with the exception of fair wear and tear. Cleaned carpets would be reflected in the exit condition report, which will be compared to the entry condition report signed by the landlord and the tenant. It is important to complete these reports correctly so as to avoid disputes between landlord and tenant.One of the best ways to make sure that carpets are kept clean is through regular vacuum cleaning. This would remove unwanted dirt and pests that may have grown within the fabrics of the carpets. There are also carpet cleaning services that can be hired for this task. When a tenant returns possession of a property they must also provide the agent with a copy of the carpet cleaning receipt. Hiring a professional cleaner will ensure that deep seated stains are removed with powerful vacuum machines and no moist or residues are left in the carpets. The tenant should also be careful not to cause damage to the carpets due to unskilled vacuuming. If there are stains that are unable to be removed through professional carpet cleaning, a further stain removal process may be required. f this is unsuccessful the options are to pay compensation to the owner, patch the carpet or pay for replacement carpet depending on the severity of the damage. Carpets are one of the responsibilities of the tenant once the rental property is handed down to them. Carpet cleaning is also one of the obligations that have to be fulfilled before the tenant can move out of the premises and claim the bond. Ensuring proper carpet cleaning would prevent cases of unwanted disputes between the landlord and the tenant.