Carbon sequestration in soils

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CARBON SEQUESTRATION IN SOILSCARBON SEQUESTRATION IN SOILSBy H.SAI NADH DORA(13331A0816) ARUNENDRA YADAV(1331A0803)B KUSUM KUMAR(1331AO804)DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERINGMVGR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING(AUTONOMOUS)VIZIANAGARAM INTRODUCTIONIn pre-industrial times, every million molecules of air contained about 280 molecules of carbon dioxide. Today that proportion exceeds 380 molecules per million.If carbon dioxide levels continue upward, further warming could have dire consequences, resulting from rising sea levels, agriculture disruptions, and stronger storms (e.g. hurricanes) striking more often.Fossil fuels, which provide about 85 percent of the worlds energy, are made of hydrocarbons, and burning them releases huge quantities of carbon dioxide.Strategies to Reduce Atmospheric CO2StrategiesReduce fossilfuel consumptionIdentify sinks andsequestrationrateImprove efficiencyRenewableenergy sourcesTerrestrialAquaticSoilsPlantsGeologicWHAT IS CARBON SEQUESTRATION ?Carbon sequestration is capturing the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels and storingit safely away from the atmosphere.HOW DO WE CAPTURE CO2 ?There are several processes that captures CO2 some of them are:Commercial Carbonization in beverage industries , dry ice manufacturing.Crystal structure of dry iceCarbonated waterConservation tillageCover cropsSoil organicmatterTECHNIQUES TO ENHANCE CARBON SEQUESTRATION IN SOILSCrop rotationWhy TillageEliminate soil compactionControl weedsEliminate residueHarbor insects and diseasesTie up fertilizer N Barrier for herbicideWhat hard working people doSense of accomplishmentCleansing operationWhy not?Because it causes soil erosion and reduces soil organic matterSoil Organic Matter(Humus)CO2productenergyClimateManagementSoil TypePotential cost of soil sequestration of soilNitrogen fertilizerNitrogen fertilizer can increase soilorganic matter because nitrogen isoften limited in agro ecosystems. Growing plants on semi-arid lands Growing plants on semiarid lands has been suggested as a way to increase carbon storage in soils.Burning coal with pure oxygen rather than atmospheric air.Replacing smoke stacks with absorption towerCONCLUSIONCarbon sequestration can be done to reduce the carbon content in atmosphere but not totally.Apart from reducing the global CO2 levels, soils carbon sequestration is a strategy to achieve food security through improvement in soil quality.Carbon sequestration will enable us increase and maintain retention time of CO2 in soils, water bodies etc.Any queries ?