Careers in Venture Capital (American Perspective)

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Welcome to the Evisors Webinar: 7 Mistakes Job Seekers Make Online featuring Joshua WaldmanWelcome to the Evisors WebinarVisit us online at www.evisors.comVenture Capital OverviewfeaturingPhil StrazzullaHosted by:Career Advisors on is VC?Industry TrendsRecruitment for a job in VCQ&AHosted by:Career Advisors on are many routes to VC, here was mine:-NYU (BS Finance)-Harris Williams (Tech M&A)-OpenSky Project (NYC based eCommerce Startup)-Family Equity Partners (Search Fund)I am a better investor because I am a businessman and I am a betterbusinessman because I am an investor. -Warren BuffettHosted by:Career Advisors on Bessemer OverviewOldest VC in US founded in 1911$4 Billion under management108 IPOsLinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, Skype, Staples, diapers.com5 Offices Globally50 Investment ProfessionalsChecks from $50k - $50 mmIndustry AgnosticHosted by:Career Advisors on Capitalists what do we do?Give money to entrepreneurs in exchange for equityAdd ValueHelp raise moneyHelp hireThink about strategyIntroduce to our network (BD, customers)Help raise money againPosition for M&A and IPOHosted by:Career Advisors on for really big opportunities30% of our investments go to $0We need a few 10x returns to make up for itHosted by:Career Advisors on Capital The IndustryThere are lots of fundsGeographic, stage, industry focusesThere are even more angelsAngel/early stage bubbleBut, its a shrinking industryHosted by:Career Advisors on Walking DeadSource: PitchbookHosted by:See the rest at of Humor: and facial hairIntellectually honestAn actual open door policyCuriousNo jerksInvest in great companies, smartlyHosted by:See the rest at Anti-PortfolioHosted by:See the rest at a junior VC doesSource dealsTalk to hundreds of CEOs a yearLots of research on areas of personal/firm-wide interestNetwork with bankers, industry expertsDiligence companiesFind great companies, and then dig inWill this be a good investment?Learn/Cool StuffWork with great entrepreneurs/CEOs, investorsVCIC, NYU Speaking, boats, ping pong, breakfastHosted by:See the rest at do VC early in your career?Exposure to lots of companies and the latest trendsWork with former and current entrepreneursSee what worksSee what doesnt workGrow your networkBecause you like itPick the right type of fund big differences in early vs. growth vs. PEPick the right culturePick the right brandPick the right job Sourcing vs. portfolio vs. diligenceHosted by:See the rest at Recruiting CycleVCs rarely use headhunters, they rely on relationships to find deals, and employees much different from PE.-Networking-Standing out-Positioning yourselfHosted by:See the rest at interview processThe classic question: What are your goals, why VC?How would you value xyz company? What questions would you ask before investing your own personal capital?Hosted by:See the rest at by:See the rest at & AnswersQuestion 1:Do you need software skills to be a venture capitalist?Hosted by:See the answer at & AnswersQuestion 2:What is the typical background of a venture capitalist?Hosted by:See the answer at & AnswersQuestion 3:What signals tell you a certain startup company would be a great investment?Hosted by:See the answer at & AnswersQuestion 4:When an entrepreneur is pitching to you, how much do you focus on the business plan vs. the pitch?Hosted by:See the answer at & AnswersQuestion 5:Why do you think a company like FedEx would get rejected 5 times by Bessemer?Hosted by:See the answer at & AnswersQuestion 6:What are job prospects like in other parts of the world compared to Silicon Valley?Hosted by:See the answer at & AnswersQuestion 7:What firms would you recommend applying to for undergrads and graduate students?Hosted by:See the answer at & AnswersQuestion 8:Are there distinct evaluation metrics applicants should be aware of in preparing for their interviews?Hosted by:See the answer at & AnswersQuestion 9:What differentiates a serial entrepreneur from a venture capitalist?Hosted by:See the answer at for Joining & Good Luck!Book your session with Phil at: info: phil.strazzulla@gmail.comHosted by:See the rest at


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